"Love and Hate Collide"

Summary: Kaho, a transferee almost fell on the stairs on her first day on school until TWO PAIRS of arms caught her and when she raised her head two identical with different expressions surprised her. Len and Lin, the twins who are the different but also the same. If you were to choose? Whom will it be?


"Hey, niisan, heard the rumor yet?" Lin Tsukimori, the younger Tsukimori twin, mumbled as he spun his ballpen around his forefinger and thumb.

Len Tsukimori, the older Tsukimori twin, arranged his music sheets and placed them inside his bag. "What rumor?"

Lin placed his ballpen back to its case and turned to his older brother. "That a new girl will be coming to the Gen-Ed."

Len zipped his bag and glanced at his younger brother. "I still didn't hear it."

"More like you did but you were not interested and deleted it in your mind." Lin muttered.

Len shrugged. "Hn, precisely."

Lin couldn't help but laugh with his twin brother's bluntness. If Len could say those words bluntly and boldly infront of that person—he's the opposite for all he could do is smile or laugh or say things that might please the person. He is a coward and he knows that.

"Let's go, Lin." Len called as he stood before their door.

He snapped back to reality; took his bag and kept the same pace as his brother. "Oops," he muttered and laughed. "I was spacing out."

"That was obvious, Lin." Len retorted.

He pouted. "Len-nii is always so mean." He accused.

"I'm not mean. I'm cold."

"Literally? I could lend you my jacket." He offered and grinned.

Len gave him a sideways glare and instead of being scared, he laughed even harder. "I was only kidding."

Len sighed. "Ha-ha." He replied sarcastically.

Lin snickered like an idiot. He really is lucky to have an epic brother like Len.

They might look identically but through their personalities and manners, you could eventually identify who is who.

Lin, younger, energetic, sporty, friendly, nice, gentle, thoughtful, generous, helpful, loving and caring—not as intelligent and talented as his brother though.

Len, older, cold, blunt, bold, mean, snob, work-a-holic, serious, rarely smiles, hates crowd, loner, inter-personal, talented, excel in studies and music but not that good with things using physical abilities like sports.

Same yet also different.

"Uwaa! I don't know where to go next!" Kahoko Hino panicked as she looked around.

Being transferee really is hard for her, especially catching up. She needs to catch up with their lessons; needs to befriend strangers to meet someone; needs to meet the right friend for her.

She was happy when she was still in Hokkaido but, well, they were needed to relocate because of her parents' works and so, she has no other choice. Although that meant that she needed to leave behind. It was hard for her especially adapting to a new atmosphere.

Especially with a school divided into two: the General Department –wherein she's in at—and the Music Department –where students who excel and wants o learn more on music studies—but here in Seiso, it feels like Music Department is more superior than Gen-Ed.

"I forgot to ask what stairs to use so I could go to the cafeteria…" she mumbled and bit her bottom lip. "Kami-sama, onegai shimasu!" she prayed.

When she didn't receive an answer, she sighed and ran to the hallway and looked around. No students are left because they are either eating their packed lunch on their classrooms, benches, or rooftop. Some are eating on the cafeteria.

"Great." She muttered under her breath.

She looked around and saw the hallway she still hadn't checked out yet and she ran to it.

There was a corner and she quickly went to a right and gasped when she realized that it was another staircase. She saw something azure before she waited for an impact as she started to fly on the air.

"WAIT!" She heard a masculine voice shout and –she has no idea how many- arms wrapped around her and she was filled with warmth and when she felt an impact. It wasn't the painful type, it's the…warming type, the feeling of sleeping at a lover's chest. Warm, smells good and comforting.

But everything blacked out after awhile.

"Hino-san…Hino-san…? Hino-san….!" She heard someone call and at the same time, shook her shoulders.

She slowly opened her eyes and blinding light surprised her. And that faint smell of medicine, it makes her stomach twist.

"Unggghhh…." She groaned as she sat up.

"Oh, Hino-san. Good, you finally woke up. How are you feeling?" A female who looks like a doctor asked and smiled.

Kaho smiled back. "I'm fine. Thank you for the concern."

"Nii-san, you alright?" an anxious voice queried.

"Do I look like I am?" a stern voice retorted.

Instead of shutting up, the first one laughed. "Sorry, sorry. Sheesh. I was just asking."

She turned her head to the right and found another guy sitting on the bed beside hers and standing beside him is someone who looks exactly like him.

"Waah! Double!" she exclaimed.

The doctor and the standing guy laughed at the same time. "No, we're twins." He clarified.

She blushed. "A-ah, s-sorry…I didn't mean to be nosy."

He shook his head. "Nah, we're used to it. Right, Niisan?"

The guy sitting on the other bed huffed. "Hn,"

"I'm Doctor Yuusuke. You are the transferee in the Gen-Ed; 2-2, right? Miss Kahoko Hino?" the doctor questioned.

She nodded. "Yes."

"Hey!" the standing guy called.


"I'm Lin Tsukimori, nice meeting you!" he introduced and grinned.

Somehow, his careless smile made her smile without reason and gave her heart a light feeling.

"Quit talking nonsense. Doctor Yuusuke, how many days do I need to rest this wrist of mine before I could play again?" the guy sitting on the bed asked with a cold tone.

The doctor stiffened and she cleared her throat before answering. "About a week or so."

He sighed. "That long?"

"Sort of."


