Summary: A pretty stranger from a fan country comes to Genoa City to find out the truth about herself.

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It was a pleasant day in Genoa City. The sun was shining and people were taking long walks and resting at the parks. Exhausted from the long flight from Paris, with a little black backpack on her hand, a brown haired, tall young woman walked quickly along the streets of this city which she had never been before. She was looking for an exact address, based on a description which had lead her to the tall imposing building near the city center.

Her name was Jeneil Dumond. She was French. 19-year-old fashion student from Paris… Brown hair, brown eyes… She was rather tall and seemed very pretty. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a sweater and she was carrying only $15 of cash.

She was anxious, but also excited. She was looking for someone whom she had never met before. Having come all the way from Paris, just to meet this person, she had thought it was the right thing to visit her at work. But now finally being there, she read the dashing sign that read "CEO", and sneaked a peak inside through the office door, she decided it wasn't a good idea.

The person inside was sitting on her desk, busily reading, signing some papers, talking on the phone. She seemed well-dressed, successful and charismatic. Jeneil felt embarrassed, looking at her own clothes; they were old and casual. Her hair was a mess. Her face darkened even more. She knew it was a bad idea to come here. Sadly, she turned back and started walking away.

On the way out, her eyes caught a sign which read Fenmore's Boutique. She was a hundred percent sure that one of the Fenmore sisters was in her office, but there was still a chance that the other one could be there. "Why not?" she thouhgt to herself; she needed a job anyway. She slowly, but very anxiously, walked in the boutique and asked,

"Hello, is Lauren Fenmore here?"

One of the staff members walked inside to get Lauren. A couple of minutes later, Jeneil was smiling at Lauren Fenmore.

"Hi," Laurn greated warmly, "how can I help you?"

"Hi, my name is…" she suddenly stopped. She knew she couldn't give them her real name. She needed to think of something, really quick! "…uh, my name is Jennifer Renard. I… I was wondering if you could give me a job here."

"A job?" Lauren was surprised. Honestly, her appearance did not seem right for a fashion job. She couldn't help herself but scan her from head to foot with a confused expression on her face.

"Oh," Jeneil smiled awkwardly, "I know what you think," she shyly pointed her clothes, "this is actually not my style. I kind of had to rush out of my house.. you know to catch my flight. And all my clothes are back in Paris, so…"

Lauren didn't seem to be convinced. But there was something with this girl that just made her want to get to know her.

"I'm a fashion student in Paris!" Jeneil spoke again with a high tone as if trying to convince Lauren.

"Really?" she asked.

"Yes, IFA" Jeneil smiled, "I was working on the fashion display of my last creation when I decided to come to Genoa City."

"What on earth brought you here in Genoa City?" Lauren asked.

Jeneil didn't want to talk about it. She desperately needed to change the subject.

"Oh look," she cried in joy, as she walk to the displayers, "these are Vera Wang, right? I love her style. She has a beautiful line. Simple but special…"

Jeneil turned back to look at Lauren and was impressed by the look on her face.

"Okay look," Lauren spoke, "usually my sister and I decide together when we take on a new employee. But this time I will make an exception. I don't think Jill would mind. But do you really want to work here?"

"Yes, yes I do. Very much!" Jeneil smiled childishly, "…I do"

"Well alright then, welcome to the Fenmore's Jennifer" Lauren smiled back, as she reached her hand out.

"You can call me Jen" she said, shaking Lauren's hand with pleasure.

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