Okay guys, for those of you who've read my other Band of brothers story, I haven't forgotten it, don't worry, but I've been re-reading it aaaaand I hate it. SO, at some point, it will be undergoing a facelift (or something to that effect) Again, I don't own the t.v series, and I don't want to offend anyone especially the veterans or those presently in the armed services, any opinions aren't my own! I just made them up for my characters. I own nothing but them!

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Front Line Girl

Roy Cobb never thought he'd be one to fall in love. Truth be told, he never wanted to fall in love; he saw what it did to people when it went wrong, he swore he'd never get close enough to fall in love with anyone.

So, when he found himself falling for a strange, little woman from a totally different world, he tried his hardest not to. Unfortunately for Roy Cobb, you can't stop love.

It was one of the hottest days I've ever lived through in England. I was 19 years old and I'd been in the armed services for 3 years, my company had just returned from service over seas, during that time I'd been promoted to sergeant and was now in charge of my own little squad. Just as we came home, we brought a heat wave with us, because we're all so good looking.

On the base, we were killing a few hours until we were picked up by our families and friends. Some of the company had formed a 10 a-side footy team, and I was one of the many who was just too enthusiastic about sport to join in.

Instead, a few of my best friends and I found a quiet corner that we could goof-off in. My motto in the squad was "Life's too dangerous to be careful" and so it resulted in to many...Well I can only describe them as 'Jackass moments'. One occasion involved me, my best friend Jenny, a rag and lighter.

Today was no different. At some point, someone found a stapler and some paper. So I stapled it to my head.

Any way, as Jenny started to take the staple out of my forehead, Lieutenant Forrester came around the corner. As soon as he saw me he slapped himself in the face.

"Really, Cally, why is it every time I come to talk to you it's like hanging round with a bunch of teenagers?"

"Probably because most of us are teenagers, sir." Jenny answered him.

"Then question was rhetorical Jenny Parker." we laughed and Forrester carried on. "How do you guys feel about life here?"

"How do you mean sir?" I asked him, sticking a plaster to the small cut Jenny had made when digging the staple out of my head.

"I mean what do you think of it, if you like it or not."

We all looked at each other, not really knowing what to do or say.

"Well sir...It's okay...I'd just like to have a once in a life time experience though.." I pondered.

"Yeah, so would I, I mean, going to the same place every year for 6 months and doing the same thing gets boring, not that I don't like my job sir."

Everyone wants that once in a life time experience, whether it's good or it's bad. Some go looking for it, some wait for it to come to them, for others it just happens unexpectedly, like it did for us. All we wanted was for something unusual to happen, and we never really expected anything spectacular to happen to us, or to a part of something extraordinary. Some people are just destined for great things.

"So, you're all enjoying army life so far, newbies?" Frosty asked us. We'd still be the newbies even if we were in the army until we were 40, it was just the veterans 'nicer' way of calling us replacements.

"Well sir, yes I am and no I'm not."

"I can't believe I'm going to ask you this, but what do you mean?"

"Well sir, yes I am, and no I'm not, but mostly no I'm not, but other than that, yes I am."

"How and why they let you into the army is beyond me. How did you even pass your exams?"

"You know Jenny, you've never been my favourite."

"Well what do you like about it?"

"Well, I like the people in my company. I can trust them, because of what we've been through together. I know, that if I'm in trouble, I can depend on the person next to me to help me out, sir." I explained.

Frosty nodded, and then told us we had a mission. It was optional, a 'once in a life time' kind of thing. We'd have to be willing to be away from home for a few years, 3 or 4 he said, two for extra training, and 1 and a half actually fighting.

The conditions would be bad, equipment would be poor, practically ancient medical equipment, the supply line on occasion would be so slow, there would be no supplies. We wouldn't have our usual stuff that we fought with; no high tech tanks, no decent rifles, no bullet proof vests.

"Where the Hell are we going? The stone-ages? Are we going to Roman France to fight Asterix and Obelix?"