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He wasn't sure where he was. He didn't have a sense of time or place. He felt nothing but the cold...He wasn't sure how he got there but all he knew was the darkness. It was cold, empty and unforgiving. He didn't want to be there but he wasn't sure how to get out.

Dark voices whispered to him in the dark, in a language he couldn't understand. Their voices were harsh and violent; specifically towards him consider he was all that was there in the darkness.

It frightened him only to imagine what they were saying.

He felt so cold…He didn't want to be there anymore but he had to hang on…

Hang on to what?

That question seemed to excite the voices as he's will began to weaken.

He was about to let go; to fall into this dark, chilling void.

"Don't let go." A voice whispered to him from beyond the darkness as he felt a warm presence talk his servo.

How could he hang on? He felt so weak…

"Don't give up." The voice said as he felt himself being lead through the darkness and he didn't feel so cold anymore.

What was holding him back from falling when he was so tired? Who was keeping him up and holding him up? Was it her? The voice speaking to him?

"Wake up." The voice asked him gently. Wake up? Wasn't he already awake? Why was the voice telling him to wake up?

As the voice led him through the darkness things slowly became brighter. Strangling enough he couldn't see anything. Maybe he was asleep but how was he supposed to wake up?

He no longer felt the pull towards the darkness as he felt before. Instead he felt like he was being released him it cold claws.

"Open your optics. Don't give up now." She asked him again, though this time it sounded urgent; pleading him to wake up from the darkness.

Light danced across his blinded optics, healing him as his optics suddenly flashed open. At first he couldn't see anything and he thought he was still blind but then his optics began to focus. He saw silver and copper rose mixed with the most dazzling light blue optics; he was staring into the optics of his savior.

Sapphire optics meeting with the color of the sky...

Why did he call her optics the color of the sky? His home did not have blue skies, yet that was the only way he could describe it.

"Don't get lost in the darkness, come back to light."

His optics suddenly shot open in shock and for a moment he couldn't remember where he was. A moment later everything came back to him, hitting him like a train. His optics grimaced at the sudden light around him and he rubbed his optics to help them focus. Then there was noise all around him.

The noise of dozens of younglings all crammed into a room with one adult trying to control them all and to get them to focus on the day's lesson. A light tap on his shoulder managed to pull him away from all the madness and a familiar voice spoke up, trying to get his attention.

"You okay, Orion?" the voice asked from beside him. Turning his gaze in the direction of the voice, Orion's golden optics met with a pair of sky blue ones. It was just his best friend, the same blue and orange youngling he's grown up with for years. Who else would it be?

"I'm fine, Dion." replied Orion as he rubbed an optic tiredly, trying to get that dream out of his head while hoping Dion could be fine with his reply. However, his friend didn't seem to be convinced in the slightest. Not that he should be he always did tell Orion that he was a bad liar.

"Uh huh. Come on, Orion. It isn't like you to just space out in the middle of class." replied the blue opticed youngling as he crosses his arms over his chest. "Though, personally, I'm proud of you." He added as he patted the red and blue youngling on the back. Orion merely gave him a funny look, obviously not understanding what the other youngling meant by that.

"You're not the know-it-all or teacher's pet as you always make yourself seem like." He added with a smirk and Orion merely rolled his optics. Though, what Dion was saying was true; it wasn't like him to just space out in class.

Shaking his helm lightly, Orion shifted his gaze to the window. The skies were a dull gray as they've always been thanks to smog. That was the usual color for Cybertron's skies unless the smog cleared up and revealed the darkness space high above. It sometimes made him wonder if the sky could be any other color.

Colors beside grey, black or red sometimes when they had acid rains.

That reminded Orion once; back when he was a sparkling when he first went to school their teacher had asked them to draw a place they'd like to visit when they grow up. Several of the sparklings merely sketched on their data pads places on Cybertron or even a few off planet worlds.

When they were done the teacher requested to collect each drawing and when Orion had handed in his the teacher was surprised. Most of the drawings made by the younglings had a similar color scheme; grey, black, silver, gold, cyan or red.

