Elena sighed as she ran the brush one last time threw her perfectly strait brown hair. Another day as a "normal" teenager in high school. She walked down stairs to the kitchen to see Damon. "why are you here?" she asked dryly. "Well, Mrs. Grumpy pants, I am your carpool, I mean, considering your in danger, and your boyfriend is just barely sane."

She looked down, knowing he was right, of course. The thought of Stefan still being crazy and blood thirsty stung. She hasn't seen him in 3 days, the last time she saw him they had fought, and he went all crazy vampire on her, she is still sure the only reason she is alive is because Damon walked in just in time, and that scared her.

During all this thinking she'd done, Damon had some how managed to get her out to his Camero. He was snapping his fingers in her face "Eleeennaaaaa" he sung out. "wh-what?'" she asked confused. "you were all spaced out or something" he stated looking worried "oh, but anyways, I don't want you at the Boarding House for a couple days.." Elena's eyebrows raised, Damon could tell she was about to protest. " Why are you even trying to protest? You were there, right when he almost killed you.. AGAIN. I'm telling you, there is no humanity left. Not even your love is saving him, Elena." sympathy rising in his voice. She knew he was right. Damon pulled up to the curb at school. "please, try not to die today." Damon said sarcastically, Elena flipped him off and walked up to the school to greet her friends.

"Are you sure its a good idea for you to be here?" Caroline asked worried. Elena shrugged. "Damon said it would be good. But I don't see how it is. Not like I have original vampires out to kill me." she said loudly, obviously hoping they heard ear, cause' she knew they were watching her. Caroline worried about her best friend, Elena had grown sad, mentally and physically broken. She frowned remembering their freshman year, how happy Elena had been. She new she had to keep an eye on Elena today. As they were sitting in first period she realized Elena looked as if she wasn't even paying attention. Around lunch time she got a text from Damon 'has she broken down yet?' She looked over at Elena she was just moving her food around, her eyes were red and she was sure she saw a tear run down her cheek. She quickly replied 'she isn't well, you should come get her, its too much.' it didn't take long before Damon texted her again 'bring her out front' Caroline did as she was told, she grabbed Elena's arm and told her Damon was here, Caroline walked her out to Damon who was leaning against the car.

"Thanks Care" Elena said hugging her friend

Elena found herself wanting to be in Damon's embrace. After she hugged Caroline and said bye she walked up to Damon who already had his arms open, she ran into them he carefully placed her in the passenger seat and began to drive. Once they reached Elena's home, Damon ushered Elena to her room. Damon sat down on her bed, and she laid down and sighed. "I promise I will get the old Stefan back, Elena" Damon said looking over his shoulder. "If he is even still in there. Don't make promises you cant keep." Elena said doubtful. "get some sleep" Damon said standing up. He knew he had to get Stefan back to normal, he couldn't stand seeing him like this. And Elena, his heart broke seeing her sad and depressed all the time, not seeing her beautiful smile. He knew she was scared of Stefan, heck, he was even a little scared of Stefan. He missed when Stefan was gone, and Elena was happy, not completely happy, but she was coping. He decided he was going to cook her a meal. He started to make one of her favorites: Spaghetti&Meatballs. He was almost finished, the only thing he had to prepare was the Garlic Bread. As he was finishing up he started humming a song. Maybe, your gonna be the one that saves me, becauseafter all, your my wonder wall. "yum, it smells good in here" I looked over to see Elena actually smiling. "did you cook this yourself?" I smiled "you bet."