Title: Eternity
Authors: Ayumie and CrowX
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries (TV)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Damon/Stefan
Word count: 9919
Warnings: Incest, slash and some violence and kinky scenes, drug use (I'm not favoring the idea, but in the 60s, it was used)

Damon had promised his brother an 'eternity of misery'. But will Damon be able to fulfill this promise or is the bond between him and Stefan too strong? They will meet again and again throughout time and places, experiencing good and bad times while challenging each other. Incest, slash, mature themes.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Notes: Thank you all for your patience. Sorry that it took so long for an update of Eternity. Work, computer problems, betareader very busy... all culminated together. I try to update quite often and more regularly. Sorry again!

Once again: this chapter contains the use of drugs, which we expressively frown upon. It shouldn't be seen as an encouragement to take drugs, because that wasn't our intention.

We also don't claim to have any knowledge about the private lives of the Beatles. It is just fiction.





Chapter 17


Damon spent most of the next decade traveling back and forth between the States and England. He loved the new style of music and went to as many rock concerts as possible, meeting musicians like John Lennon.

When the year of the centenary of their turning at last arrived, Damon once more went to New Orleans in the hopes of finding a witch to help him look for his brother.

A few weeks later, he sat in a small basement with heavy fumes in the air, watching a few droplets of his own blood run towards Harvard on the map as the witch chanted. Damon laughed. He could very well imagine what Stefan was doing there of all places. His brother was very predictable. He only wondered what he was studying. Hopefully not medicine…


The campus was beautiful. Carrying a bag of books, Stefan was on his way to class. He loved the atmosphere, the grace of the buildings and all the knowledge just waiting to be discovered. He was studying law.

Humming softly to himself, Stefan waved at a few of his classmates. They were grouped in front of the entrance, obviously in no hurry to enter. Stefan frowned.

"Hello. What's going on?"


After visiting the launch of the Gemini 1 – his interest in planes had evolved to all objects capable of flying, especially in space – at the beginning of April, Damon went to Harvard. After visiting the student's office, it hadn't been difficult to find the house where Stefan was staying.

In the hallway of the house, a debate was going on and Damon listened without any interest until he realized that they were talking about the Civil War. He became annoyed by their self-righteousness and butted in. He told them that even though slavery wasn't in any way tolerable, politics had mattered little to the soldiers in the field, who mostly were there either for the money or to do right by their families. Without wanting to, Damon became passionate as the discussion progressed.


Stefan started to push his way past the group when he heard a familiar voice. He slowly turned around to find himself face to face with his brother. It was 1964. He should have expected Damon to show up at some point, but it was still a shock to look into that handsome face.

Stefan almost dropped his books. It looked like he would be missing class today. Suddenly aware of the curious glances of his classmates, he grabbed his brother's arm.

"Come on, let's get out of here. We'll talk in private."


His brother's shocked face made him bite back a laugh. Smirking, Damon let himself be led away. Soon they were in a small room that looked familiar in its disorder. Taking a deep breath, he took in Stefan's scent.

Sprawling on his brother's small bed, Damon crossed his arms behind his back.

"So, dearest brother, how do you feel after a hundred years of being a vampire? It's definitely something worth celebrating."


Since Damon had claimed the bed, Stefan sat down at his desk. His mind was still reeling and it took him a moment to collect his thoughts.

"So let me get this straight: You want to celebrate the year we lost all our friends and family including the woman we loved, were murdered by our own father and turned into monsters? Yeah, I've been ecstatic ever since – it really makes me feel like celebrating. What kind of festivities do you have in mind?"

Stefan wasn't sure he wanted to hear the answer. He could very well imagine what passed for a celebration in Damon's mind.


Wanting to see how fast he could make his brother lose control, Damon let one hand travel down his chest.

"Stefan, Stefan, Stefan," he admonished. "I shouldn't be surprised that you only see the negative side of vampirism. Why don't we celebrate all our experiences, like seeing the world evolve so far? We would never have experienced telephones, planes, rock'n'roll or emancipation if not for being immortal."

Sighing exaggeratedly, Damon pulled two bottles out of a small suitcase. Placing it in front of Stefan, he gestured to the labels.

"One bottle of wine from the year 1864 and one bottle of scotch from the same year. Their value is unbelievable. And we are even older than that! I thought we could go out somewhere nice and quiet, drink some of this and…"

Bending forwards, Damon caught Stefan's earlobe between his lips, sucking on it as one hand traveled inside his brother's shirt.


Stefan shrugged.

"Yeah, I guess there's that."

When Damon moved closer, Stefan's eyes widened. They were in a tiny dorm room with only a few thin walls and an unlocked door separating them from hundreds of other students. They couldn't possibly be doing this here. He suppressed a small moan as Damon started to suck on his earlobe.

"A hotel. If we're going to do this, we need a hotel. Someone will catch us, if we stay here. I'll play along, if you promise to keep it in your pants until we're in a hotel room."


Smirking, Damon licked Stefan's neck, enjoying how his breathing stopped altogether. Stroking the small nipples to hardness, he bit playfully over the jugular with his human teeth.

"Poor, poor little brother. It must be a real sacrifice to let me have you. Oh, the horror."

He stood up and took in his brother's rumpled appearance. Stefan's hair was longer with bangs falling into his forehead. Damon fingered the strands, caressing the lines of the frowning face.

"I like your hair like that… Let's go then. But don't pretend that you don't want it, too. You're cock says differently."


Gasping softly, Stefan twisted out of his brother's grasp. If this went any further, they'd end up doing it here after all.

"I want a lot of things that aren't good for me."

Stefan got up and hurriedly put on his coat. He needed to get out of here, away from the people he knew.

"However, I won't sell myself cheap. I expect a first class hotel and a really beautiful suite – we're going to celebrate in style."


Pouting, Damon managed to look offended.

"As if I ever go anywhere low class…"

Complying, he took the bottles and his bag, trailing after Stefan out of the building until he pointed to a black Cadillac.