Meanwhile in his drawing there were several shades of greens, silvers, reds and above all, blue.

The place Orion had drawn had a light blue sky, rather than grey or black compared to the other drawings. The teacher was both amazed yet confused by the place Orion had drawn; though when she asked where this place was Orion couldn't answer that.

In reality he had no idea where that place was, the only reason he drew it was because he had seen it in a dream. After that, Orion brought home the picture and showed his guardian, Alpha Trion. He wasn't confused like this teacher had been. He actually really seemed to like it and thought it was a very beautiful place. He liked it so much he has it displayed in his workshop to this very day.

That blue he used in that drawing was the same as the optics of the femme in his dreams. Her optics were that same beautiful sky blue...

Sighing softly, Orion continued to stare at the sky, wishing it wasn't the color of ash but sky blue...the color of optics of the femme in his dreams...

"You think he's still conscious?" asked a short silver youngling as he looked back at the daydreaming Orion; his blue visor gleaming curiously at his unresponsive friend.

"He isn't in stasis lock if that's what you're thinking, Jazz." replied a black and white youngling, about a head or two taller than said silver youngling.

"Hmmm, I wouldn't take any chances to talk about it right now, Prowl." muttered Dion and Prowl simply nodded in understanding before Dion tried to get the red and blue youngling's attention. "Helllllooooo, Orion! Are you still in there?" asked Dion, tapping the red and blue youngling's helm, snapping him from his thoughts.

"Huh?" asked Orion as he shifted his optics away from the window and to his three friends.

"What? You planning to sleep here until tomorrow or something, Pax?" asked Jazz as he looked up at his friend. Orion looked at him confused before he motioned for him to look around.

It took a moment for Orion to realize that the classroom was completely empty, minus the four of them. How did he miss the dismissal bell? Was he just that out of it he didn't hear it.

Shaking his helm Orion quickly collected his data packs and got up from his desk before heading to the door with his friends.

These dreams were really getting to him...He could hardly pay attention to class and now he couldn't even hear the bell to leave. As he and his friends began to walk make their way out of the building the three were having a conversation among themselves while Orion did his best to pay attention.

It's not like he wanted to ignore his friends, it's just a lot was on his mind.

He kept having that dream over and over again. It was the same dream he's been having for as long as he could remember but this time it was different. The ending was different. He had never seen that femme before and he was never saved by her. Why was he starting to dream that now?

What did it mean? He didn't have an inkling of such but it must have meant something.

When the four younglings got outside there weren't that many younglings left outside. Most of them had already gone home or were just lingering around, talking to their friends.

"Hey guys!" called out a familiar red youngling as he ran towards the group.

"Yo! Blaster! How ya doing?" Jazz asked as he gave his best friend a high five while Prowl and Dion simply nodded in greeting to the red music bot.

"Oh, nothing much. Fell asleep in history again..." he replied, trailing off before looking down at Jazz. "I have no idea how on Cybertron you and Orion can stand it, much less like it."

Orion could understand why Blaster didn't like history; he was a bot of thrills and culture. Blaster always preferred what was going on now than what had happened millenniums ago. That wasn't really ever his style. Meanwhile Orion loved learning about history and what happened in the past hundreds of thousands of vorns ago. You could learn a lot from the past, you just had to look.

"Come on, Blaster. History's not that bad!" Jazz tried with Blaster. Jazz loved knowledge in general, both past and present. He just couldn't get enough of it!

"Oh, whatever." said Blaster, shaking his helm lightly, obviously not understanding it at all before perking lightly when he noticed Orion.

"Orion! How's it going? Haven't seen you in a while!" chimed Blaster cheerily as he looped an arm around the blue and red youngling. Orion arched an optic ridge and stared up at his friend.

"I saw you two classes' ago." replied Orion, not exactly sure why Blaster was being so...perky.

"Oh whatever. Hey! Let me show you this song I found while I was awake in history class!" Blaster suggested and before Orion could argue he turned on his stereo. Moments later his audios were filled with a harmonious voice singing some sort of melody before his audio receptors were blasted the by audio shattering instrumental.

