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Yamamoto was at a loss on what to do.

It had been a year since he'd first met his feisty Italian, and he was still the love-struck idiot that he had been before. Maybe even more so. Yamamoto quit going to the bars and getting drunk off his ass like he'd done before, and instead spent quiet evenings with his beloved Hayato. Some nights were not too quiet, but Yamamoto loved those just as much. A few months into their relationship, Yamamoto had even worked up the courage to introduce Gokudera formally as his boyfriend to his father. Tsuyoshi couldn't have been more overjoyed that his only son finally had a lover than if Yamamoto had brought home a quiet and polite girl.

But Yamamoto knew that he'd never trade Gokudera for the world.

And, lately, he'd even thought about taking that final step. He had the ring and everything, but he was scared out of his mind to actually ask his Italian. He knew that Gokudera liked having his alone time, which was the only reason why he hadn't fully moved in with Yamamoto yet (Gokudera had half of his things at Yamamoto's for when he didn't go home that night, so it was almost like he lived there). Yamamoto was worried that Gokudera wouldn't want to pledge his life to him.

That particular night, when Yamamoto was stressing out over the topic of marriage, Gokudera rolled over into his side and looked at him. Yamamoto flinched, forgetting that Gokudera had insomnia and often didn't fall asleep until around three in the morning.

"You don't usually stay awake this late," Gokudera murmured, and Yamamoto looked at the clock to see midnight flashing at him in red numbers. He hadn't noticed it had gotten this late.

Yamamoto breathed a heavy sigh and looked over at his lover. He had heard the silent question in Gokudera's seemingly off-handed comment. He'd been with the other long enough to pick up on his subtle hints. He turned so that he was on his side and facing Gokudera as he reached up to brush a silver strand behind the other's ear. He thought his words over carefully before he finally spoke.

"What would you say if I asked you to marry me?" He whispered, his caramel eyes shimmering in fear with how the other would respond. He wasn't fully prepared to pop the question, but he knew that he wanted Gokudera to say yes with all of his heart.

Gokudera stared at him for a moment before turning onto his back. Yamamoto watched in absolute fear as his love stared at the ceiling for a long time before drawing a heavy sigh. His hopes felt about ready to plummet to the ground when Gokudera turned back to him and gave him a small smile.

"I'd say yes."

Yamamoto couldn't breathe. He didn't dare breathe, in case it was all a dream and breathing would wake him up and bring him back to reality. When he finally exhaled, and Gokudera's soft smile had turned into a teasing smirk, Yamamoto knew that it was real.

With a shout of jubilation, Yamamoto hugged Gokudera tight to his own body and nuzzled the Italian's head lovingly. His heart was bursting with so much emotion that he could hardly stop himself from crying in pure happiness.

He couldn't remember ever being this happy in his entire life.

Gokudera grunted, reminding Yamamoto that he had his fiancée-to-be in a bear hug and was probably suffocating him. Yamamoto loosened his grip, but still held onto his Italian. He looked into the other's face for a moment before swooping in for a short kiss. He hoped that the sweet kiss portrayed to Gokudera how happy and how much he loved the other right then, more than words ever could.

They fell asleep curled together, and Yamamoto beamed with happiness when he saw Gokudera finally fall asleep before him; the clock only blinking one in the background.

After Yamamoto gave Gokudera the ring he'd bought (and Gokudera added it to the collection on his fingers), he began to plan like a madman. He wanted his wedding with Gokudera to be absolutely perfect, and to make the hard to please Italian as happy as Yamamoto had been when he'd said yes.

The only problem was that they were both men. While Yamamoto himself didn't care, the entirety of Japan did. Gay marriage wasn't legal in Japan, and it was impossible to go to a foreign country to get married; not only because they had no money from the mediocre jobs they both possessed, but also because Gokudera was an illegal immigrant so therefore couldn't leave the country.

"We can stow away on a cargo boat," Gokudera had suggested off-handedly when Yamamoto brought up the situation with his lover. Yamamoto had laughed, until he realized the Italian wasn't joking and quickly vetoed the idea.

Yamamoto trudged up the cobblestone pathway to his childhood home, deciding that now was as good a time as any to bring up his engagement to his father. Besides, the wise, old sushi chef may have some ideas about how two men could actually get married that Yamamoto hadn't thought of. Gokudera, as much as Yamamoto loved him, obviously wouldn't be much help in this situation.

When Yamamoto reached the doorway and pushed past the noren, he realized that he'd stupidly come during rush hour as he saw the sheer amount of people piling into the restaurant. Knowing that he'd be forced into work if he was spotted, Yamamoto attempted to leave quietly. Unfortunately, however, Tsuyoshi still had sharp eyes at his age and spotted his son right away.

Before Yamamoto knew it, he was thrown into an apron and sent into the sea of people to take orders.

By the time the last person had left the store, Yamamoto felt dead on his feet. Even though he had a job as a waiter, he hadn't been the only waiter in a long time and the restaurant he worked at never got that busy for such a long period of time.

He stumbled over to where his dad was cleaning the counter and collapsed onto a stool. He rested his head on his arms in exhaustion, wondering if he had the energy to tell his father the news. His eyes rested blankly on the TV hanging from a corner of the ceiling as he waited for his father to finish closing up shop so they could talk.

Suddenly, the words "gay marriage" hit Yamamoto in the face and he sat up, his exhaustion gone in place of fierce attention. The news was on, and a woman was talking with the sign in the background reading, "Gay marriage available at Disney?"