"Since my car is in Mystic Falls, I bought a new one just for Harvard. I hope you like it."

It was a sunny day and it was a nice drive until he stopped in front of a familiar hotel.

"Do you remember the Lenox? It has been nearly 30 years. The Back Bay Suite awaits us…"


Stefan nodded tightly. Of course he remembered. He had been pretending to be one of Damon's toys back then. There had been quite a few changes to the suite – mostly it had been fitted with the latest technological amenities – but walking through that door was still like stepping into the past. Looking around, Stefan sat down on the big couch.

"Well, let's open those bottles, then. How much did you pay for them, by the way? Or did you just compel the owner to hand them over?"

Feigning nonchalance, Stefan watched his brother draw closer. Even now, part of him was waiting impatiently for Damon to kiss him.


First Damon opened the wine bottle with flourish.

"I had to compel the owner to sell it, but I did pay the price of a quarter million dollar. This bottle is special, since the wine is from the region where the Salvatores originated. We should savor it with respect."

Sniffing the cork, Damon was satisfied that the wine was still good. The color was amazing, a nearly black reddish brown. He handed Stefan one glass and they clinked their glasses.

"To the next hundred years of eternity. Maybe we will live on the moon then, just imagine…"


Shaking his head, Stefan took a deep swallow. The wine was heavy, ripe with age. Just like them.

"I don't know whether I even want to be around that long. Sometimes I think there's a reason people grow old and die. There are only so many things one can see before it gets too much. But you're not interested in my thoughts. Should we get down to business? Or just get down?"

Putting down the empty glass, Stefan turned towards the bedroom. He looked back over his shoulder.

"Care to join me?"


Damon suppressed the small twinge of anger. His brother was always acting distant and cold when they first met up after years apart. He followed Stefan into the huge bedroom, flopping down on the big bed.

"I'm hurt. This is not business. It's pleasure, for both of us."

Leaning up, he pulled Stefan down to him, holding him tight against his body as his hands explored his brother's back and massaged his tight ass. Finally, they kissed. First, it was almost exploratory, like a first kiss all over again, but soon it grew passionate and Damon's tongue fought with Stefan's.

"I'm always interested in everything about you. Your thoughts, your lips, your ass… but right now I'm most interested in your cock. Even if you don't believe me, I yearned for it. The small toy eventually broke and it wasn't as satisfactory to begin with…"


Now that Damon was finally kissing him, Stefan could admit to himself how much he had been missing this. His brother's mouth, those strong hands on his body ... it had been too long. Moaning softly, Stefan didn't bother to hide his eager responses.

"A pity. But I'm sure you'll be able to buy another one. I hear toys are all the rage these days. Besides my cock is right here. Come and get it...

Stefan tugged at his brother's clothes, wanting more. He kissed Damon again.


"As you wish."

Nearly tearing their clothes, Damon pulled them all off in a hurry, eager to feel skin against skin. When they were finally naked, he pressed against Stefan from head to toe, moaning with appreciation.

Pressing open-mouthed kisses on every part of skin he could reach, Damon went down until he was lined up with Stefan's hard cock. Humming in appreciation, he took a whiff of the familiar aroused scent before he licked the head. Finally, he took the whole length inside, bobbing up and down for a while. His fingers caressed the soft balls, but before his brother would come, Damon looked up, letting go of the erection with an obscene pop.

"Now it's your turn, brother. Want to feel this cock up my ass, want to feel you push inside, making me scream…"


Grabbing the lube Damon had conveniently left on the bedside table, Stefan hurriedly slicked himself up. The blowjob had all but worn out his control and he needed to move quickly.

"God you're beautiful ... want you so much..."

Then he was sliding into the tight heat, groaning helplessly at the feeling. It never felt like this with anyone else. Gritting his teeth, he struggled to establish a rhythm. Stefan wanted to make this good.


Damon let out an undignified whimper when Stefan was finally joined with him. The thrusts were a little painful in the beginning; after all, he wasn't used to this after nearly 8 years. But the pleasure canceled out every other feeling and Damon moaned in rhythm with the thrusts.

"Ah, Stef, you don't believe how good this feels… Love your hard cock."

He looked up at his brother, the concentration and pleasure equal on his face. Grabbing one of Stefan's hands, he put it on his cock, as he slung one leg over Stefan's shoulder to enable him to thrust even deeper.

"Give me all you have, brother…"


The new angle was even better. Stefan growled softly as he pounded into his brother's ass, sinking in to the hilt with every thrust. He jerked Damon's cock with quick, rough movements.

Biting his own lip bloody, Stefan felt his muscles tremble with tension. They were both close.

"Come... now!"

Miraculously, Damon obeyed. With a small scream, Stefan followed suit, shuddering for what felt like long minutes as he rode out his orgasm.


Barely able to keep from screaming his brother's name, Damon came harshly. Panting, he fell back into the soft mattress, his brother's weight pressing him deeper into it. After a few minutes, Damon pushed Stefan to the side.

"It was great, but you are heavy, brother..."

Nevertheless, he pulled him towards Stefan, holding him close. It was nice to feel this closeness after such a long time.

"Missed this, Stef."


Stefan had been about to get up and go to the bathroom when Damon pulled him back down. For a moment, he tensed. However, Damon seemed to be sincere, so slowly Stefan relaxed. He, too, had missed this. It had always felt good to be physically close, no matter how bad things got otherwise.

"I… it's not bad."

Acting on impulse, Stefan turned and wrapped an arm around Damon's waist. It didn't mean anything. They fell asleep with their limbs entwined.


Drifting awake Damon felt a naked body spooning against his. But being surrounded by Stefan's scent, he immediately relaxed and turned around. Stefan's face was without tension and Damon trailed a finger over it. Nothing had changed. Sometimes he was still surprised by their immortality.

When Stefan opened his eyes, Damon couldn't help but press soft kisses all over his face.

"Good morning, Stef."


Damon's behavior was enough to instantly arouse Stefan's suspicions. What did his brother want now? Those little kisses felt good, but Stefan couldn't help the small frown that stole over his face.

