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It's like a Dream came true chapter 6

-A few days later-

Everyone was outside in the garden. Lucy and I are still not talking to anyone. Peter has tried to apoligise to me but I'm not ready to forgive him yet. I still can't believe that Edmund would lie about not going into Narnia and make Lucy cry.I think it is only a matter of time untill the others fall into Narnia as well. Lucy has came up with a plan that when they all go into Narnia we will throw snowballs at them.

Over the past couple of days I have been feeling Lonley because I havent spoken to anyone apart from Lucy. I miss Susan but now she thinks that I am a lunatic. Lucy and I are sat beneath a tree away from the others.I am reading Thumbelina to her.

A kind woman who had no children, longed for a baby and would often say, "How I would love to have a baby girl, even a tiny little one." A beautiful fairy heard her wish one day, and gave her a little seed to plant in a flowerpot.

When the seed bloomed into a tulip, the woman saw a tiny, beautiful girl inside, no bigger than her thumb. She decided to call her Thumbelina. She was so small that she had a walnut shell for a bed and used petals as a blanket.

Then, an ugly toad fell in love with Thumbelina. One night when she was sleeping, he carried her off to his lily pad in a pond. Thumbelina was very unhappy. A swallow was passing by and saw how sad she looked, and said, "Come south with me to warmer lands." Young Thumbelina flew away on the swallow's back. They flew across the seas and came to a land of sunshine. The swallow said, " This is my home. You can live in one of the loveliest and biggest flowers." When Thumbelina stepped inside, she found a handsome fairy, as tiny as her, in its heart.

He was the son of the king of flowers and he fell in love with Thumbelina. He asked her to marry him. So Thumbelina became queen of the flowers and the two lived happily ever after.

When I finished telling Lucy the story we just sat there and talked. " So do you like Peter?" Lucy asked. I blushed. "Of course not!" I lied. She didin't look convinced. "But our last night at home during the air raid and when your mum said you wasin't with her, he got so worried so he obviously cares about you" She said. Wow. She is the smartest 7 year old I know. " Lucy a couple of nights ago I had another dream and we where all in Narnia" I said changing the subject. She looked interested " Maybe it will come true like your last dream". I nodded.

Why do I keep having dreams about Narnia? And most importantly why do they come true? We started watching the others playing cricket. Peter kept on bowling the ball, Susan was fielding and Edmund was meant to be batting but he kept on day dreaming. Peter Bowled the ball and it hit Edmund in the leg. " Wake up dolly day dream" Peter said.

Edmund looked in the direction of the mansion and said " Why can't we play hide and seek again?". Aha! That is proof that he has been to Narnia! He wants to go back. Peter then said " I thought you said that it was a kids game?" Hmmm good point. " And we could all use the fresh air" She said. Edmund looked a bit annoyed " There is air inside" I rolled my eyes. "Are you ready?" Peter asked getting ready to bowl the ball. "Are you?" Edmund said hitting the bat against the floor.

Peter threw the Ball and when Edmund hit it , it went through the window! Oh we are SO dead! I jumped up and grabbed Lucy's hand and ran towards the others. "Well done Ed!" Peter said. We ran inside to see the Damadge done.

When we got upstairs and saw that the cricket ball had not only smashed the window but knocked stuff over. Yep. We are going to die young. Suddenly we heard footsteps that where aproching us. " The Macready! Let's run for our lives!" I shouted.

We all ran out of the room and we where being chased around the house by Mrs Macready. When she was close to us we where by the spare room. Edmund ran towards the door and ran inside. We all saw the wardrobe. "come on!" He shouted. Maybe everyone will end up in Narnia. "You have to be joking" Susan heard the footsteps again.

Peter then pushed us into the wardrobe and he shut the door behind us. Everyone was pushing eachother and was standing on someones feet. After a couple of minutes of pushing eachother we all fell onto the ground which was covered in snow.

"Impossible" Susan gasped. Peter looked at Lucy and I. "I don't suposse sorry would be enough" Lucy destracted him while I made a snowball. " No it wouldin't" Lucy said. "But that might!" I shouted and threw the snowball at Peter's face. Peter gasped and went to throw snow at me but I ducked and hit Susan in the face. oops. Susan smirks at us and joins in. This is so much fun!

Everyone except Edmund was throwing snow. I threw some snow at Edmund. " Stop it!" He shouted. Peter glared at him. " Apoligise to the girls!" Edmund backed away. Peter got up in front of his face and shouted " NOW!" Edmund looked scared and said"Sorry! I nodded. Lucy then grinned and said " It's alright , children just don't know when to stop pretending" I laughed and high fived her.

