Chapter Two


My mother loves parties. I know this.

And that she doesn't need an excuse to throw one. Or a holiday, if you count Halloween as a holiday.

I don't. At all. I hate Halloween...

But I love my mother. And I also know that she loves her children together around her, even if they've been at each other's throats for the last couple of weeks.

Two of them anyway.

"What the hell are you supposed to be?"

I answer my sister with a devilish and satisfied grin. "A cat burglar."

She looks me up and down for the second time and scowls. "How do you figure? You look nothing like a cat."

I glance down at myself - which, though I did dress in all black for this occasion, is just that, myself - and smile. "My interpretation is a more literal one, Rose."

"Literal? Literal how?"

I could clarify it for her, but I don't need to, because Bella comes up - sexy-kittened-out from delectable head to tantalizing toes, every inch of, and between which, I can't wait to get my hands, and mouth, on as soon as this party's over - and curls herself into my side.

Mine, not hers.

"You get it now, right, Sis?"

"What I get, though long before now, is that you're a fucking asshole!" she spits, venom coating her every word, "A thieving, fucking asshole!"

Her outburst has silenced the room, and provided me with an attentive audience, in front of whom I gladly twist the knife. "Well, you should have been more careful with what you had. That priceless treasure you had...

"Because If you had taken better care of it, then maybe it wouldn't have jumped into my sack so willingly."

Bella giggles at my declaration, and then that giggle turns into a purr, which turns my cock rock fucking hard...

But my sister's voice promptly takes care of that not-so-little problem. "I wouldn't be so smug, Edward. Cats are fickle creatures. And sneaky. And unless you put yours on a leash, she'll probably jump right out of your sack and into someone else's as soon as you turn your traitor back. Which will serve you right, by the way. And serve me a heaping bowl full of tremendous joy."

"Spoken like the true sore loser that you are, Rose. But be my guest and wait for that to happen, because the victory is, as you know, mine, and waiting? Well, that's all you'll be doing, because I'll never let it go."

"Fitting, don't you think?" Bella asks, nuzzling my neck. "That she'll be left waiting?"

"Almost as perfectly fitting as that catsuit, my love," I answer with a chuckle, because her whiskers tickle, and because my sister's hateful glare at me for what I took from her - that she'd give anything to have back, no matter what she says - has served me a heaping bowl full of tremendous joy.

"Baby, your kitten is thirsty," Bella purrs sweetly, returning my cock to boulder status. "Can I have my bowl now? Of milk? Or something?"

"Oh, I've got something for you, kitten... " Parents' house or not.

Because there's nothing in this world that would ever make me keep Bella waiting.

For anything.

"Trick or treat?" Bella pushes me against the door of my old room as soon as I close it behind us.

And I know there's no wrong answer to her question, but I'm not sure which one I should grace her - and myself - with now.

"Hmmm... that's quite a weighty dilemma you've put on my shoulders. I just don't know... "

"I assure you, your shoulders have nothing to do with it, regardless of which option you choose."

"They don't?" I tease, knowing full well what my options have to do with.

She runs a gloved finger down the length of my button fly and licks her lips. "No... they absolutely don't."

"I think you just made it harder," I tell her. "My decision... and... well... maybe I should have said 'them'. Made them harder."

"Perhaps... though unnecessary. For you to have said it, I mean. Because I can feel your hard dilemma. Well... both of them. And let me say this... just so you understand... you need only address one. I'll take care of the other. Really good care."

God, do I know that...

"So, what's it going to be? Trick? Or treat?"

"Treat," I answer without another seconds thought. Because that's what she is... no matter what I choose.

"So selfless with your choice," she breathes, wasting no time freeing me from my button prison. "Which is just one of a million reasons why I'll stay in your sack."

"Like I'd ever let you out of it?" I ask, as she drops lithely to her knees and pulls me into hers. Well...

Her sweet, selfless mouth...

That hums her knowing response around me. Never...

And tells me she's glad I won't. Really, really glad...

As she pulls me deep into her throat, her whiskers tickling me again... and her happy kitten purrs tickling what they don't...

