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Chapter Seven

New Year, New beginning

Harry had expected to have to comb through the Daily Prophet carefully over the next few days to find any mention of the elections and who was running for it. However the whole papers seem to be plastered with news concerning the latest elections. There were three candidates that seem to have the highest chance in winning: Fudge, someone called Rufus Scrimgeour who Harry had never met and Amelia Bones, who Harry knew vaguely from his hearing at the ministry last year. Thinking about it, Harry remembered how far and level headed she was at the ministry and these were the qualities that a Prime Minister needed. Reading carefully he was disappointed to find that she was only in second place at the moment: in front of Fudge but dramatically behind Scrimgeour… Fudge thought his support would help him win so maybe if he announced his support for Bones then… No, he did not want to get involved. He had had enough of politics and the ministry last year… maybe he should talk to Snape about it.

Glancing at the clock Harry smiled he knew where Snape would be at this time; potion lab. Knocking on the lab door Harry pushed the door open unfazed by the harsh growl that greeted him from Snape. Looking up from his work Snape fought a smile from his face as he waved Harry in.

"What's wrong?"

"I was wondering…." Harry signed; this had been a bad idea. Does he really want to get involved in this? "Actually it does not what-"

"Harry tell me," said Snape as he watched Harry closely. It must have been important enough for him to come down into the lab so Snape wanted him to speak.

"I wanted to know whether I could offer my support to Madam Bones," Harry rushed out as quickly as possible.

"Why?" asked Snape, he did not think that Harry would ever be interested in politics. As the saviour his opinion and support would be greeted by any politician happily but Harry had never expressed any interest in this before.

"Because I think she will be fair and perfect minister in the after bath of last year."

"If that is what you wish Harry then I will help you," said Snape as he placed down the potion ingredients he was preparing. "But be careful. Playing with politics can sometimes get you burnt, if you are going to do this then you must be prepared to do this all the way though. Do you understand?"


Over the next few hours they managed to write and then rewrite a letter to Bones that offered Harry's support. The only thing he could do now was wait to see if she replied. She might not want his help but at least Harry had offered it. Smiling as Hedwig flew off with his letter Harry imagined the outrage on Fudge's face once he realises what he has done. Harry would have never thought to offer his support to Bones if Fudge had not visited.

(line break)

The letter was put out of Harry's mind when he realised that the other students would be arriving soon. Smiling as he waited in the hall for the students to enter he was excited to see everyone again but worried about Ron. Not one of them had been in contact since his birthday and Harry did not have the heart to write to them. He did not think he could stand it if they rejected him again. He began nervously fiddling with the fork and knife despite Snape's scowl; what if they ignored him? No, Hermione would not do that but Ron was unpredictable and impossible to guess his next move. He was either your greatest supporter or your biggest threat…

The Hogwarts' ceiling echoed Harry's mood as the sky turned thunderous and dark. Harry would never admit it but Ron was not his only worry. He was scared of seeing Draco again. What if he blushed? What if Draco acted like he did in the shop? Oh Merlin, he would die of embarrassment if that happen. His cheeks were already turning a bright red at the very thought of it. Maybe sitting facing the snake was not the best idea but would moving show Draco that he bothers him? Harry had been so absorbed in his thoughts he did not realise that the students had already started entering.

It was a good thing as well because nearly all the students had stare shamelessly at Harry as they entered. Pointing at him, whispering between themselves as he sat there lost in his thoughts. A few girls giggle with each other and try to convince the other to try to touch his wings. The boys just stared at him; mouths wide open as they drunk in every little detail about his appearance. It was Hermione that ended the childish act; she glared at them all before sitting down on one side of Harry while Neville sat on the other. Both of them glared at anyone that came too close as if daring them to try something. Staring at them Ron glanced around nervously as if debating where to sit; his eyes kept flickering between Harry and Dean. Slowly as if he was walking to his execution he sat down in front of Harry with a forced smile on his face. It was stretched and Harry decided that he looked like he had stomach ache.

"I'm getting there Harry," said Ron quietly as his eyes flickered away from Harry. "I'm getting there."