"Good morning to you, too. Why are you so happy?"

Stefan watched his brother's face carefully, looking for any sign as to what might be going on. The smell of sex assaulted his nostrils. They hadn't bothered to clean up last night.


Smiling a little bit too innocently, just to keep his brother on his toes, Damon let his hands trail over Stefan's chest.

"Just that we managed to survive for one hundred years. Maybe you don't know it, but not so many vampires do. Either they are killed by older vampires or witches or sometimes they kill themselves…"

He kissed his brother's shoulders, moving his lips up to lick his favorite place, Stefan's neck.

"And it's nice to finally have this again. So tell me, Stef, what are you studying? I hope it's not medicine…?"


Damon kept touching him, distracting him with caresses and kisses, making it all but impossible to think. Stefan sighed when those soft lips fastened on his throat, tongue licking over the over spot right above his jugular.

"No. Not medicine. I'm in law school..."

And wasn't that just inviting ridicule. Predictably, Stefan could feel his brother's body tense with laughter.

"What? I'm having fun."


"Only you, Stef, only you. Why don't you let go and do something daring, like, I don't know, study Romance or gender studies?"

He couldn't help but laugh, but made sure not to make it sound mocking, just teasing. Playfully, he bit in Stefan's throat with blunt teeth.

"Well, I suppose it's an upgrade from being an accountant. I myself went to a few universities as well, but I studied the various clubs there, you know, sorority girls…"


Rolling his eyes, Stefan relaxed minutely. Apparently, Damon wasn't going to take him to task just now. He gasped softly at the bite, drawing his brother's hand to his mouth to return the favor.

"I did consider Philosophy, but it seemed a bit tacky. Besides, I like the idea of studying something useful. I thought I could be a public defendant or something."

Of course, that last idea would probably have to remain a dream. Stefan knew that he looked too young to really pass for a lawyer and even compulsion could only take care of so many people at one time – particularly since he was handicapped in that area.


Not wanting to upset Stefan - it was far too early for that - Damon actually had an idea for the obvious dilemma his brother was facing.

"Maybe it would be easier if you created a small law firm where you advise people about their rights. For the court and the public, you could have an associate who acts accordingly. And this one you could easily compel. Since I know you very well, it would suit you to open this up for poor and unprivileged people…"

He nipped at Stefan's throat again and rolled over him. Upon waking up, Damon had already been half-hard and was eager to engage in the next round. Slowly he rubbed against his brother's slim body, noticing again how skinny he'd become.


Uncomfortably aware of the way Damon was studying him, Stefan shifted a bit. His brother's thigh was pressing against Stefan's half-hard cock, creating enough friction to make him moan.

"What? Is something wrong?

As always, it was only his brother that had this kind of effect on Stefan. Usually he prided himself on his cool head and poise. Only at times like this did his hard-won confidence suddenly evaporate. He barely managed to keep from adding that if Damon had a problem, he was free to leave at any given time.


Damon held back his thoughts about Stefan's physique. One could think that he was actually malnourished. But on the other side, there were the muscular chest and legs Damon liked enormously.

"Nothing's wrong. Only the fact that I'm hungry for you. Very hungry."

He stared to set a slow rhythm, pushing his cock against Stefan's. Searching for his lips, he kissed him deeply, exploring his brother's mouth all over again. A deep want was finally satisfied and Damon wondered how it seemed that only Stefan could quench his bottomless lust.

"So what do you think of my proposal? That way you could practice law without the problem of not aging."


Sighing softly, Stefan was once more lulled into acquiescence by the magic touch of his brother's hands. Damon's idea actually sounded feasible.

"Maybe I'll give it a try. It might be fun for a while. Although what Lexi will say to my playing puppet master, I cannot even imagine... Do you have any plans for the next few years? Or are you just enjoying the drugs and free love?"

The new, permissive way of thinking that sometimes bewildered Stefan seemed to be just the thing Damon would enjoy. Not that Stefan disapproved, per se: He was taking part in a lot of rallies and demonstrations and had also experimented a bit.


Preening at the compliment, Damon kissed Stefan.

"I imagine she'd laugh. But she's always laughing, as far as I can tell… Well, I'm not planning anything else but enjoy this era. It won't last, it never does. But in the meantime, I'll visit as many concerts as I can. The music is just fabulous."

He let go of his brother and went to his bag, retrieving a small tin.

"Do you want to try this? Don't worry, for us it's not nearly as strong as for humans. It's called yellow sunshine and I got it from a great musician in Europe named Jimi Hendrix. It will blow your mind, it's amazing. You don't get this kind of buzz with booze."


Looking doubtfully at the small pills in Damon's palm, Stefan bit his lip. He'd never taken anything as strong as that and, with his brother, even innocent endeavors tended to go badly wrong.

"I don't know... have you done this often? The effects are supposed to be really extreme, aren't they?"

Then Stefan took a deep breath and reached for a pill. It didn't really matter. The drugs could hardly make their usual interactions worse. He swallowed the pill dry and sat back, waiting for it to take effect.


"I took four trips already. I like how your senses mingle. You can smell colors, taste sounds and have out of body experiences…"

Damon took one himself and decided that while they waited the hour it should take, they could use a shower. He didn't tell his brother that those pills were triple the dose a human would take. That made it equal to what a normal person might experience.

"Come on, bro, let's hit the shower. It will take an hour before you feel anything."

Pulling Stefan into the enormous bathroom, Damon took some shower lotion and started to clean his brother's body with just his hands. Gliding over the hard planes, he started with the chest, then the arms and back and finally, those long slim legs. Brushing them up and down, there were only two places left and, hungrily, Damon started to caress his brother's ass as he rubbed the lather on it.


Getting clean didn't seem to be what was predominantly on Damon's mind when they got into the shower. Stefan held still as his brother touched him all over, rubbing soap into his skin. Finally, those strong hands settled over his ass.

"I ... I think I'm all clean now. You can stop washing..."

