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Chapter 1: Crossed the Light

"So then, once we realized that the visual memory had been wiped, we simply combed through all of the previous data, looking for an embedded file..."

"McGee, if you do not shut up, or talk in English, I will kill you with this paperclip."

"Wow Ziva! That's just like in that movie, Kill Me Softly, where Anna Louise tells Justin Harper that..."

"And I will kill you too Tony, if you do not stop referring to movies every five seconds."

"Hey! Gem City! There's an idea for your next book! 'Lisa' could become evil, and brutally murder 'McGreggor' and then turn on her 'lover' and heartlessly kill 'Tommy'."

"I heard that Tony! I am not evil! But I will kill you both if you do not stop talking, and let me get on with my work!"

"How many times? Deep Six is pure fiction! None of the characters, or events, are based on real people or thing that have actually happened."

"Oh yeah McGeek. Special Agent 'Tommy'?"

"And his lover, 'Lisa' who cannot keep her arms off him?"

"Hands off him Ziva. What about the gothic forensic scientist, Amy Sutton? Who's exactly like Abby?"

"You forgot L.J. Tibbs, DiNozzo." Gibbs strode out of the elevator, the oh-so familiar coffee cup glued firmly to his hand. "Grab you gear. We got a dead marine out in the woods."

Three hours later, the team was back with a mountain of evidence for Abby to process. The dead marine was Petty Officer Kyle Reams, who was on leave from Afghanistan. So far they had three possible suspects, all with motive. His wife, who'd just found out he was cheating on her; his girlfriend, who'd just found out he had a wife; or his brother, because it was his girlfriend Kyle was cheating on his wife with.

"It was obviously his brother. Just like how Eric Danes killed his brother Ron in that movie, Justifiable Actions, because Ron had actually..." his voice faltered as he caught sight of Ziva unfolding a paperclip, a menacing look in her eyes. McGee took advantage of the silence.

"Well I think it's the girlfriend," he said, putting an image of her all three suspects on the plasma. He pointed to his choice. "She actually threatened to kill him in the emails she sent." He put those up too.

"The wife." Ziva said simply. "It's always the wife."

"Oh because you're an expert on relationships now, are you Ziva?" Tony joked, leaning back confidently in his chair.

"I know more than you, Tony. You are afraid of commitment. None of your latest twenty girlfriends have lasted more than a month!" She retaliated, her Israeli accent coming through strong.

"Well at least my partners don't end up dead. Two out of four Ziva, that's half of your latest relationships that have ended with him dying. The Dead Man Walking and Rivkin. You must be cursed!" It was meant as a joke, but it came out spiteful and mean. Tony realized that as soon as he said it, but before he had a chance to take it back, she spoke.

"That is not fair. You have crossed the light Tony." Usually, he would have corrected her error, but this wasn't usually. Her eyes were filled with tears, and her voice was sharp and cold, only wobbling slightly as she spoke his name. Hiding her face from view, she abruptly stood up and turned around before marching straight out of the room. Seeing how upset she obviously was, he mentally slapped himself on the back of his head just as Gibbs had done so many times before.

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