Harry nodded, it was not the best answer but it was better than outright rejection, wasn't it? Hermione squeezed his arm with a warm smile as she chattered about her holiday and other summer news that she normally fills him on it. It was nice, it was normal. Being so absorbed in Hermione's endless chatter that he did not notice that Draco had just entered the hall.

"Hello Harry," Draco smirked as he lifted Harry's hand to his lips and placed another gentle kiss on it. Ron, Hermione and Neville all jumped to their feet in outrage but stopped at the blush that had crept across Harry's face. Mouths wide open they stared in shocked. A quiet hush had fallen around the hall and not one but Snape moved. Robes bellowing behind him Snape thundered towards them. "I missed you. "

"I… I mean," began Harry uselessly. Merlin he wished he did not sound like a complete idiot every time Draco was around. What did Draco do to him?

"Your guardian's coming," whispered Draco as he leaned close to Harry. His breath tickled Harry's throat, making him squirm. Blushing a deeper shade of red, Harry resisted the urge to kiss Draco as he whispered even quieter. "I will be seeing you soon Harry. You look good in that colour."

Speechless and completely embarrassed Harry buried his head in his hands as Draco made his way over to the Slytherin table to the jealous stares of others.

"What was that about?" Hermione demanded as Ron scowled at Harry, "Harry tell us."

"Harry," barked Snape as he glared at all the other lions that were staring opened mouth at Harry. "Come and see me in my quarters after the feast. Do you understand?"

Harry nodded before signing. That had been… embarrassing. What was Draco trying to do to him? In a whispered conversation while the sorting took place Harry told them about what was happening with Draco. Hermione was a very good listener, she gasped and 'ahh' in all the right places until she was more excited about the date then Harry but Ron just grew quieter and quieter. Harry sensed an oncoming argument but Ron just turned away and watched the sorting. That could have gone better.

Feeling uncomfortable, Harry knew Draco was watching him. Refusing to look at him Harry tried to focus on what the headmaster was saying but it was impossible. His pale eyes burned with passion, a relentless stare that cause a shiver to travel down Harry's spine and it grew worse when Dean and Seamus tried to talk to him. It was almost a relief when the feast arrived. Risking at look Harry really cried out at that intense look. Not breaking eye contact Draco bit into a chicken drumstick, licking the juices from his lips, slowly and delicately. Causing Harry's breathing to hitch and his blushing to return he torn his eyes away from Draco's lip… Could he do this? Could he tease Draco the same way? Watching the triumphed smirk flitter on Draco's face determination gripped Harry as he returned Draco's intense stare. This means war.

With slightly trembling fingers Harry lifted a chicken drumstick as well, meeting Draco's eyes he smiled more coolly and confidently then he felt. Dipping into his sauce, never taking his eyes from Draco he bit into it slowly, letting the juices run down his fingers and lips. Closing his eyes as he murmured in appreciation as he once again opened his eyes. Draco could not take his eyes off him. After finishing the drumstick Harry began licking his fingers clean, softly and slowly as he continued to hold Draco's gaze. Sucking them clean one by one, he closed his eyes in pleasure and hummed gently. Moving carefully, Harry smirked at the uncontrolled lust in Draco's eyes. It was fun to wind the ice prince up, so much fun..

Choosing the strawberries as his next weapon Harry moved one to lips, lingering it by his lips before biting into it. The juices dripped from his lips as Draco seemed to struggled to control himself. It was like no one else was here, just the two of them in the hall. Harry did not notice the looks the other boys were giving him or that several people had stood up to watch him better. It was Hermione's fault that the spell was broken. She nudged him slightly, Harry glanced around and blushed.

(Line break)

It was several hours later that a very unhappy Avariel was coming back from Snape's quarters. He had just had the worst lecture of his life and dam he had to put up with Vernon's lectures. How.. How embarrassing could Snape be? Merlin, having a talk about respectful and dignified behaviour while being courted was bad enough but for Severus Snape, the evil dungeon master, to try and talk about sex… That was just..just gross. Yuck, it was like hearing about your own parent's having sex. Harry was so lost in his thoughts that he did not notice the group of lad waiting for him. They were all year above him and were leering at him like a piece of meat on a butchers' counter.

