(A/N) Hey guys! So, this is my first m-rated story ever! :D I really hope it doesn't suck too badly and make you want to cringe with horror! XD The warnings for this are boy-on-boy and high sexual themes. It gets heated right off the bat, so be prepared! This will be a multi-chapter thing that doesn't just involve smut :P Enjoy~!

Gokudera sat at the bar, twirling his wrist and swishing around the red wine that sat in his glass. He stared down at it in longing, but a twisting in his stomach prevented him from downing it. He couldn't tell if the feeling was imagined or not.

He had to admit that he was a little over the top. It was the only way to stop his consciousness from over-looking some ugly guy, or have it interrupt with some question if this was really what he wanted to do with his life. He couldn't be picky or he'd never get what he wanted; no matter what his consciousness said otherwise. He's wanted this over and over again for fifteen years. And he did want it.

He wanted sex.

Lounging back in his stool, Gokudera looked up as a man approached him. The man was tall with raven black hair that spiked everywhere. He had a scar on his chin, but the glint in his eyes was kind. It went along well with the bright smile that was twitching at the corners of his lips. He was dressed formally with a blue button-up shirt and a black suit.

Gokudera looked the man up and down. Shit, this must've been the first time in a long time that the stranger he was looking at was actually pretty damn sexy.

"Hey beautiful," the man purred as he reached over and pushed a single strand of Gokudera's silver hair behind his ear with long tan fingers. Gokudera snorted, but didn't push the man away.

"Is that how you always pick up people?" Gokudera smirked at the man before calling the bartender over to order drinks for himself and the newcomer. The man sat next to Gokudera; purposely sitting close enough to make their knees touch together gently.

Once the drinks had arrived, Gokudera took a small sip of his. His stomach pain had mysteriously disappeared. He turned to his suitor, a teasing smirk on his face and a flirtatious tone in place.

"What's with the suit?" He asked, nodding his head in the general direction of the man's body.

"Oh, this? My father taught me to always dress nicely for special occasions~" The man said, obviously trying to flirt.

Still, Gokudera couldn't help but laugh out-right.

"That's the corniest thing I've ever heard!" Gokudera snickered. The man's eyes glittered, a teasing look developing in them as well.

"But you're laughing though, aren't you?" The man murmured teasingly.

Gokudera waved him off, though the smile was still on his face.

By the time they had finally finished flirting, and the man had offered Gokudera to spend the night at his apartment, Gokudera realized that he really couldn't have picked a better man to sleep with.

The man was a complete stranger, but he was polite. He failed at flirting, but had coaxed Gokudera into his car anyway. That was more than Gokudera could say about himself; and all of the other men he'd slept with really.

Gokudera also knew that he'd get a good ride this time, not just the rough sex he was used to.

The man parked his car at an apartment complex that looked similar to Gokudera's, but thankfully wasn't the same. Gokudera had slept with men that had shared the same apartment complex as him before, and that was more trouble than the sex was worth. It was hard to proclaim a one-night stand when the man you slept with lived one floor down.

As the two men got out of the car, Gokudera realized that he'd forgotten to stash a condom somewhere on his person. He swore under his breath and hoped that this man would have enough sense to use one.

Gokudera liked sex, but he could do without an STD.

After they climbed the stairs of building letter G, they reached the third floor which was where they turned off the staircase and headed for the stranger's apartment. When they reached room 306, the man took out his key and unlocked the door. He stepped aside, holding the door open for Gokudera.

Gokudera snorted before walking past the man and into the room. This guy was such a gentleman.

As soon as the door closed behind the two of them, Gokudera felt himself being pushed back against it. The man pushed his lips onto Gokudera's almost immediately, his tongue forcing its way through Gokudera's teeth. Soft moans escaped Gokudera's throat as the man ran his tongue all around Gokudera's mouth and his hands started to travel roughly down Gokudera's sides.

Taking the initiative, while using the door as support, Gokudera lifted himself up and wrapped his legs tightly around the man's hips. His arms went around the man's neck and he could feel the stranger smirk against Gokudera's lips as he moved his hands down to grip Gokudera's ass. Gokudera felt blood rush through his body as the man squeezed none too gently.

His moans coming out slightly louder now, Gokudera panted into the man's mouth as he decided to give the bulge in his pants what it wanted. Using his leverage around the man's hips to support himself, Gokudera grinded roughly against the other man.

Lustful moans escaped the other man as he grinded back, his tongue momentarily stopping its mad exploration. Gokudera's panting grew heavier as he could feel just how much the other man was aroused with his own erection.

