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Harry Potter: We Thank You

Rumours continue to fly about the mysterious recent events at the ministry of Magic. No-one knows how and no-one is sure of the exact details but it has been confirmed that You-Know-Who did indeed return and had been destroyed by Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived. After endless persecution and ridiculed from the general wizarding public it is now revealed that Harry Potter and his supporters have been telling the truth for the past year. Albus Dumbledore had only this to say:-

With an annoyed and slightly amused snorted Harry threw the paper across his bedroom. He was the Savour and the hero of the entire wizarding world once again now. Only a week ago he was an attention seeking liar that was trying to lead the wizarding world into chaos with his tall tales about the return of Voldemort and death eaters. Now that harry had defeat the monster at the ministry he was a hero. Now that the minster displays his rotting corpse to the world he was their savoir, their hero. Harry did not know whether to laugh or to cry at this; he still could not believe that it was over. Over before it had really started.

Harry glanced at the clock, allowing an annoyed huff to escape his lips. Still 10 minutes until his sixteenth birthday. 10 long minutes until this would be the last time that Harry ever had to come to the Dursleys' home again. Ok maybe slightly more than 10 minutes but Moony and Mr Weasely both promised to rescue him on his sixteenth birthday and take him to the Weaselys' home. It had been a miserable summer. The worst one yet. Harry thought that after the defeat of Voldemort would be the end of his time of the Dursley but no. Dumbledore does not agree; a lot of his supporters are still out there and the blood wards still going strong so it would be stupid not to use them … or so Dumbledore thought. No matter the argument Harry had still ended up back here. Perfect. It's his own fault really, he should have just told Dumbledore what was wrong, why he did not come back instead of pretending that everything was fine, that the Dursley would welcome him back with open arms. In a way they did greet with open arms but closed fist as well.

That would change after this Birthday, Dumbledore had promise that if Harry returned this last time then next year he would not need to and Harry was going to make sure that he kept his promise. Glancing at the clock Harry nearly groaned still 2 minutes to go. Would they still send him his presents by owl or he have to wait until they fetched him?

1 minute and 45 seconds to go. Hopefully they will send at least some thing otherwise he will just be suck with the Dursley Birthday greetings. Nothing.

1 minute and 15 seconds. Ron and Hermione better remember their promises about not going over the top with presents. Just something simple. Hermione is terrible at this, she spoils him something rotten.

45 seconds. This is it the last Birthday ever being celebrated at the Dursleys. Nearly trembling in excitement Harry wondered what the next year would bring. Maybe he could have a normal year. Be a normal person for once. No strangeness (15 seconds to go), no life or death situations and no more worries than a normal sixteen year old boy.

5 seconds, here it comes, 3… 2… 1