Requested one shot for xxxMECxxx. Hope you enjoy.
Dougie is
ten years old in this.

"Dougie, your father" Sam Poynter, his mother began to say, "Has left"

"What?" ten-year-old Dougie replied as he played with his Hot Wheels racing car set, "Has he gone on holiday?"

"No honey. He's left" Sam replied, running her finger through her son's shaggy hair, "He's left us. He doesn't want to be apart of our family"

"Dad's gone?" Dougie asked, finally understanding what his mum had been trying to tell him. His mother nodded and Dougie lower lip began to quiver.

He burst into tears and ran into his mother's outstretched arms.

It was a week after his dad had left. Safe to say things weren't the same. Dougie had realized things would never be the same again. He tried not to think about his father. And began starting new things. He began playing guitar, acoustic guitar. He would sit in his room by himself, playing the same chords again and again until he got them right. He started breeding lizards again. He had stopped for a while since his father didn't allow it. But now he started again, he had two lizards; he named them, Zukie and Jerry.

But there were some times when he couldn't help but think about his father. Especially when he saw this mother packing his fathers belongings away and giving it to charity. He had started to cry the other day when he had walked into the study to find his fathers old briefcase. His mother had forgot to give it away. And just seeing the old brown leather satchel had made Dougie burst into tears.

He had tried to be brave, for Jazzie. But sometimes he could hear her crying in her room after lights out. His mother didn't talk about his father at all. It was like he was never there. There was no trace left of him.

Except for that briefcase.

Dougie had taken it into his room. He had hidden it inside his closet. It was a reminder to him. That life is not fair. And everything happens for a reason. It was the only thing he had left of his father. Dougie felt that his childhood had just gone and he was in a complete shock.

Three weeks later Dougie sat on one of the swings in a park nearby his house. It was close to diner time and the park was completely empty. Which was just as well since he needed to be alone. He kicked his feet in the air as he swung. Faster and faster.

He thought about his father. Gary Poynter. Dougie didn't want anything to do with him anymore. He had given the briefcase back to his mother. He was sick of his father. He thought of him to be a coward. His father cheated on his family and had quit. Dougie felt he was better off without his dad. He didn't need him. His mother and sister were enough for him. He had made friends with the new boy across the street, Will. Will played the drums and a friend of Will's played guitar and sang. Dougie was getting better at guitar. He would practice for hours everyday.

'Good riddance, dad' Dougie thought as he swung faster, his feet not touching the ground.

Dougie could do better without him. He had his mum, Jazzie, Zukie and Jerry. He also considered taking up bass and playing in a band. Dougie grinned as he jumped off, mid swing. He put his hands in his pockets and started walking back home.

That's what he would do. Play bass in a band.

This was kinda hard to write, since I've never written about a ten year old. I'm definitely not ten years old and don't even know a ten year old. Anyway I know a lot of facts in this are wrong. But I was specifically asked to write this one-shot, with Dougie ten years old dealing with his father leaving. And what the public wants the public gets. PM me if you want a one-shot.