And her silken tongue licks...

And perfect, full lips... wrapped lovingly around her choice... and mine...

That don't leave it...


Until I serve her the sweet milk she asked for.

And until she's lapped up every last drop of it...

Until I can give her more.

Something I want to do for the rest of my life.

Drop to my knees and do...



To her.

Everything I have.

Something I can't wait to tell her... ask her if I can... if she'll let me...

But that I will wait for. Because now is not the time. Because I love her too much to do it this way.

"What a good little kitten you are... " I say, pulling her up and kissing her adorable kitten nose.

"And a full one," she adds with a sweet, wicked smile. "Still hate Halloween?"

"Hate Halloween? What are you talking about? It's my favorite holiday." Now...

"Good answer, cat burglar boy."

"It was the only possibility."

"Better answer."

But not the best. Because that will be the one she gives me. "We should get back to the party," I sigh, wanting nothing less than to have to.

"We should... before your mother comes looking for you."

"Or my sister comes looking for you."

"Or we could stay... and let her find me... full... fuller... than I ever was with her."

"If you need more milk, sweetheart, I'll be happy to serve it to you, but she doesn't need to see me do it to know what she's lost. And what we've gained. She knows." And will... for the rest of our lives, that for my mother's sake we'll all spend together.

"You're right. And I'm full enough, for now." She makes an adorable show of straightening her whiskers and beams up at me. "Anything on my face? Or mouth, more specifically?"

"Just happiness," I beam back at her. "And I don't need to look for anything else. My kitten never spills a single drop of her milk. Or mine."

"Right again. Your kitten would never waste a single drop of her milk. Or yours. Because... fickle or not, we kittens are tidy creatures."

"Oh, you don't have to tell me that, sweetheart... I felt every glorious bit of your tidying... "

The rest of the party went off without a hitch. And without Alice, who never showed up.

She kept my sister waiting. Something my mother said she'd been doing a lot of lately. Before she said that she knew she deserved it, even though she loves her.

Because she loves Bella, too. She always has. Since the first night Rose took her there.

She's not angry about what we did. Because she knows we didn't do it for nothing. And that we won't end up with it.

She told me she could see it... in both of our faces, the first time I took Bella there.

That we'd both been waiting...

For something that would never make us wait again. Something neither of us could deny...

Any longer than we already had.

And I think she knows... could see it on my face tonight... or maybe that first...

But I can't wait to tell her that she has another party to throw. One I'll be happy to attend. As myself. In another suit of black.

But even though I can't wait... I will. Because my reason for it all just crawled into my bed. And she's not wearing the catsuit anymore.

She's not wearing anything at all. She's just herself.

Her beautiful, priceless self...

That she wants to be mine...

In every possible way.

Something her eyes tell me. And her mouth as it nips at mine playfully, and then curves into a mischievous smile. She definitely wants to be...

And one of the things I love about Bella... is that she's not afraid to tell me or show me she wants anything. Not since the night she first did. And definitely not now... as she touches her fingertip to my lips and sucks in a breath at the feel of them. Something she loves. And wants. Now.

And asks for without a word. And takes without waiting for one from me, because she knows what I would say if I spoke any. Fuck yes.

Exactly what my hands tell her as they grip the backs of her thighs... that she's slithered up and cupped around my head.

Her sweet pussy hovers above my mouth. My kitten who's never wasted a drop of her milk, mine... wants to share hers with me.

And I don't waste a second taking it. I don't make her wait for me to show her my gratitude. For it... or for her.

I hear her delicate purrs as my lips meet hers. Feel her legs tremble in my hands as my tongue slips between them for its first taste.

And, as always, that first makes it desperate for more. And it takes it. I take it. Lick and suck her frantically as I crush her to me. Her heavenly warmth to my mouth. Closer and harder than she'd already crushed it.

Her hands are in my hair... pulling... ripping... as she fucks my face without inhibition. She knows how much I want her. How much I wanted her since the first moment I saw her. How much I wanted to do just this...

Know what she tasted like. And felt like on my tongue. That can't get enough of her now that it knows.