"Hey Sweetie," one of them called. Harry looked up and a sense of unease spread across his stomach at the look the four lads were giving him. "We've been waiting for you sugar."

"Sorry but I'm busy," replied Harry as he tried to side step them. He really could not be bothered with this now. Anger flickered across his face as they shared a slimy smile before closing in on him.

"Don't be like that honey," said the tallest one. He towered over harry and leant closed, his breath smell and Harry screwed up his nose in disgust. "We just want to get to know you, like reeaal close."

"Not interested. "

"But you got time for a snake," hissed the one of the left as he reached out to touch Harry's wing. Harry hissed as he moved away. He hated people touching his wings. "Don't be mean sweetie"

"I said no." Harry hissed as he bared his teeth at them. "Now leave me alone."

Raising his wand to cast a stunning spell, Harry could not feel his magic. It seemed to disappear from him as soon as he touched his wand. No sparks, nothing. Trembling, wide eyes glanced up at his attackers as a sense of dread overtook him. No wand and outnumbered. This was no looking good.

A cruel laughter came from the boys as one of the grabbed him by the arms and pulled him into an embrace. Kicking and biting another gripped his wind and twisted it painfully. Harry screamed, gasping out a swear word now and again.

"Stop struggling honey," one holding him hissed as he began to slobber on his neck. Resisting the urge to gag, Harry tried to lash out at the one in front of him. "We hate to have to hurt those wings on yours."

"B-Bastard!" Harry gasped as he slammed hard into the wall. The Boy crushed his lips onto Harry's, demanding that Harry opens his mouth by chewing on his lip. Harry screamed in outrage and bite down hard. The lad released him as he yelped in pain, using this to his advantage Harry lashed out; kicking with all his strength in the lad's privates. Watching with a strange sense of pride as the lad sank to his knees in pain.

"You little slut," he roared as Harry tried to dash past him. "Grab him Jason!"

"Let me go!" ordered Harry desperately as the other lad gripped his other side… Trapped.

"Shouldn't have struggle baby," the lad said as he clambered back to his feet. Harry was happy to see that he still winced in pain. "Gotta hurt you now."

"Please!" struggled Harry useless.

A chuckle escape the lad lips as he leant in close to Harry: "We like it when you beg sweetie."

"Stupefy," yelled a voice. One of the lads dropped to his knees as he hit by the powerfully cast spell.

"Get your filthy hands off him," growled Draco as he stood there with his wand out. Grateful green eyes found Draco, and Harry nearly cried out in joy. Thank Merlin; somehow Harry knew that Draco would protect him, save him from these vile creatures.

"Mind your own business," roared the lad as he pulls out his wand. "Immobulus."

Dodging the spell with ease, Draco glared at the attack. His calm and collect aura that normally surrounded his had vanish, instead Draco's face echo cold fury. How dare they! A wave of anger had overtook him as he saw the way Harry's wing hung awkwardly, the bruises on his pale slender arms and the slight fear in those green eyes. Those eyes should never show fear; they should never show pain or anything like that. Like a brewing storm Draco's magic erupted.


Both of the remaining attackers were caught and sent flying. Their heads hit the ground with dull thump as everything went black. Taking deep breaths Draco calmed himself as he went to Harry. Curling up into himself Harry fought the urge to cry, trembling he jumped as Draco touch him.

Their eyes meet; fearful green ones met worried grey ones. Without a word Draco lifted him up, pulled him close as Harry buried his face into Draco's neck. It was strange; Harry had no memory of anyone ever carrying him like this. With Draco's arms wrapped around him, preventing anyone or anything from getting him he felt safe, secure. Snuggling closer into Draco Harry wondered why Draco smelt like the ocean.

He did not dare where Draco was taking, he did not care what Draco was planning and he did not care what anyone who saw them thought. This felt like home.