"Damn…" The other man moaned as he squeezed Gokudera's ass again. Gokudera made a strangled noise as he struggled to keep his breathing in check.

Finally, the other man seemed unable to take it anymore. He moved from the door, Gokudera still clinging tightly to him so that he didn't fall over from the lack of support. Their lips connected desperately, the man carried Gokudera into another room which Gokudera was unable to take in the details of since a pleasure-filled haze was starting to block his vision.

He was suddenly being thrown back onto a bed, and all of the wind got knocked out of him as the other man climbed on top of him. A soft groan escaped Gokudera as the stranger settled his weight on Gokudera's hips. The black-haired man smirked as his fingers lingered at the bottom of Gokudera's long sleeved shirt.

Gokudera lay there panting as he let the man strip him of his shirt.

With blood pounding through his groin, and a buzzing in his ears, Gokudera could barely take it as the man leaned over him and licked his tongue up Gokudera's chest. He moaned and arched his back, only staying in place because of the man's weight on his hips. Gokudera barely stopped a sharp whine escaping him as the man drew back to take off his tuxedo top and blue undershirt. Gokudera's eyes watched him hungrily as they scored lustfully over the man's chest. Damn, he had abs.

Before Gokudera even realized what was happening, the other man had unzipped Gokudera's skinny jeans and pushed past the small flap in his boxers to reveal Gokudera's very hard lower half. The man leaned down and licked his tongue slowly and teasingly up Gokudera's length.

Gokudera stiffened, a shock of pleasure ripping through his whole body as the man teased him. A lustful groan escaped him as he tried to hold himself from bucking his hips; he didn't want to stick his appendage right in the other man's eye or something. His groans slowly turned into moans and became louder as the man took Gokudera's crown in his mouth and started sucking. Gokudera was panting heavily, and he couldn't tell anymore if he was impatient for the man to fuck him already or if this was perfectly fine.

The man started sliding his tongue down Gokudera's length as he bobbed his head, making a very lustful moan escape Gokudera's lips. Damn, this felt amazing. His stomach was twisting violently, and he recognized the signs that told him he was going to release soon. Gokudera hoped that this wouldn't end their nightly session. He wanted sex, and if that took him getting aroused twice; then that was even better.

Bobbing his head up and down over Gokudera's appendage, the man took his tongue back to start using his teeth. He nibbled gently as he went up and down Gokudera's length, and this time Gokudera couldn't restrain himself from bucking his hips. As he did, he felt himself release into the other man's mouth. Gokudera heard the man make a choking noise, and he worried for a moment that he'd jammed his length down the other man's throat. However, the man just made this gurgled chuckling sound. Gokudera flushed slightly, wondering what the man thought was so funny. But at least he wasn't suffocating or anything.

With a final lick of Gokudera's crown, the man took his mouth off of Gokudera's appendage and sat back on his heels. He swallowed and licked his lips as he leaned down to pull Gokudera's jeans completely off and throw them to the ground. Gokudera lay there panting, trying to catch his breath in his post-climax bliss before whatever was going to happen next. Gokudera assumed sex, but he wasn't sure anymore. No man had stopped to give him a blowjob before.

The man brushed his hands teasingly across Gokudera's lower area during the act of pulling Gokudera's dynamite patterned boxers off. Small groans escaped Gokudera's lips as he felt himself getting aroused again. However, he couldn't help but start to feel a little impatient. Was this man just going to sit there teasing him all night, or would Gokudera actually get the sex he wanted?

Gokudera's boxers finally came off and joined the rest of his clothes on the floor. Gokudera hoped this meant that he'd be getting sex soon. He watched lustfully as his partner took off the rest of his clothes before getting up to walk to a drawer where he pulled out lube and a condom. Gokudera felt relief flood through him, but that was soon forgotten as he out-right stared at the other man. Sometimes just looking at his one-night stand was enough to get him aroused.

And damn did this man fit that protocol. Gokudera felt himself get hard all over again.

The man came back over to the bed and climbed onto his knees in front of Gokudera. He sat back on his heels as he put the condom on himself before squirting some lube onto his fingers. He then smiled and tapped Gokudera's knee gently with his clean hand.

"Open wide~" He purred.

Gokudera wondered if he should do as he requested or kick the guy in the face.

As much as he wanted to do the later, though, his hormones took over and pried his legs apart. The man must've found something funny in Gokudera's face for he started laughing before leaning down slightly and gingerly sticking his finger into Gokudera's entrance. Gokudera hissed at the pain (he'd been abstaining for a few weeks so he wasn't as loose as he usually was), but he could still feel some slight pleasure in it. He never knew if he should hate or love his masochist side.