But Damon didn't take his hands away. Honestly, Stefan hadn't expected him to. Turning his face into the water, he tried to clear his thoughts. He wasn't sure whether it was lust or the drug, but he felt that he wasn't quite on top of the game.


Chuckling, Damon took some more lotion and started to lather up Stefan's groin.

"What about your cock? I have to get it clean, too. Or do you want me to stop?"

He heard a protesting sound and triumphantly smirked.

"Didn't think so."

Stroking the heavy cock up and down while fondling the balls with his other hand, Damon got impatient. One hand glided over to his brother's ass again and he started to prepare the tight hole until he was sure that Stefan could take it. With a quick move, Damon finally sank inside, groaning at the feeling.


After such a cursory preparation, it felt as though Damon was just barely fitting into his body. Stefan moaned and pressed his cheek against the wet tiles. Soon he started to move into the thrusts, back arching to get a better angle.

"God, it feels... why does it always feel like this? Why with you...?"

But it had always been Damon, one way or another. Giving into his baser impulses, Stefan grabbed one of his brother's hands and brought it to his mouth. He wanted the taste of blood. Biting harder than he had intended, he groaned at the sensation of his teeth sinking into Damon's flesh.


The tingling in his arms and legs signaled Damon the beginning of the trip. They still had enough time to get comfortable in bed before they'd really lose their sense of reality.

He set a slow but steady pace, increasing it only slightly as he pushed into Stefan's body. With a small growl, he bent forwards and sank his fangs inside the back of his brother's neck, savoring the familiar blend of weak blood with the aftertaste of animals. He couldn't hold back now and harshly thrusted into the bent body.

Wrenching away his hand where Stefan had bitten him, Damon grabbed that hard cock, stroking it fast. Not able to hold back Damon cried out into his brother's neck as he came. Behind his closed eyes, he saw brightness as colors started to dance.


Stefan cried out as he came, legs trembling in a way that forced him to lean against the wall. It was probably the drug. He forced himself to stand. The texture of the towel felt strange as he dried himself off and it came away smeared with blood and come. Stefan stood staring at it until Damon took his hand.

Letting himself be led to the bed, Stefan sat down heavily. Looking at his brother, he almost drew away. Damon's skin was glowing, white and unearthly in the dim light. Why had he ever agreed to this?

"Is this supposed to be happening?"


They sat on the bed and Damon could see that the effects already taken root in his brother's body. Stefan looked different to him, too, his eyes were almost a blazing green.

"Relax, little brother. As long as you try to enjoy it, it will be just that, enjoyable. Touch me and kiss me, you'll see how different it is now..."

He leaned over and started to stroke Stefan's chest and arms with his fingertips, bending down to lick his lips. Purring, he let himself go as the colors grew more pronounced and as he heard strange tones almost like alien music. Suddenly he felt the uncontrollable need to laugh and soon he was almost chocking with laughter as he explored Stefan's body.

"So funny, that you actually took the pill... I'm proud of you, Stef..."


Trying to concentrate, Stefan frowned. He wasn't sure what to make of Damon's laughter – or of the fact his brother seemed to be moving to some sort of internal music.

"You said that it wouldn't be strong..."

Stefan gasped softly as fingertips brushed his skin. There was a sudden burst of light and his hands started to tingle. Instinctively, he reached out for his brother. Damon's skin felt incredibly soft. Tracing the hard muscles of his brother's arms and chest, Stefan was suddenly hyper aware of the way they tensed and shifted beneath his touch.

"Quit ... quit laughing..."


After a while, Damon suppressed his giggles and concentrated on touching his brother. Their already heightened senses were getting more sensitive with every passing minute. Damon had never had a bad trip and hoped it would be the same for Stefan.

"Your eyes, they're amazing. Smell like strawberries. And your voice tastes like chocolate. You're so sweet, little brother."

His hands wandered down to stroke Stefan's cock, touching him in all the hidden places. He could almost hear his brother's nipples talking to him and bending forward he sucked on them.


Now it was Stefan's turn to giggle. Strawberries. Then he realized that Damon smelled like peppermint and moaned abruptly. How his brother managed to touch him with such graceful aplomb was beyond him. It was all Stefan could do to grope blindly, senses overwhelmed by chaotic impressions. Suddenly bewildered, he stared at Damon. This strange, glittering creature couldn't be his brother.

"You're not here."

Looking around the room didn't make it much better. Everything was in sharp focus, flooded with light. It was beautiful, but...

"I'm not here."


Entranced Damon looked at his brother. He was so beautiful, like an angel.

"We're both not here. We're different, it's not us anymore. You're so beautiful, little brother. And you taste like warm wind, feel like sparkling diamonds."

He moaned as Stefan started to touch him, already hard again. The feelings evoked by his brother's hands were indescribable. It was the best trip he'd ever had. They explored each other for what felt like eternity, discovering new sounds, tastes and colors. At one point, they finally joined, even though Damon couldn't tell who was in whom.


Stefan stayed adrift for a long time. At first, he was aware of the fact that they were having sex, but as his body was wrecked by pleasure time and again even that was lost. It was all color and sound, disjointed sensory impressions that left no room for anything else.

At some point, Stefan even ceased to notice his brother. He lay motionless, staring at the ceiling and watching the swirling scents. Now there was no more thought of fighting the drug. Stefan would have been happy to stay lost for eternity.


During the rare rational moments, Damon regarded his brother with speculating eyes. Stefan really seemed far away. For a few moments, he was a little anxious, that his brother was experiencing a bad trip.

Slipping into Stefan's mind proved to be an altogether new experience. Immediately Damon got lost in the sensations and emotions his brother was feeling. It wasn't bad, just very intense, more so than Damon had ever felt himself. Reassured that everything was okay he drifted away himself, holding onto Stefan's body as he got lost in the trip.

The next time he woke up from his stupor it was already dawn. Slowly his senses returned to normal. Bending over Stefan, he kissed his brother's body, brushing his lips over every naked part, not wanting to wake him up harshly.


