Elena was defiantly flustered. But Damon was right. She did still love Stefan. That was a given. She decided she would text Damon. She fumbled around her bed looking for her phone. When she finally found it she quickly texted Damon:"we need to talk"

Seconds later her replied: Elena, there is nothing to talk about.

This ticked her off. Fine! Then I'll come to you! She waited then 2 minutes later she found herself facing Damon.

She sat down on her bed fumbling with her fingers. "your right. I still love Stefan" she saw a pained look cross his face. "and this is awful Katherine of me. But I love you too." Damon didn't know what to say so he let her finish. "so if choosing means I loose one of you"

"then I'm not choosing. I have lost to many people in my life." Damon's heart broke a little.

"Elena, I'm still here after all this time of you choosing Stefan. What makes you think I would leave if you chose him again?" he said slightly chuckling trying to lighten the mood.

She shot him a look of desperation. "i wish my mom was here to help me" Elena said in almost a whisper. Damon's eyebrows furrowed. He felt bad for Elena.

"what can I do to help?" Damon said wrapping his arms around her. "hold me. Let me cry. And listen." she said looking into his deep blue eyes. He nodded. "and some ice cream would be good too" she said smiling. Damon laughed.

"i have Stefan locked up. He refuses to eat. Elena, he wants to die. I need your help" He finally said after the long silence. She looked up at me, worry spreading over her face. She shot up. "we have to go now!" Damon nodded as they made their way down the stairs and out the door.

The car ride to the Boarding House was quiet. Damon and Elena both deep in thought. When they were getting closer Damon finally spoke. "Elena. He still isn't... sane" he said giving her a warning look. Elena sighed sadly. "i know. But at least he is alive" Damon nodded in agreement.

When they pulled up to the Boarding House, Elena was sure to stay close to Damon. But she didn't want to be scared, she knew Stefan would be able to hear her heart beat increase.

He couldn't know he now terrified her.

She peeked threw the bars on the door to the chamber. "St- Stefan?" her voice cracked. He looked up briefly. "you shouldn't be here" her heart broke. "you need to eat, Stefan" Elena spoke softly. "your not gonna kill yourself" he walked up too the door tears threatening to spill over.

Just remember, I love you. And I loved you first.

He whispered these words softly.

She looked over at Damon who was looking down awkwardly. Elena pressed her face to the bars. "look at me, Stefan" he did as he was told. "i may not be able to compel you. But don't think I wont make Elijah get his original ass down here and compel you to eat." she said slightly smiling. Hoping to gain a smile from Stefan. She got nothing.

"i still love you, Stefan. If you want to hold onto something. Hold onto that." she said as she held out the animal blood. Stefan slowly took the bottle of animal blood. Elena raised her eyebrows.

Stefan slowly opened the cap to the bottle and took a small drink. Elena smiled satisfied. Stefan took a deep breath and took a big gulp of the blood. He soon felt much better. Elena stayed for awhile longer just to make sure he was okay.

She pranced up the stairs. "i got him to drink it" she told Damon who was downing some bourbon. "good. There is one less problem" he said rubbing his for-head, irritated.

Two weeks later things are getting better. Stefan is less of a maniac, and Klaus has given the gang some what of a break. Although, Rebekah, has been giving Caroline hell, they all planed on having a good time tonight.

Elena was with Caroline working on getting ready for the decade dance. Caroline was putting soft loose curls in Elena's hair, and then she pinned them up in a messy bun.

"So, who is gonna be accompanying you too the dance" Caroline asked adding a few finishing touches to Elena's hair. Elena smiled slightly "you and Bonnie of course" Caroline frowned.

"i think you should give Stefan a chance.." Caroline said looking at Elena. "i mean you and Damon have been getting kinda cozy. And Stefan is getting better. I mean come on! Elena, just give him one night.."

Elena sat there for a minute. Caroline was right. "you're right Care." Caroline chuckled "of course I am" Elena laughed.

"okay, well I'm gonna get in the shower. And when I get out, your doing my make-up" Caroline stated as she gave Elena a smile, and walked into the bathroom.

Elena picked up her phone hesitantly. She dialed the familiar number.


Hey, Stefan, do you have any plans tonight?

No, why, Elena?

Well Mister, Salvatore. It would be a pleasure if you accompanied me to the Decade Dance.

It was silent for a moment.

Of course Miss Gilbert. I would love to accompany you to the dance.

She could hear the smile in his voice.

I'll pick you up at 7.

This is late, I know. But I have been in Orlando all weekend. I went to the Vans Warped Tour. One word: t.

Mayday Parade was perfect live. Kellin is perfect in person, and so is Jesse and Gabe(; all of Sleeping with Sirens is perfect. I love them.