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Chapter 2: Ski Masks

Ziva David took a long hard glance at herself in the mirror, taking in her physical features. Her long brown hair was tied back in a quick ponytail, and little wisps had begun to fall out of the band holding it up, framing her pretty face. Her golden complexion glowed, and her features defiantly benefited from the small amount of make-up she now used. But her dark brown eyes lacked the usual sparkle, and her mouth missed the smile that often occupied it. Just floating around her head were Tony's harsh words, going round and round as if on a loop. Anger flooded through her veins, as she realized the injustice of what he'd said. It wasn't her fault they'd died. In fact, Rivkin's death was Tony's fault as he'd killed him. And with Roy, the Dead Man Walking, well there was nothing they could do; it was just too late. He was dying when she met him.

How dare he? He'd seen how much their deaths affected her, yet he still felt the need to joke about them. That made her so angry! Needing to take her fury out on something, she violently pulled her clenched fist back behind her back and swung it forward with amazing force as it collided with the wall, emitting an ear-splitting crack as the hard surface ripped her skin and smashed her knuckles. She let a small gasp escape and immediately regretted it, as the pain ripped through her body. Sliding down the wall, tears welled up in her eyes. She snapped her eyes shut, not wanting the tears to escape. But they came anyway. It was all too much for her to handle. She let them fall, her breath coming out in shaky sobs, as she nursed her broken hand.

What would my father say? she thought. He'd say, 'stop crying Ziva, crying is for the weak. Get up and fight, you pathetic child.' That sounds right. His words were ringing through her head, along with those from her argument with Tony. She sat there, the silence deafening, as she slowly stopped crying. She decided enough was enough, and she wasn't going to let a moment of weakness affect her anymore. Walking over to the glistening sink, the pain from her hand returned. As she leant over the bowl, she took a look at her hand. She felt her stomach lurch, sprinted over to a toilet, and violently emptied the contents of her stomach. Her skin had been torn away from her knuckles, leaving blood spurting out. Her bones were visible, and they'd been smashed by the amazing amount of force she used. But it was the pain that got her the most. She tried to move her fingers, but it was impossible, and sent fresh bursts of pain up her arms. Ziva felt awful. She looked awful too. Looking into the mirror, she saw that her eyes were red and puffy (an obvious sign she'd been crying), her skin was pale and waxy, and she had blood all over her hand, clothes and the wall. She splashed a cold spray of water on to her face, rinsed some of the blood off her hand, and pulled her hair out of the band. As she was attempting to tie it back up with just one hand her cell vibrated. It was a message from Abby.


Ziva gave up on her hair, raked her fingers through it and hurried down to Abby's lab. The team turned to look at her as she entered, with her been the last one in. Abby was jumping up and down, and McGee had a really smug look on his face.

"Ziva! Ziva! Ziva, Ziva, ZIVA! You're here! I can't wait to show you this!" Abby screamed, racing over to hug Ziva.

"Abby!" Ziva replied sternly. "How much caffeine have you had today?"

"Not enough! But that's not why I'm excited. You see, when I realized…" as Abby rambled on about her complicated technical findings; McGee looked over and noticed Ziva's pale face and red eyes. He then looked to where her lands swung clasped together and saw the blood stained tissues that were wrapped around her left knuckles.

'You okay?' He mouthed to her, nodding towards her hand. Not wanting to explain right there, she nodded curtly before fixing her eyes to an over-enthusiastic Abby who was still trying to explain the complicated process in which she got her obviously ground-breaking results, completely oblivious to the fact that nobody was actually listening.

"Abby? In English?" Gibbs stopped the endless flow of words.

"Right. Sorry. Well basically-" her findings were interrupted by Ziva screaming at everyone to get down, followed a split-second later by the glass window in the lab smashing as several bricks flew through the window. Half a dozen men dressed fully in black with ski masks covering their faces and massive machine guns firmly clenched in their hands, stormed through the broken glass. As the team dropped straight to the floor, covering their faces with their arms, the men grabbed the five friends and dragged them through the empty frames into the street outside, where a black van was parked.

Terrified, Abby screamed, as the man holding her shoved her into the van. Gibbs and McGee followed her, instantly rushing over to her side. Ziva wasn't going in easily though. She caught her attacker by surprise and turned on him, kicking him in the shins before jabbing him in the stomach once, twice, three times. But before she had a chance to escape, another man grabbed her from behind and punched her in the face and shoving her into the van, catching her head onto the hard step. Abby was instantly by her side as the friendly hand of unconsciousness crept closer, beckoning for her to join it. No matter how hard she fought the dizziness, the weightlessness she felt, the black spots obstructing her vision, she was taken away, flying through the clouds to the blackness the surrounded her.. The last thing she remembered was Tony fighting back too, the men thrusting him into the van also and slamming the doors firmly shut behind them. She heard Abby calling her name, felt the icy coldness of her hand as it made contact with her face, desperately trying to keep her awake.

But for now, she didn't care. She was at peace with the world, drifting through the blackness. It would hurt when she awoke, but at that moment she was happy, totally oblivious to what was happening right in front of her, and the terror her teammates felt, cooped up in the little white van.

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