How he despised Blaster's pit spawn stereo. All the music he kept showing him always ends up nearly shattering his audio receptors.

"BLASTER!" Orion roared over the music while covering his audio receptors. "SHUT IT OFF!"

"What was that?" asked Blaster as he glanced at their three other friends before smirking devilishly. "You want it LOUDER? YOU GOT IT!" and with that Blaster did just that. Though, as Blaster turned up the music, Orion didn't notice that he was being dragged away from his other three friends.

"Think that should do?" asked Dion as he glanced back at his friends after they were out of hearing distance if Blaster wasn't playing his stereo.

"Perhaps, but do we really need to talk about Orion's Spark day party while Blaster shatters his audios?" asked Prowl as he glanced back at the two, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Probably not, but he won't suspect a thing!" said Dion.

"Uh huh. Well, you better hope he does." replied Prowl before looking down at the silver and blue younglings. "Blaster knows the plan, right?"

"Why else do you think he made him the distraction?" Jazz chuckled as he glanced back at Blaster and Orion. Orion had finally managed to turn down Blaster's stereo and seemed to be in a heated argument with Blaster, though the heat seemed to be only coming from Orion. Meanwhile Blaster just shrugged off the fact that Orion was mad at him and was trying to show him another song.

"Anyway, we all know the plan right?" asked Dion and both Prowl and Jazz nodded.

"Jazz, Blaster and I head over to Alpha Trion's workshop to set up everything." said Prowl before looking down at Dion. "You have to keep Orion busy for a little while, while we set up."

"I got it." replied Dion before considering something. "We gotta make this special for Orion. I have a feeling he's forgotten today's his Spark Day."

"What makes you think that?" asked Jazz as he tilted his helm to the side in curiosity.

"I dunno, he hasn't really been that focused in class all day." shrugged Dion, he would know, consider he was in most of Orion's classes. He's noticed Orion hasn't really been himself lately and had no idea what was bothering.

"If something's wrong with him, talk to him." suggested Prowl but to Dion it felt more like an order.

"Yeah, yeah. I'll do that and try not to dampen his mood for the party." Dion replied as a light grin formed on his faceplates.

"Just get him to Alpha's in a bit." sighed Prowl as he shook his helm. Honestly he was surrounded by a bunch of lug-nuts...Well except for Orion, of course. "Don't be late." added Prowl, though his tone felt more like warning before Prowl motioned to Jazz and his tone lightened weakly. "I'm not sure how long I'll be able to put up with him and Blaster."

Dion merely laughed and waved off his friend. "Everything will be fine. I'll take him home in mega cycle."

"What are you guys talking about?" asked Orion, seeming to have caught part of their conversation as he approached the three younglings with Blaster following close behind. However before any of them could reply Jazz grabbed Prowl and took off in a full sprint. Even with being short Jazz was FAST.

Blaster just laughed and ran off after them. Moments later the three brothers like younglings were gone and Orion was alone with Dion.

Arching an optic ridge Orion shot a glance towards Dion but he merely shrugged at Jazz's behavior.

"Come on. Let's head up to the grid." suggested Dion as he looped an arm around his best friend's shoulder.

"Now?" asked Orion before gazing up at the sky as the two made their way down the street. "It's too early to see anything but clouds right now."

"Well then we can just get some rust sticks and enjoy the view then." Dion added with a light smile. Rusts sticks were one of Dion's favorite type of energon goodies. It got the name for its reddish brown color and it's brittleness but it made a good treat.

"Sure...but I should probably leave these data pads home first." replied Orion as he looked down at the data pads in his servos as he stopped walking and began to turn towards the direction of his home.

"No! It's like two data pads you can put them in your sub-space. Let's go!" exclaimed Dion, rushing behind his friend as he started to shove him forward, forcing him to start walking.

"But they won't fit..." argued Orion but he knew it was useless as Dion kept pushing him forward. Sighing softly, Orion just shook his helm and merely went along with it.

Why on Cybertron did he have such weird friends? Well except maybe for Prowl. He was the only normal one...