Peter walked over to me and said " Rocky can I talk to you for a minute?" I nodded. I followed him and he lead us out of the view of the others. " Rochell what I said the other day, I didin't mean it I swear!" He said in a rush. I hugged him. "It's fine, I only reacted that way because I was struggling with my Farthers death" I said. He hugged me closer to his body."Your Farther was a great man and he will always be with you and please remeber that I will always be here for you" Tears filled my eyes. Peter really does care about me. "Thank you". I smiled at him and he wiped the tears out of my eyes. "We should probably get back to the others" I said. He nodded.

We went back to where the others where. Susan gave me a look that said 'tell me everything later'.I grinned at her. " Where shall we go?" Peter asked. Then Edmund looked happy. Hmm what is he so happy about? " We should look around" Edmund suggested. He is up to something. Peter looked at Lucy and I " I think the girls should decide" I grinned at him. " We should take you to meet Mr Tumnus!" Lucy said. I nodded. Peter said "Then Mr Tumnus it is!" Susan looked shocked. " Shouldin't we be getting back? And we can't go hiking in the snow dressed like this!" Wow. Best friend makes an excellent point.

Peter walked back to the entrance and came out with 5 fur coats. He handed them out. They are so warm! When he got to Edmund he looked disgusted "But thats a girls coat!" Peter rolled his eyes. " I know". I put my coat on and I instantly warmed up. Susan looked worried " Won't the professor mind?". Peter laughed. Wow I love it when he laughs it is like music. "Well if you think about it logically, we're not even taking them out of the wardrobe". He is right.

Lucy started leading the way to Mr Tumnus's house. Edmund didin't look happy that we didin't look around like he suggested. I laged behind with Susan and she gave me a hug. " I'm sorry for everything I said about you, your not a lunatic, and I'm sorry about your Farther" I smiled and hugged her back. " It's okay your already forgiven" She grinned. We linked arms and walked a bit faster.

I looked around and looked at the trees. I hope my dream dosen't come true. Yes I am happy that everyone is in Narnia but I don't like what happened to Mr Tumnus's place. I hope that he is okay and that the White witch hasin't found out that he helped Lucy and I. I over took Peter and walked by Lucy. Lucy and I was now leading.

Suddenly Peter fell and he knocked me down with him. We started rolling down a when we got to the bottom Peter was on top of me. My heart sped up. He started leaning in. When we where about to kiss Susan shouted " Save your flirting for later!". We blushed and Peter got off me and helped me up. "Thanks" I said. He grinned " Anytime" I walked over to where Lucy was.

When we got into view of the front door I saw it nearly off it's hinges. "No!" Lucy and I shouted and ran inside. Everyone followed us inside. When we got inside everything was smashed and the place was a mess. " Who would do something like this?" Lucy asked. I shrugged. And I started to feel outraged. Suddenly Peter picked up a Piece of paper.

Peter started to read it out loud "'The faun Tumnus is hereby charged with high treason, against her imperial majesty, Jadis, Queen of Narnia, for comforting our enemies and fraternizing with humans. Signed, Maugrim, Captain of the Secret Police. Long live the Queen.'" I gasped and pulled Lucy into a hug. This is all my fault. If I had said no to Mr Tumnus about Lucy and I coming to tea this would have never happened.

Susan took the note from Peter and started to inspect it. " Okay now we really need to go" She said looking around. "But what about Mr. Tumnus?" Lucy asked. "If he was arrested just for being with a human I don't think there's much we can do," Susan replied. I looked at everyone " You don't understand! Lucy and I are the humans!" I said. The White witch must have found out he helped us. He did say that some of the trees where on her side.

Peter glanced at me and said "Maybe we can call the police," Peter suggested. "These are the police," Susan replied. He sighed and said " Don't worry we will think of something!" I hope he is okay. If he isin't I will never forgive myself. "Why?" Edmund asked suddenly. "I mean, he's a criminal.". I glared and him and shouted "Because he risked his life by helping Lucy and I get out of Narnia! I owe him my life and I will do everything I can to help him!" Peter and Lucy looked at me and nodded. I think they will help me think of something.

Why are my dreams coming true? This makes no sense. First I dreamed about going into Narnia then I dream about Mr Tumnus's house being trashed. What is happening to me? Will I dream about anything else? And if I do what will I dream about? Then we heard a sound coming from outside. A bird was chirping at them, but it didn't sound quite like a chirp…

"Did that bird just psst us?" Susan asked. I shruged. We followede the bird outside and I hear it's wings flapping away. " Okay that was strange" I said. Lucy laughed. Suddenly I heard the sound of a twig snapping. We all gasped. Peter stood in front of everyone. I grabbed his hand. This is a bit scary. The others all grabbed hold of Peter and we where all hiding behind him. Then we heard another snap of a twig and we saw ...

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