When Stefan came to, he had no idea how much time had passed. For all he knew, it could have been days. Damon was looking at him, obviously fully awake. Suddenly aware of his vulnerable position, Stefan tried to sit up. The abrupt motion set off a wave of dizziness. His mouth was painfully dry.

"Wh-what time is it?"

At least they didn't seem to have moved from the room and there weren't any bodies on the ground. Hopefully no one had been hurt.


Interpreting Stefan's glance the right way, Damon snorted.

"Don't worry; we stayed in the room the whole night. It should be around noon by now. I tried to wake you earlier, but you didn't respond at all to my caresses."

Carefully sitting up, Damon handed Stefan a glass of scotch.

"This should take care of the taste in your mouth. So what do you think about the trip? Wasn't too bad, now was it?"


Looking dubiously at the offered glass, Stefan wondered whether it was a good idea to drink alcohol so shortly after a trip. His thirst was stronger, however, and Stefan gulped down the scotch.

"Thank you. It's certainly been... interesting. I can see why people get addicted to this – it's wonderful, being aware of nothing but colors and shapes, not having to think, to feel. There were times when I just wanted to stay lost."

Stefan shivered a bit. It was tempting: to ask for another hit, to keep using the drug until his body ceased to function and everything that tormented him was gone. Not even Damon would be able to hurt him, then.


Smirking a little bit at Stefan's yearning face, Damon stretched languorously. He felt tired out in a good way; as a vampire it was difficult to ever get this kind of tired.

"Yeah, it's something else. But only if you don't experience a bad trip. I witnessed it and it seemed terrible, like being tortured in hell. Not to be recommended."

He shifted a little, getting closer to his brother as he pulled the discarded blankets over them.

"Are you hungry? I still have enough blood to share. I mean, from my vein. Or do you finally drink the real stuff?"


Stefan nodded slowly. He needed to feed and the alternative was going out and finding a place to hunt. Besides, Damon smelled delicious and he was right there, offering himself in a none too subtle way.

Nostrils flaring, Stefan drew closer, nuzzling at Damon's neck. He could feel his brother's pulse right beneath the skin, stolen blood pumping through his body. Stefan sank his fangs into Damon's flesh and drank deeply. After a while, he pulled back.

"Thank you. As you well know I haven't had anything that strong for a long time – since I still don't drink the real stuff."


Moaning, Damon's head fell back as he bared his throat, closing his eyes. It had been so long since anyone had fed from him. In fact, he believed that the last time it had been Stefan himself. Almost disappointed, he looked up at his brother.

"I really don't understand how you can bear it. Moreover why you do it. But let's not talk about this, okay?"

Snuggling under the blankets, he drew Stefan back, who had tried to leave.

"Come one, don't be such a sorehead! I'm tired, so why don't we sleep for a while? This evening there's a great concert we could go to."


"All right, all right. I'm staying. We can talk about your concert later."

To tell the truth, Stefan wasn't very reluctant to stay in bed with his brother. Strangely enough, Damon didn't seem to mind cuddling and Stefan would take advantage of that fact. Locked into his brother's arms, he felt almost at peace. He rested his buzzing head against his brother's shoulder. It felt so good to be back here, to feel like a kid again.

"Tell me something nice – something you wouldn't tell me without the drug. I promise I'll forget about it immediately. Anything at all..."


It was difficult to even find something nice to say at all, and something true, too? It had to be true, otherwise he wouldn't have a problem talking about anything.

"I missed you. I missed this, little brother. In the last decade there were moments when I thought that you would like this or that you would probably make that comment."

Gulping Damon closed his eyes, not wanting to open himself up any more than that. While waiting for Stefan's response he began to drift away a little, too tired to care.


"Me, too..."

Happy for the moment, Stefan pulled the blankets tighter around them and closed his eyes. Sleep came easily.

A few hours later, when Stefan woke up, he felt better, more like himself. Damon had once again risen before him and was currently in the shower, his humming clearly audible even over the fall of the water. Stefan contemplated joining his brother, but decided against it. Instead, Stefan leaned back against the headboard and waited for Damon to emerge wet and clad only in a towel.


While Stefan was still sleeping Damon took a shower. Coming out, he enjoyed his brother's eyes on his naked chest.

"Unfortunately we don't have time. In about four hours the concert starts and we really shouldn't miss it."

Stefan looked doubtful, but Damon didn't let himself be deterred.

"Haven't you heard of the Beatles? It's their first US tour and I heard them last year in Britain. They are great. And there are always so many lovesick girls there, it's also very satisfying in other ways. But don't you worry, I will keep it Stefan-safe for your sake… But really, the music is incredible!"


"Well, then you won't mind me cleaning up. I can hardly get dressed like this."

Stefan got up and went for his shower, brushing past Damon on his way to the bathroom. He dropped the sheet just before going inside.

"And by the way, I've heard of the Beatles – new music, public hysteria, the whole show. The concert sounds great."

Less than an hour later, they were on their way.


They took Damon's new car and drove to Boston Garden. They were early enough, but already there were masses of girls and some boys waiting at the entrance. The noise grew louder as they approached.

He'd convinced Stefan to wear one of his fashionable shirts. With the air of total confidence and importance, Damon went up to the entrance. It was no problem at all to compel the bouncer to let them in.

"Isn't it great? We have perfect seats. Those VIP seats are normally not all taken anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem. Not that I care."

They sat down and Damon started to point out some girls and commenting on their lovesick chitchat.


Seeing the pictures on TV and being in the middle of that boiling, screeching crowd were two entirely different things. Even though they were in the VIP section and as such not exposed to the real press of people, the atmosphere was overwhelming. Stefan took a deep breath and smelled the sweat and excitement of thousands of girls. Damon seemed positively giddy.

"Have you been to a lot of their concerts? It's ... something else. Those girls are absolutely insane."

Instinctively, Stefan moved a little closer to his brother, not entirely sure that he trusted himself in such a charged atmosphere.


