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Chapter 11: The Rescue Part II

She knows it's going to happen. It's inevitable. The house can not hold up for any longer. Yet, she still doesn't believe it. She thinks that nothing is inevitable. It isn't until it actually happens that reality sinks in.

She's going to die.

A few minutes after the roof collapses, she starts to feel it. She sees the flames licking at her skin; hears the deafening roars of the fire, and then feels the pain. It's worse than anything she's ever felt before. She's faced pain and death so many times before, but this is different. She actually has something to lose now, something that she's never had before. A family.

So she runs. She runs as fast as she can towards the burning beams. Pulling the sleeves of her top over her hands, she frantically searches for somewhere to escape. But all she can see are huge, roaring flames that burn her eyes and her skin. In the back of her mind, she knows that she is in pain, but the cool adrenaline pounding through her veins seems to numb the burns.

Her ears are ringing, and somewhere in the distance she thinks she hears her name, a cry that echoes for miles. She figures it is just her imagination, as she runs to her left. She feels alone in her quest for freedom. But as she hears them five more times, she somehow registers it to be a person. They're getting louder now, and she hears footsteps too.

She feels a sharp pain on her right leg, and looks down to see a burning piece of debris attached to her jeans. Emitting a high-pitched scream, she quickly brushes it off. Her eyes burn not only with heat and debris, but with tears now, and a few trail down her cheeks. It isn't long before she's sobbing, uselessly pushing rubble aside, only to be met with even more fire, the flames enclosing around her and growing higher ever second.

She mixes English with Hebrew now, as she screams out. The flames are drawing closer, so she tries to run, but the fire takes over. She sees a gap towards her right, and dashes towards it. But somewhere along the way, her foot gets caught on a loose rock, and she tumbles to the ground.

She's weak now, her head spinning from smoke inhalation. She feels the flames licking at her cheek, and feels the heat on her tarnished skin. She tries to push herself up, but her arms give way, and her body falls limp as she gives in to the blackness pulling her away.

Her last thoughts are of the figure rushing towards her, yelling her name.

He's only just got out of the fire himself, when he hears a loud groan. Turning around, he's horrified to see the roof collapsing, his partner and best friend replaced by flames. His first thought is that she's dead, but he can hear a scream, proof that she's not yet gone. His fragile heart tears in two, as he hears the pain reverberate across the land. In a split second, he's made his decision, something that he can never take back and he runs in after her.

He's saved her life before, and he'll save it again. Her saviour. He can hear her screams, praying for and end to the pain he knows she's in. He ignores the shouts from his team, pleading with him not to go; he can't let her die alone. He's always known that, if he had to, he'd give his life for her. Yelling her name, he continues into a journey of fear and flames. He's felt the unique relationship between them shift slightly over the past few months, but it seems there's an unspoken, mutual agreement not to mention it. Regret swamps his mind as he realises that he never told her how beautiful he thinks she is, or how he loves the way she laughs, or how he loves her. It would kill him to see her die, and to know he potentially save her.

It's that thought that spurs him on as he meets the first barrier of fire. The heat is overwhelming, and he briefly considers turning back, but upon hearing another scream, the thought is gone. They're getting louder now, so he knows he's heading in the right direction. He feels a sharp jolt of pain, and looks around to see the back of his jacket on fire. Quickly extinguishing it with a quick swipe of his hand, he continues on, following the shouts.

His stamina is diminishing now, and he starts to feel a bit lightheaded. His throat and lungs are thick with smoke, and he knows he's running out of time. He looks to the right and his heart soars when he sees her silhouette, stumbling across fallen rubble and dodging flames. He tries to yell her name again, to let her know she's not alone, but the smoke in his throat makes it hard to even breathe.

His heart falls to his stomach as he sees her collapse. Flames immediately engulf her body, and his quest to save her becomes all the more urgent. He weaves his way in and out of tall dancing flames, and finally reaches her limp body. Without a second thought, he gently scoops her into his arms and makes his way over to a gap in the flames.

Every inch of his body aches with exhaustion. He keeps going though, and knows he won't stop until he makes it out safely, or he dies. The second prospect is not even worth considering, so he focuses on getting out without any more harm.

He finally makes his way out through the flames, and sees everybody within visual vicinity turn to stare. He attempts to call for help, but, once again, his throat constricts, making it impossible to breathe. He stumbles forward, his vision beginning to cloud over. He knows he'll pass out soon, but the stubbornness in him refuses to give up. He's getting weaker and weaker, so he looks down at his unconscious partner for what may be the last time. She looks peaceful; as if she's sleeping. He continues to stare, with the knowledge that if is time is up, her stunning face will be the last thing he sees. He unwillingly gives into the tiredness at that point, watching her face fade to black.

His last thoughts are of how beautiful she looks, and how he wishes he'd had the nerve to tell her that.

The moment the roof collapses, everybody turns to stare. They see the flames swamp Ziva, and everybody is momentarily frozen. They hear a bloodcurdling scream, and the roaring of the flames. Fire-fighters are jolted into action, and paramedics stand ready. Nobody expects Tony to run in after her. They shout at him, pleading him not to risk his life, but he appears not to hear. Another scream.

Abby turns to McGee, who's sat beside her. They both have the same shocked expression on their faces. Numbly, they are guided to the back of an ambulance, never breaking eye contact. They're checked over by paramedics, not one word spoken. Somewhere in the background, Gibbs is yelling at a doctor, but they don't pay attention.

They next think McGee knows, there's a bright light in his eyes. At first, he thinks it's more fire, but he soon realises it's a torch. A kind faced doctor is asking him if he's okay. He tries to talk, but no words will come out, so he opts for nodding instead. The doctor prepares to take him to then nearest hospital, but a gasp from Abby next to him brings her hurried actions to a halt.

The unmistakable outline of a person is emerging from the flames. They stagger with the weight of the limp body they're obviously carrying with great care. Just as they're safe from the fire, exhaustion takes over the man too, and he falls to the ground, never letting the woman leave his arms.

Paramedics are quickly jolted into action, those only slightly wounded temporarily forgotten. The bodies are lifted into the back of two ambulances, where doctors immediately hook them up to monitors. A great sense of relief spreads when a pulse is found for both of them. Doctors begin assessing wounds, and are shocked by the burns on their bodies.

Tony and Ziva may be alive, but they're far from alright.

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