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It's like a dream came true

chapter 1

(Rochelle pov)

My name is Rochell Michaels, people call me Rocky for short. I am 16 years old. I have brown curly hair that goes down to my waist. I have big brown eyes. I am small for my age at 5 foot i am slim. I live next door to the pevensies. I am best friends with susan pevensie she is 15 years old and is like my sister and is really smart! I am also friends with lucy pevensie she is so sweet! she is only 7 years old and i treat her like my little sister. I am friends with edmund pevensie but he can be really mean when he wants to be. He is 10 years old. I am friends with peter pevensie i have known him since we were 8 ... but I think i like him more than a friend because he makes me get butterflies in my stomach when i am with him. He is 16 years old as well. My dad is away fighting in the war I hope will be ok I couldin't bear it if he got hurt. My mum has been best friends with Mrs pevensie since they where 7. Before my dad went off to fight in the war with Mr pevensie they built a bomb shelter for both our family's to share. Before my dad left he gave me a locket with a picture of my family in it . To pass the time I love to write songs and sing and play my guitar, but nobody has ever heard me I havent got the confidence.

I was in my back garden sitting under the tree writing in my song book and opening and closing my locket when Susan appeared over the fence.

" Hey Rocky" Susan said,I got up and opened the gate and went back to sit under the tree. "Come in! I havent talked to you ages!" I said while Susan came into my garden." We talked to each other yeasterday!" Susan laughed and sat down under the tree and looked at my song book. " Well i missed you! " I giggled and picked up my song book. " What are writing?" Susan wondered. Oh no Susan is my best friend I cant lie to her " Ok promise you wont tell anyone because i never show anyone this" I begged. "I promise " Susan said while looking interested,"Ok I like to write songs" I replied and showed Susan the book. " Rochelle this is amazing! Why havent you ever showed anyone before?" Susan asked me. WAIT? Susan thinks my songs are good? Did she hit her head or something?

" Really? I doubt it" as I said this Susan looked at me like I am insaine. " Trust me they are really good! Wait is this why you have a guitar in your bedroom?" Susan asked. "Well yeah and I kinda sing a bit but I am terrible" I replied " Well can you sing me one of your songs?" Susan begged. Nope I could never sing even if it is in front of my best friend! " Sorry no" but before Susan could reply lucy came into my garden.

"Susan have you aked if Rocky and her mum can have tea with us yet? " Lucy asked as she came over and hugged me. YAY! Lucy saved me! " Oh yeah Rocky can you please come over?" Susan begged. "I will have to ask my mum, she will probbly say yes" I said while grabbing my book and dragging Susan and Lucy into my house.

When I entred the kitchen I saw my mum sitting down at the table with a cup of tea in her hands. "Hi mum we have been invited over to have tea with the pevensies can we please go?" I begged her and giving my puppy dog eyes. I could hear Lucy and Susan laughing. " Yes we can" my mum said while Laughing. " YAY!" everyone screamed apart from my mum. " let's go!" I shouted while putting my song book onto the table.

When we arrived at the Pevensies I saw Edmund sitting at the table with Mrs pevensie. "Hello Sarah and Rocky" Mrs pevensie said to us. "Hello" me and my mum said in sync. "Lets go upstairs" Susan said.

When we got into Susan and Lucy's room we started playing with Lucy and her dolls. We must have been playing with the dolls for about 30 mins when Peter walked in. "Hi Rocky" Peter said smiling. "Hey" I said while Blushing. Susan and Lucy where grining at this. " I came up here to tell you tea is ready" he informed us. "thanks" me and Susan said while putting the dolls away.

When we where on our way down the stairs Susan and Lucy went ahead of me and Peter. " How are you Rocky?" peter asked. "I am good thanks how about you?" I wondered while trying to stop myself from blushing. I had butterflies in my stomach AGAIN! " I am fine" Peter said while we walked into the kitchen. As we sat down everyone looked at me and Peter. Why are they staring at us?

"What took you two so long?" Susan asked raising her eyebrows . I used my hair to hide my blush. " we where just talking" Peter said also blushing. Why is he blushing? Does he like me? He couldin't because he can get a better looking girl than me! "Okay whatever you say peter" Susan said mischievously. "Shut up" I mumbled. "Shut dosen't go up" Susan said

After me and my mum ate we got up to leave. "Thank you for having us" my mum said. "Nonsense you are both always welcome!" Mrs pevensie said. "Thanks" I said. " We best get going bye!" My mum said. "Bye" I said to all the Pevensie's.

Later on in the night when I was in my room I was just sitting down playing on my guitar and doing more writing, when suddenly the Sirens went off .

"COME ON ROCHELLE WE NEED TO GET INTO THE SHELTER!" my mum screamed while grabbing her suitcase of clothes and my suitcase.

"OK" I screamed while grabbing my guitar and song books. I couldint just leave them in here. I ran out of my bedroom and I put a hand on my neck and made sure my Locket was still on. It was. When I got halfway down the stairs I felt the house shake and I fell down the rest of the stairs.

" ROCHELLE COME ON!" my mum shouted from the kitchen. "Go on ahead of me I will catch up!" I shouted back.

I got back up and ran into the kitchen. Good she went ahead. I saw the back door open. As I stepped outside my house blew up and I got blasted back into a tree. And everything went black.

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