The music was fantastic as was the atmosphere. Damon had a hard time to not just invite some girls for a little bite. But Stefan's weight leaning against him brought him back from this track and he rested his arm around Stefan's waist in a one-armed hug.

"It's amazing, isn't it? Would you mind terribly if I took just one of the girls off for a little bite? It's so difficult to hold back…"

But then he saw his brother's longing glance fastened on an exposed neck. He didn't need Stefan to lose control here of all places.

"Never mind. I've been to one of their concerts in Britain already, about a year ago. The girls there are crazy, fawning and fainting. So much has changed in one hundred years. Imagine your nearly betrothed Julia back then behaving like this…"


Damon's hug steadied Stefan enough to actually pay attention to the concert. Then his brother's words sank in. Frowning, Stefan pulled away.

"Well, go on, then. It's not like you to hold back on my account."

Squaring his shoulders, Stefan stood in his own. He was strong enough. He'd manage on his own - indeed, he'd have to. Damon wasn't to be trusted. People were clapping rhythmically, only interrupted by new waves of screaming whenever a member of the band addressed them. Letting himself be pulled along, Stefan, too, raised his hands.


Watching his brother through slitted eyes Damon decided against inviting a few girls to party. He could do that anytime later when his brother wasn't around. For now, he would enjoy the time together. When the song "I want to hold your hands" came up, Damon slipped his hand inside of Stefan's, smirking at his surprised face.

"Grow up, brother, no one cares. Just enjoy…"

He started to hum with the song, singing along as his fingers caressed Stefan's palm. When the concert came to an end Damon tugged at Stefan's hand, wanting to go before the fans went.

"Come on, I know where we can meet them. I want to know if they're really poster boys or whether they are secretly screwing each other…"


After a while, the tension lessened and Stefan found that he was enjoying himself. At some point Damon even started to hold his hand. By the time the music ended, Stefan was grinning happily. He let himself be pulled towards the stage area.

"What, like you're screwing me? I don't know, Damon. Not everybody is hiding a secret life of debauchery."

They passed several security guards, compulsion taking care of whatever resistance they encountered. Soon they reached the backstage area. Even here, many people were around, laughing and celebrating a successful show.


The backstage was busy with people running around, but Damon pulled Stefan further away until he found the room where the famous fab four were staying. They could hear laughter and Damon went inside. The four were lounging in big chairs, nursing bottles of beer and signing pictures for fans outside. There was the smell of grass in the air. Smirking, Damon laughed aloud and they turned towards him.

"I knew it. Couldn't fathom that you were the mommy's darlings like everybody wants to see you. Can I have a drag?"

John handed him the joint and Damon took a drag, giving it to his brother.

"So I'm saving myself and you the big drivel about being your fan and liking your music. Why would we be here otherwise? I'm Damon and that is my baby brother Stefan."

It went very well, as they were included in the group, talking with them about anything and nothing at all. Mostly Damon noticed their good sense of humor and found himself laughing quite often.


The pot seemed positively tame after their earlier experience. Stefan listened to the conversation, content to stay in the background. Damon was in high spirits, jesting and laughing. Suddenly Stefan felt a little sad. Why was it that they were instantly at ease with strangers, but couldn't really talk to each other. He needed some air. Perhaps it was the weed after all.

"Excuse me."

Ignoring the startled glances, Stefan got up. After a few minutes of running through the hallways, he found a small, half-hidden door that led out into a backyard. Hopefully Damon wasn't killing anyone. He could just see the newspapers: John Lennon mauled backstage by mysterious animal.


Damon shrugged the questions about Stefan off and after a while, the manager of the Beatles, Brian Epstein, came to herd them back to the hotel. Damon took his leave and went looking for his brother. As usual, his enhanced sense of smell helped and soon he located Stefan in a small backyard.

"I knew it. When they were high, I asked and as I guessed, they fool around with each other. But I don't think there's more to it. Wasn't it nice to see for yourself how they truly are? Kinda wacky and funny."

Joining his brother on the bench, he studied his face. Stefan looked pensive and Damon wasn't sure whether he liked that look.

"So how did you like this evening?"


Of course, Damon eventually found him. Smiling, Stefan decided against telling his brother about his thoughts. There wasn't any point.

"It's been fun – thank you for taking me along. But now I have to get back to campus – I've got classes tomorrow and if I don't keep up with my studies, I won't be able to take the tests at the end of the semester."

In spite of the relaxed atmosphere and the various protests at many colleges, the students of Harvard law school were a serious bunch. After all, these were the cleverest young people in the whole country and, as such, intent on their future careers.


Smirking, Damon thought about the possibilities as they went back to their car.

"Well, you can go back in the morning; I'll tell the concierge to wake us early. But why don't I come along? I want to see the famous Harvard campus as well. Are there any sorority girls?"

He could just imagine having a party with some of the girls and at that thought, his throat started to burn. It had been some time since he'd fed and after giving Stefan some of his blood, he was growing hungry.

"Actually, I'm very hungry. Just wait for a minute, there's a guy walking his dog over there."


Stefan wanted to ask Damon not to hurt the man; however, he kept his mouth shut. Such requests usually only served to make things worse. Feeling like a coward, Stefan got into the car and stared down at his clenched fists.

When Damon joined him some minutes later, Stefan looked up.

"Let's get one thing straight: I don't want you on campus and I certainly don't want you anywhere near my fellow students, male or female. Of course, I can't keep you from having your own way, but this I'm willing to fight for. It's your choice."


Damon frowned, trying hard to suppress his anger.

"Who are you to give me orders? You're the little brother here. And the weaker vampire. Don't you forget that. If I want to do something, then I will, and you can't stop me."

He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself.

"Why do you always make things so difficult? I'm trying to be nice and everything. I just want to spend some time with you."


"Trust me, I'm aware of that."

Gritting his teeth, Stefan turned to look out of the window. If Damon wanted a bloodbath, he'd have one. For some minutes, they drove in silence.