Gokudera's partner clicked his tongue, frowning a little. Gokudera wondered if the man was actually concerned that he was in pain. Most men didn't give a shit if Gokudera was enjoying it or not.

But the man must've cared, because he reached his other hand over to massage Gokudera's thigh roughly. Gokudera had to admit that it actually felt kind of good, and a soft hum started in his throat. The man beamed brightly.

"Does that help?" He asked with a wide smile on his face. Gokudera gave him a look, wondering if the guy was retarded, and his partner laughed at himself. "I guess you wouldn't be humming huh?"

Gokudera rolled his eyes.

The man chuckled a little before getting back to work. Still massaging Gokudera's thigh, he stuck a second finger into Gokudera's entrance and started scissoring. Gokudera grimaced as the pain erupted out of the pleasure, but the massaging did help. Eventually the pain started to fade, and Gokudera even started emitting soft moans as the other man started rubbing the white lotion onto Gokudera's insides.

Finally, when Gokudera was done, the man pulled his fingers out and reapplied lube to them and completely coated his condom. They were both ready now.

The black-haired man posed himself over Gokudera, his pulsing appendage really close to Gokudera's opening. Gokudera narrowed his eyes hazily, and he could feel himself get excited at the close proximity. The man leaned down to nuzzle Gokudera's cheek gently.

"Are you ready~?"

Gokudera wanted to shout at him. Of course he was ready!

"What the hell kind of question is that?" He hissed. The other man laughed and gingerly pushed himself into Gokudera.

Gokudera inhaled sharply, pain blocking his vision for a second. Holy shit how big was his partner? Or was he really just super tight after not having sex for a few weeks? He let out his breath shakily, wondering what happened to his masochist side when he really needed it. His partner frowned again, and slowly started thrusting in what Gokudera assumed to be an effort to loosen him up.

Well, it worked for the most part.

The pain started to fade bit by bit, and after a while Gokudera's lust started to take over his senses. He began to pant and moan softly as pleasure totally overtook the pain. Now the best part would start.

Encouraged now that Gokudera was no longer in pain, the black-haired man started to pick up the speed in his thrusting. He was panting as well, but not as heavily as Gokudera was starting to. Pleasure was starting to be completely pounded into Gokudera, and his moans grew steadily louder as his partner picked up the pace. He arched his back at times, smirking in satisfaction as he drew sharp moans out of his partner.

The man's eyes shaded over with a lustful haze, and he started thrusting as hard as he could. Gokudera could feel that he was turning on the other man by how much bigger he now seemed to be inside of him.

He still didn't feel pain, however. In fact, quite the opposite.

His partner had started thrusting hard enough with enough speed to slam into Gokudera's prostate gland each and every time. Each time his prostate gland was hit, pleasure exploded inside him. Gokudera started screaming out his pleasure, sweat glistening off his body. He couldn't tell if it was his or the other man's. He guessed it didn't matter; they were one at the moment anyway.

After a few more hard thrusts and Gokudera's loud screams, the two men ended up releasing at the same time. Gokudera grunted as he released onto his partner's stomach and shivered as he felt the other man's seed sliding inside of him. The man pounded into Gokudera a few more times before pulling slowly out of him and collapsing onto the bed next to Gokudera.

Gokudera stared up at the ceiling, panting heavily as he melted back into the bed. He was exhausted, but he felt fantastic. That was definitely the best sex he'd ever had, by far. Being treated nicely for once was also a bonus. He glanced over at his partner who, to his surprise, was staring right back at him. The other man was panting, and sweat covered his entire body. He smiled at Gokudera.

"H-how… How did I do?" He asked softly, an unidentifiable emotion glinting in his eyes. Gokudera raised his eyebrow at the weird question. No one had ever asked him that before.

"You did great," he replied, a little freaked out. Couldn't the other man tell how he did due to Gokudera's reactions?

But the other man just laughed and reached over to pull the blankets over both of them. He buried himself into the mattress beneath him as he stared at Gokudera with that same emotion that Gokudera couldn't identify.

"I'm glad…" the man whispered before his eyelids snapped shut and he was asleep.

Gokudera watched him sleep for a long time, his insomnia ignoring his body's exhaustion. It could be a real bastard like that. Eventually, though, around two in the morning his eyes finally felt heavy and he let sleep take him.

The last thing he remembered before dozing off was the other man's arm slinging over his stomach.

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