"Why did you suddenly suggest to go up to the grid now?" asked Orion, feeling enough time had pasted that Dion might answer his questions now. Dion merely shrugged as he held the bag filled with their goodies. Apparently not enough time has passed...

"Why question when you can just live?" asked Dion and Orion smiled weakly before the two began to walk towards a maintenance tower.

The towers were pretty much the only way to get up onto the grid without getting caught. The older bots don't like it when younglings go up to the grid. There was nothing on the edge that would keep a bot from falling to their deaths. Sure, some bots go up there, dare devils and fliers, mostly. Older bots really don't like it when groundlings, such as Dion and Orion, went up there.

If they fall they're done for it but Orion didn't really care. He's been up on the grid enough times to know how to stay safe. He even dangling his legs over the edge of the grid and doesn't worry.

For as long as he could remember he would make him almost every day to go up to the grid at night to watch the stars. It relaxed him and made him feel complete somehow. It was strange how a simple pleasure could do that.

Orion and Dion walked up the spiraling stairs of the tower, mostly in silence.

Most of the time Orion would climb up to the grid closer to home but where he and Dion were going it had the best view of the city.

A few breems later Orion and Dion made their way back to the top of the tower. Dion along the edge of the walkway, dangling the bag filled with the energon goodies over the ledge. Orion watched him, not at all concerned he would drop them before turning his attention to the city below. They didn't stop until they got halfway through the walkway and sat down on the edge.

Orion made himself comfortable on the edge of the grid, dangling his feet lightly over the edge. Meanwhile Dion was seated beside him, rifling through the goody bag, trying to get out their rust sticks.

"One for you." Dion said, offering the reddish-brown energon treat. Orion accepted gratefully as he took the treat and nibbled on it lightly. Orion didn't realize how hungry he actually was until he tasted the energon on his glossa.

Come to think of it he didn't really get that much during lunch earlier. He'd given what he didn't eat to Jazz and Blaster when they asked for it. Oh well. Luckily Dion brought more than enough energon goodies for them.

It was nice to just be up in the grid, getting energon goodies and watching the world below and above; not something that Orion would ever get tired of.

Shifting his gaze down to the city below Orion's golden optics made out several cars, trucks and motorcycles make their way through many roadways. Part of him wondered where some of those bots were going. Probably home or running an errand or something.

Dion followed his friend's gaze down to the city streets down below.

"You know, when we get our final protoform modes in a couple vorns I think I'm gonna scan a truck for my vehicle mode." announced Dion proudly.

"A truck?" asked Orion curiously as he looked to his friend with curious golden optics. "Why?"

Dion merely shrugged as he turned his attention down to the city. "You know, heavy duty, plus I think it's my style." he added with a smirk and Orion chuckled softly.

"Whatever you say, Dion." Orion replied, shaking his helm, smiling lightly.

"Hmmmm, I'd see you being a truck too." Dion concluded. "You may be a runt now but I see you tower over all of us in a couple vorns." he said smirking lightly as he gently tapped Orion's helm. Indeed he was the runt with his friends along with Jazz. Prowl and Blaster were about a head or two taller than him while Dion was still a half a head taller than him.

"Yup. A red and blue truck...with flames." Dion added and Orion just laughed.

"What? I could see you pulling off that look! It's your style!" argued Dion, imagining in his mind what Orion would look like; a red and blue truck with amber flames.

"You're crazy..." Orion concluded as he shook his helm lightly before staring back down at the city.

Dion smiled lightly at his friend before grabbing another energon goodie out of the bag and relaxing back. His dark blue optics stared up at the grey sky above. He knows Orion has always had a fascination of what was beyond their skies. Wondering what else was out there just like a lot of people.

Taking a bite of his energon goodie Dion folded an arm under his helm and lazily swung his legs back and forth over the edge.

The others hadn't sent him a message yet that they were ready and figured they needed another joor or something. He'll just keep Orion up here than. Orion loves it up here and sometimes doesn't realize how much time passes by when he's up there. Perfect, considering they needed to kill some time until the party.