"It doesn't have to be difficult. We can spend time together. Just not at Harvard. I'll go to my classes, I'll study and I'll come to see you at the hotel. You just can't share my life – not anymore. You know as well as I do that it wouldn't work."


Damon steamed in silence and, when they reached Stefan's dorm, he stopped.

"I want to see you tomorrow evening. We still haven't opened the scotch and that would be a pity to waste. But remember this, Stefan: You think that I don't share your life, but I know you better than any of your college buddies. We share a life, an unlife so to speak, and nobody, except that vampire girlfriend of yours, does share it."

His voice was dripping with sarcasm. As always, it was the only way he could react to his brother's rejection. He would never admit that it hurt him, and that the only way to cope was to hurt Stefan back.


Stefan had to fight to keep from flinching when Damon threw those cruel words into his face. In a way, it was the truth. But in a way, it wasn't. Retreating upstairs to his small room, Stefan felt sure that Damon was only a part of the things in his life he hated.

The following evening, Stefan went to his brother's hotel room. Hoping that enough time had passed for Damon to have calmed down, Stefan knocked at the door.

"Damon? It's Stefan. Let me in."


After sleeping in and spending the afternoon feasting on some girls in a brothel, he felt that his patience and mood were good enough to face another evening with his brother. He already had a plan. Damon opened the door, already dressed in his leather jacket.

"Hello brother. Did you study hard?"

Smirking he pulled Stefan along to the elevator, his car already ready for the trip.

"I've got the perfect way to relax you; we're going to a drive-in theater."


Glad that Damon seemed to be in a good mood, Stefan let himself be pulled along. Stefan rather liked going to the movies, so this evening's entertainment was something he could agree to with a light heart.

"I had a great day, thank you. Aced a test and all that. What about you? You're looking good."

Damon was looking good – healthy and flushed enough to pass for a human. He had obviously fed well and Stefan quickly averted his eyes, wondering how much stronger his brother had become since they had last met. He himself hadn't gained any additional powers.


They took Damon's car and drove to the outskirts. The movie Damon had chosen was 'Goldfinger', the new James Bond. He appreciated the smart agent with no regard for life or for women. He wondered how it was possible that James Bond was still considered a hero.

After buying some popcorn and beer, they parked not too far away from the screen just as the movie started. As usual, Damon couldn't hold back from making some comments.

"Do you think that James Bond is a good man? He kills without regard and doesn't care about women…"


Even though the question had clearly been meant as a provocation, Stefan took some time to think about it. It was an interesting dilemma.

"A lot of men sleep around and don't really care about the women in question. That's a character flaw, but it doesn't really make you a bad person, not if you are honest about it. About the murders ... sometimes violence is necessary. I'm not naïve. No, James Bond probably isn't a good person, but he doesn't kill without a reason or for his own enjoyment. He's not a bad person either – he's like a weapon. It all depends on his goals."


Damon snorted when Stefan stated that he wasn't naïve.

"But James Bond does enjoy his job which mainly consists of killing people, killing obstacles in his way. And as an agent, he's allowed to kill. Yet everyone idolizes him."

Taking another gulp from his beer, they continued to watch the movie. Afterwards, they stayed a little in the car, waiting for the others to drive away.


Watching the antics on the screen, Stefan shrugged. It really was impossible to take this whole thing seriously.

"He does kill a lot, doesn't he?"

With a sigh, Stefan shifted in his seat. All around them movie foods were scattered: A big basket of popcorn, candy, half-eaten hot dogs and large paper cups with some sugary drink Damon had insisted was all the rage now. Neither of them really needed the food, but it had seemed sad not to get anything.


Damon was completely sated except for one thing. The hint of sexual scenes was enough to make him want his brother. When everyone was gone, he leaned over to Stefan, touching his knee. While still talking about the movie, his hand started to caress it, drifting higher until it was near Stefan's crotch.

"I'm sure you still have some time before your self-imposed curfew, right?"

Seeing Stefan anxiously darting glances around, Damon laughed, feeling powerful and wanting to show off. Using his powers he made fog rise up, wrapping it around their car.


A bit disquieted, Stefan pulled away and looked around. Lexi had told him that many vampires developed this kind of ability as they grew older, but to see his brother call up fog... Damon shouldn't have powers like this. Damon was supposed to be human.

"Is that you?"

Damon's hand on his thigh distracted him. It took Stefan a moment to analyze its intent. Here? Well, at least they were alone.

"I think I can stay out a little longer. It's Friday after all."


Preening at Stefan's unbelieving and astonished face, Damon made the fog even thicker, looking definitely unnatural to any observer.

"I haven't shown you that? I've been able to do it for a long time, well before I influenced your dreams by accident."

Not wanting his brother to remember unpleasant things, Damon slipped his hand inside Stefan's tight trousers, cupping the growing cock. His hands touched around to pull their seats down and finally there was enough room.


Even though he soon found himself flat on his back and thoroughly distracted, Stefan kept glancing at the thick wall of fog that had settled around them. The effect was chilling. Deliberately closing his eyes, Stefan finally forced himself to relax. This was about pleasure after all.

Grasping at Damon's collar, Stefan pulled his brother up for a kiss. Their bodies fitted perfectly together, cock against cock, and it was all Stefan could do not to scream.

"What do you want, Damon? I'm feeling generous tonight..."


When they were finally out of their clothes, Damon took his time to touch his brother leisurely, stroking down the muscular arms and slim legs. Stefan had his eyes closed and his neck was calling to Damon. Bending forward, he started to lick and suck on it, nipping with his blunt human teeth. He wanted more and since his brother seemed in an indulgent mood, Damon didn't hesitate.

Distracting Stefan with his hands closing around his cock, he thrust his own against the tight stomach as his teeth lengthened. With a tiny growl, he let his fangs sink into the pale flesh, moaning as the taste of blood hit his tongue.


Feeling teeth against his neck, Stefan tilted his head back. His stomach clenched in anticipation. Of course, he would never tell Damon, but he rather liked the feeling of his brother feeding on him, the sting, the pull of it.