Her attention drifted into Mr. Ice Cube's bandaged wrist and realization sucked in. They were the ones who helped her and Mr. Ice Cube was the one who became her cushion when she fell. The one who has that warmth, smell and comforting feeling of a lover.

ARGH! What am I thinking? Are you an idiot, Kahoko? You don't even know his name.

"I-I'm sorry." She mumbled.

Three pairs of eyes turned to her and she gulped her nervousness. "I said I was sorry that you got injured because of me."

There was this irritating silence and after few moments, she frowned and met Mr. Ice Cube's surprised eyes. This is the first time that she met his eyes. She already met his twin's –Lin—eyes and they have the same, Lin's has this gentle and warm eyes while Mr. Ice Cube's eyes hold mystery and darkness which intrigues her.

"…else to do…"

She blinked. "W-What?"

Mr. Ice Cube raised an eyebrow. "It's annoying when you need to repeat things twice."

She pouted. "Well, it wasn't my fault that you didn't quickly respond upon my apology."

His eyes darkened. "Are you actually answering me?"

She rolled her eyes. "Um, yes."

He smirked. "You're weird." He commented before standing up. "Thank you for treating my injured wrist, Doctor Yuusuke." He thanked and it was like she could her teasing and blame with his tone.

Lin laughed. "Nii-san, you're so epic."

"Epic? In what way, hn?" Mr. Ice Cube demanded and cocked an eyebrow.

"Sheesh, don't play dumb." Lin playfully punched Mr. Ice Cube's arm as they slowly disappear from her sight.

The door closed and somehow, she felt loneliness.

She gasped when it suddenly opened again and Lin's hyper expression greeted them. "Bye, bye! Thanks. See you again, Hino-san!"

She smiled. "Yeah, same."

When he was about to disappear again, she blurted out. "Where's Ice Cube?"

Lin stopped and turned. "Ice Cube?...Ah, Ice Prince! Onii-san!" he yelled and vanished before appearing again, dragging Mr. Ice Cube with him. "Here he is."

"Lin Tsukimori, you have five second to release me. You don't want to be punished by me, do you?" Mr. Ice Cube protested and squirmed.

Due to so much struggle, Lin accidentally released him and he was about to walk away when she quickly stood up and grabbed his sleeve. "Wait…!"

He slowly turned to her. "What is it? I still have many things to do."

"Yeah, like eating, eating, eating and eating. Then studying, studying and studying. Oh, and practicing, practicing, and practicing. Many, right?"

Mr. Ice Cube gave Lin a death glare which he replied with a stuck of tongue out.

"I…What's your name? It's rude to leave without saying your name." Kahoko snapped.

Len frowned. "You should say your name first before asking others'."

"But I already—"

"It was the doctor who said it and you didn't formally introduce so it doesn't count." He responded.

She never heard someone talk as bluntly and confident as him and she smiled without reason.

"Don't obey him. He just wants to spend more time with you just like m— YOWCH!" Lin gasped and hopped around because Mr. Ice Cube stepped on his foot. "You big meanie! I will tell this to mommy."

"You crybaby, mommy and daddy aren't around, remember?" Mr. Ice Cube pointed out and Lin answered him with a HMPH!

She laughed before bowing. "Kahoko Hino, from2-2. I am the rumored transferee. I enrolled to the Gen-Ed since I have no talents with musical instruments. Nice meeting you."

"Le—" Mr. Ice Cube started.

"Lin Tsukimori, from 2-A! Music Department! I am the younger between us two and more handsome! I am currently learning how to play a violotta but I specialize with guitar." Lin repeated.

Mr. Ice Cube shoved him away and shut his mouth. "Len Tsukimori, the older one who was forced to take care a childish and energetic younger brother. From 2. A. Music Department. I specialize with violin, piano, viola and cello."

"Are you boasting your talents?" Kahoko grumbled. And then laughed. "You're mean yet still a nice guy, aren't you? I would love to know more about you two. It was nice meeting you."

Len turned around. "My business here is over. We need to go now. Excuse us." He mumbled and quickly walked away. Lin trying to keep the same pace as Len.

Kahoko sighed. Hoping to meet those two again although their world is different from hers.

Lin gave a quick backward look and Kahoko was already leaving. He smiled, remembering her careless laugh with their usual argument. He suddenly hoped to see her again.

Len placed his hand on his mouth to hide his forming smile. He could feel his cheeks heat up with her smiling face directed towards him. He's actually blushing just because of a simple conversation with her. Now, now, how could he ever forget someone who made him blush for the first time? Will I see her again? Stop dreaming, Len Tsukimori. You do not even deserve to be happy. You don't even deserve to blush. You don't deserve to feel any emotions. You don't deserve someone whom you may call a friend. You're just a nuisance.

Love plus hate equals….?

How could this collision change everything?

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Sneak Peek!


"And the ones chosen to the concours are: Yunoki Azuma and Hihara Kauzki from 3-B. Len Tsukimori and Lin Tsukimori from 2-A. Shouko Fuyuumi from 1-B. Shimizu Keiichi from 1-A. With special participation of Ryoutaro Tsuchiura from Gen-Ed, 2-5. And…oh, how surprising. The last one is: Khaoko Hino, Gen-Ed, 2-2. Please quickly report here in the Conference Room!"

Her eyes widened. Did she just hear her name being mentioned?

Her new best friends—Mio and Nao—looked at her astonished.

She gulped her apple juice. What's happening?

Their door opened and there Len and Lin were. Standing like princes. "Hino/Hino-san."

Every girl in her room glared at her. Damn…