Something it will tell her for the rest of its life. And me... as soon as it's finished telling her now. And she is... hearing it and feeling it.

I won't wait. I can't anymore. It doesn't matter how long it's been... or how long it hasn't. I'll never let this woman go. And I want her to know it before she closes her eyes. And before I close mine. Again.

Because they were closed... as I let myself get lost in her perfection... smothered myself with it... let her smother me...

But they're open now. Because I love to watch her come apart. Know it's me making her. And that it always will be. I love it...


Who may someday drown me. Maybe even now...

And who I'd let... if I were willing to waste a drop. Which I'm not. And will never, ever be.

Treat, indeed...

"Promise me you'll never get too full of me."

Her delirious whisper goes straight to my cock... but it's not the only place it goes. Well... not the only besides my also delirious tongue...

It goes to my heart, that's bursting with love for her right now. Something I think she must feel as she rests her head against it.

"I'll promise, but you have to promise me something first."

Her exhausted giggle flows over my skin, and then she makes the one she thinks I want to hear. "I promise I'll never get too full of you. And if you just give me a minute to return to Earth, I'll show you how much I won't."

"It's what I'm hoping. So, take all the time you need. I know it will be worth waiting for."

"Good answer," she says, just like she did a few hours ago.

And it makes me smile, but not nearly as big as I will when she gives me the best one. That I'll wait patiently for her to return to Earth so that she can.

I'm not nervous about my question. Even though I think it will shock her, I know she'll say yes. It doesn't matter that it's only been weeks since that night I took her from that place where she was left waiting...

I haven't let her go since. And she hasn't asked me to. Or told me to. Or tried to free herself from me.

She's where she wants to be. And slithers down now, instead of up, to go where she thinks I want her.

But I grab her before she can go any further. Because as much as I love where she was headed, I want her to know it's not the place I want her most.

"Come here, beautiful."

"What? Come there? But I-"

"I'll let you go in a minute if it's what you really want, but I want something else first."

"I already know what I taste like, Edward. Your obsession with showing me would never let me forget."

I laugh, because that couldn't be more true, and kiss her because of how much it is, but then I pull her up until she's sitting and wrap a blanket around her.

I smile at her now-confused expression as I cover myself with the sheet, and then lean back and reach down behind myself to take the small velvet box from under my side of the mattress.

It's the only place I thought I could keep it hidden from her. I bought it a week ago, but waited for some grand romantic inspiration to hit me on how I could give it to her. Inspiration that never did.

I know there's nothing romantic about this... no grand setting... no flowers or candles or twinkling lights...

It's just us. Her and me in my bed, that she hasn't spent a night out of since the first night she spent in it.

The night I stole her... all of her...

But I think it's okay.

We don't need anything else.

"I love you, Bella. I love everything about you. Everything I know and everything I don't yet. Because weeks aren't a lifetime. But they're enough for me to know I want to have you for all of mine. Keep you...

"You told me to promise you I'd never get too full of you. Told, not asked. And I love that about you. That you're not afraid to. And that you don't want me to. And I'm telling you now that I won't. Promising you that I never could.

"Not of the taste of you, which I know is what you meant... but not of anything else, either. I want to taste you forever. And share with you how perfect that taste is. But not only. I want to share everything with you. And you to share it with me. Yours. Today, and tomorrow, and for the thousands of others, lifetime of others, I hope God grants us if you say yes, which still won't be enough to me, but is what I'm asking you for."

And waiting for as she stares at me in shock. And then down at the ring I take from the box and hold between my fingers. Towards her... waiting to not be. Waiting to see it on hers instead.


"Fuck yes!" she screams, and I laugh...

Because I do love everything about her.

This woman I'd have waited a lifetime for...

But couldn't.


I want him. Seriously.

But unfortunately, he's hers. And Twilight is SM's. This is mine, even though it isn't something I had planned. It really was complete, but what can I say? Inspiration hit me. Which is funny, because I hate Halloween, too. Or at least I did...

Anyhoo... I hope all of yours are happy and safe. Or wicked, if that's what you're into.

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