Thrusting into Damon's hand, Stefan felt his heartbeats speed up, pumping his blood faster into that waiting mouth. Thank God, he had fed well that day. Hands scrambling at his own clothes, Stefan struggled to unfasten his pants.

"God, Damon..."


With a small growl muffled by his feeding, Damon helped Stefan and soon they were naked from the waist down. Even though there wasn't much space, Damon managed to line them up, positioning Stefan's legs around his waist. He pulled back from the tempting neck and licked it clean.

Groping around for the lube he had in his pocket, Damon found it and, pouring a generous amount on his finger, he carefully pushed it inside his brother's ass. After a few thrusts, a second finger followed until he had three fingers in that tight hole.

Finally, he pulled them out, only to smear more lube onto his cock.

"Feel free to taste me, brother, take my blood. I have plenty."


At the feeling of Damon's fingers pushing into his body, Stefan went wild. Soon he was writhing, whimpering with lust. He didn't need any further encouragement to sink his fangs into that tempting neck, but Damon gave it anyway. The blood that ran down Stefan's throat was sweet and intoxicating, strong enough to all but mask the moment of penetration.

They fed on each other as they fucked, everything else forgotten in the sheer heat of it all. Stefan met his brother's thrusts, hips lifting to rub his cock against that flat stomach.


With a steady, but not very fast pace Damon pushed into Stefan, his eyes closed to concentrate on the feeling of Stefan's muscles clenching around him, Stefan's cock against his stomach and the blood on his tongue. Resting his chin on his brother's neck, he groaned in the back of his throat. He felt powerful, dominating his brother as he used his power outside the car.

With one hand, he tightened his grasp on Stefan's hip, while his other sneaked between their bodies, touching that hard cock. He growled as he pushed further into his brother's body. The feeling of being in that position was indescribable. Damon didn't even notice that he bumped into the roof of the car as he sped up.


Damon's hand closed around Stefan's cock, making it impossible not to scream. Writhing helplessly, Stefan squeezed his eyes shut. He even had to stop feeding, unable to keep his lips sealed around the wound any longer.

Stefan came hard, calling his brother's name as he did so. Head falling back, he kept taking his brother's thrusts. It was almost too much.



Hearing Stefan call out his name made Damon shudder all over as he found release deep in that clenching ass.

"Oh, brother..."

Slumping against Stefan's chest, Damon actually blacked out for a second or two. Then he regained control of his body. He sat up slowly, once again bumping his head against the roof of the car. Looking up, he laughed.

"Oh, look at that. And I thought that the sex was making me dizzy."

Damon took Stefan's shirt and began to clean both of them.


Stefan barely resisted the urge to giggle. The roof of the car was clearly worse for wear and Damon's eyes decidedly unfocused.

"You dented the car..."

Then he couldn't help the little whimper that escaped him as Damon wiped his still tender hole with some bunched up fabric. When he realized that it was his shirt, he rolled his eyes. He wouldn't be wearing that again. It took them a few minutes to sort themselves out, but finally they were ready to go. Stefan was still bare-chested.


When Damon started the car the fog was nearly gone, only a few swirls left in the line of his headlights. He smirked as he looked over to his brother who sat there without shirt, clearly looking well fucked for even the most innocent eyes to see.

"So what about you, dear brother, have you developed any powers? I mean, I know that you're quite weak with that diet of yours, but after one hundred years, surely there should be some progress? Lexi must have told you about it."

Grinning, he turned to a highway, letting the car go at full speed. He enjoyed the speed the cars of this decade were able to achieve.


Trying to look nonchalant, Stefan shrugged. He didn't want to lie, but he wasn't sure it'd be a good idea to admit the full extent of his weakness either. To tell the truth, Stefan wasn't very unhappy about his comparative lack of powers. Although he had to admit that compulsion had its advantages, he didn't really want to become even less human.

"Yeah, Lexi showed me what she can do. I'm nowhere near as strong as all that, though. I can't really do much of anything – but I haven't been trying. What about you? Other than the fog and the dream invasions?"

Thinking about that still made Stefan uncomfortable. Damon being able to invade his mind at any moment he chose was almost enough incentive to get him to drink human blood again.


Damon smirked as he thought about his new power. No, he wouldn't tell his brother, where was the fun in that?

"That is for me to know and for you to dot dot dot."

They stopped in front of the hotel and Damon tossed the keys to one of the pages.

"So do you want to come up? There's no curfew tonight, so why don't we drink the rest of that delicious wine. It would be a shame to waste it!"


Ignoring Damon's disquieting implications, Stefan thought his brother's suggestion over. Perhaps it'd be best for everyone if he humored Damon.

"You're right – it really would be a shame. Although you'll have to let me borrow your jacket. I'm not sure this is the kind of establishment that accepts half-naked guests."

The looks the page had given him had been enough. Although the young man had been too well trained to say anything, he had clearly taken Stefan for some slut. Perhaps the smell of sex had been strong enough for even a human to pick up. Bunching up his soiled shirt, Stefan held out his hand.

"Come on, hand it over. You don't want anyone to mistake your little brother for a whore, do you now?"


Damon kept Stefan in suspense for a while longer, smirking at the impatient and demanding look his brother had. But then he shrugged out of his jacket and handed it over.

"No, you're right; I really don't want anyone to look down on you. But we could play that game later…"

They went into the hotel and when the doors of the elevator closed behind them, Damon cornered his brother, pressing him against the wall.

"And you look so damn sexy without a shirt and with that uncomfortable look on your face."


Keeping one eye on the door of the elevator, Stefan moaned into his brother's kiss. He sucked briefly on Damon's tongue before gently pushing him away. They had reached the right floor and since they had already had sex in a car that day, Stefan wasn't about to add an elevator to that list.

"So me being uncomfortable turns you on? Not quite what I wanted to hear..."

Back in their suite, Stefan took off the jacket and let it drop to the ground. Turning to his brother, he grinned.

"You were saying? About playing that game, I mean."



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