Orion wasn't that much younger than Dion, their spark days were about half a vorn apart. Both younglings were fourteen vorns old and Orion was just turning fourteen vorns today.

It was odd how Orion didn't seem to acknowledge it was his birthday. Did he really forget it was today?

Glancing up at his friend for a moment, Dion studied his friend as if it held the answers he wanted to know.

Orion's red and blue armor didn't shine as bright as it should. His posture was slouched when he usually the one telling Dion not to slouch. Orion's golden optics didn't have the fire in them as they normally do.

In a word, he looked exhausted.

What was going on? Why did he look so worn out? That wasn't even the worse of it. He wasn't focusing well in class, he's always spacing out like he's in his own word and he always seemed so tired.

"Hey, Orion? Can I ask you something?"

"Okay, you can have my rust stick." Orion sighed as he placed the energon goodie in his friend's servo. Dion merely stared at him deadpanned and sat up quickly.

"No, not about that." Dion sighed and Orion looked at him confused so Dion offered him an answer.

"What's been bothering you recently, Orion?" asked Dion as he looked straight into his friend's golden optics sternly. He knew Orion didn't like bother others with his problems but Dion was getting this out from him one way or another.

"What do you mean?" Orion asked curious as he stared into his friend's cobalt optics.

"What do I mean? I think you know exactly what I mean, Orion." Dion said, crossing his arms over his chest, "School? Not focusing? Spacing out? Always looking so exhausted?"

For a moment Orion said nothing, unsure of how to reply so Dion went on.

"I bet that bag of energon goodies that you forgot today was your spark day!" Dion added and Orion averted his optics away from his friend before handing him the bag of energon goodies in defeat.

"Very funny, Tell me what's wrong, Orion." pleaded Dion as he set aside the bag.

"It's nothing..." Orion replied, keeping his optics averted; an obvious sign that he was lying to him.

"Orion," Dion said firmly, knowing his friend well enough. "You know you're a terrible liar." For a moment Orion was silent, thinking what he should say to his closest friend. What was there to say?

"It's...nothing you need to worry about, Dion." Orion finally replied as he sighed softly and dimmed his amber optics.

"Sure I do, I'm your best friend. I have a right to know what's bothering you if it isn't me." replied Dion, his tone stern but playful at the same time. A faint smile formed on Orion's faceplates. He knew Dion was trying to lighten the situation with his humor but was still serious about his question.

He wasn't sure why but it brought a weak smile on his lips.

"Well? What's wrong then?" asked Dion, lightly tapping Orion on his shoulder as he waited for an answer and Orion's smile faltered. For a moment Orion said nothing as he stared down at the city below, dangling his pedes over the edge of the grid.

He didn't want to tell him about his dreams. He hardly understood them so how could telling Dion be of any help? He didn't want to drag Dion into this.

"I don't want to burden you with this, Dion..." Orion muttered softly, dimming his optics before feeling a light smack on the back of his helm and he grimaced slightly. Opening his optics Orion stared at his friend with light annoyance and confusion. "What was that for?"

"What happened to what I just said about me being your best friend!" growled Dion in annoyance before shoving Orion lightly. "That's what I'm here for! To have your back! Help you out when things get rough! Don't lock me out!"

"You don't need to protect me, Dion." replied Orion, smiling weakly at his old friend to let him know he meant well. It's not like he was trying to keep Dion in the dark, he was trying to protect him. Dion didn't need to deal with this. Orion could handle it on his own just fine. It was just a dream.

"Again, that's what friends do!" argued Dion and Orion could only smile.

"I know Dion..." he replied, patting his friend's shoulder before turning his gaze up to the sky.

"Alright then, give me something to protect you from then." Dion stated, crossing his arms lightly.

"Careful what you wish for. You just might get what you're asking for." Orion chuckled weakly.

"Hmph, Happy Spark day." said Dion before a light buzz in his CPU notified him of a message sent from Prowl. "We should probably be getting back."

"Yeah," Orion replied as he stood up, gathering his data pads while Dion grabbed the bag of energon goodies.

"This isn't over, Pax" Dion added as the two made their way back to the tower and Orion could only smile.

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