"As of May 15th," the lady on the screen was saying, "the Tokyo Disney Resort has announced that they will give same-sex marriage ceremonies in the lobbies of their hotels. Swarms of people all over Japan have been crowding into the Resort; many of them there to finally get the chance to marry their significant half."

Yamamoto gaped at the screen. He couldn't believe his eyes or ears. I-it was possible? It was truly possible for him and Gokudera to get married?!

With a shout of pure happiness, Yamamoto ran over to his father (who was now sweeping the floors) and hugged the old man tightly; knocking Tsuyoshi's broom to the other side of the room. Tsuyoshi gasped in surprise before gently pushing on Yamamoto's shoulders to get the overwhelmingly happy man off of him.

"Takeshi, what the heck is going on?" Tsuyoshi grumbled, though his eyes were kind and curious. Yamamoto could only beam at his father for a moment before he could even think on how to begin answering.

"Well, I asked Hayato to marry me a few months ago, and he said yes! And since then I've been trying to figure out how the heck we were going to get married, since Hayato can't leave the country and gay marriage isn't legal here, but I was watching the news and the Tokyo Disney Resort announced that they're giving gay marriage ceremonies in their lobby! It actually is possible!" Yamamoto rambled, not even stopping to think on how his father would take the news. Nothing could make him any less happy than he was in that moment!

"That's great, son!" Tsuyoshi beamed back, matching his son's expression almost perfectly. Yamamoto was suddenly grateful for how easily Tsuyoshi took these things into stride.

Before he could really think about that, though, the reason he was so happy came flooding back and he realized that he hadn't yet told the person who it mattered to the most.

"Ah! I almost forgot! I have to tell Hayato!" Yamamoto cried out, dashing out of the restaurant without a second thought. He faintly heard his father calling out for him to wait, but too much excitement was flooding through Yamamoto's veins for him to fully process what he was being asked to do.

He sped away, leaving Tsuyoshi in the doorway; the old man shaking his head in loving exasperation.

Yamamoto burst into the doorway of his apartment, just about ready to shout at the top of his lungs the good news to his lover. However, silence greeted him and he remembered with sadness that Gokudera was working and not in the apartment waiting for him to come back.

Heaving a rejected sigh, Yamamoto trudged over to the couch and flopped onto it, rubbing his puppy's ears as Jirou jumped up on him happily. At least he wasn't entirely alone.

"Hey, Jirou, guess what?" Yamamoto smiled at his Akita. The dog would have to do. "The Disney Resort in Tokyo is giving gay marriage ceremonies. Isn't that great? If everything goes right, you'll have a mommy soon!"

Yamamoto couldn't help but chuckle to himself at the last part of his sentence, hoping that Gokudera never heard him say that. He'd probably be blasted all the way to Africa if his feisty lover ever heard him call him a mother.

Jirou licked his face, as if understanding that it was good news. Yamamoto hugged his puppy and nuzzled his face into the Akita's warm fur. Maybe he could just pretend it was Gokudera for a moment…

Suddenly the door to his apartment slammed open, causing Yamamoto to jump out of his skin. A very angry Gokudera stomped in, the look on his face sending dread down Yamamoto's spine. He could hear people shouting in the hallway, and they soon followed the furious Italian inside the apartment. Yamamoto stood up off the couch when he saw the people shouting at his beloved. He could only blink in confusion as Ryohei and the dark-haired man, who'd been in the apartment when Yamamoto dropped off Jirou (said puppy was now scampering into another room, as if reliving the horrifying experience he'd had to go through that day), continued their obnoxiously loud conversation.

"It's not our fault that the elevator broke down!" Ryohei was shouting loudly and defensively. "You were the one who came waltzing up the stairs without checking to see if the staircase was occupied!"

"I shouldn't have to fucking check if the staircase is occupied or not!" Gokudera snapped back, slamming his bag onto the counter for emphasis. Yamamoto stood awkwardly in the living room, not sure how to break up the situation since he had no idea what had happened. Their conversation had only confused him further.

Suddenly Ryohei turned to him.

"Do you know this Octopus Head?!" He shouted. Yamamoto winced as he literally felt Gokudera's dark aura seeping off the Italian and knew that he had to step in.

"Yeah, don't worry about it, it won't happen again," Yamamoto reassured (even though he still didn't know what had happened) as he gently turned Ryohei around and pushed him back towards the dark-haired man who hadn't moved past the doorway. The man sent him a piercing glare as he took Ryohei's hand and stomped away from the apartment.

Yamamoto closed the door behind them.

The dark aura that he still felt behind him made him almost afraid to turn around, but he hoped that their year together would prove that Yamamoto could help the Italian in a situation like this and that Gokudera would actually want to be around him.

First, however, he needed to find out what exactly had happened. He slowly turned around, meeting Gokudera's furious gaze with cautious eyes.

"What the heck happened?"

Gokudera scoffed and most of the fury vanished from his eyes as he moved over to toss his bag onto the floor. Yamamoto flinched as the sound of glass breaking met his ears, but Gokudera didn't seem to care as he leaned against the counter where the bag had been previously. He was shaking his head as if he couldn't believe what had just happened.

"It just… I don't even know." Gokudera shook his head again and refused to say anymore.

Still having absolutely no idea what had happened, Yamamoto just moved over to his lover and wrapped the small frame in a bear hug. Gokudera grunted before Yamamoto felt the other's head shift into a better position and his arms come up around his waist. As Yamamoto buried his face into the Italian's hair, and breathed in his fresh scent, he decided that it was as good a time as any to break the news.

"Hayato," Yamamoto breathed, shifting so he could look his lover right in the eyes, "I heard on the news today that the Disney Resort in Tokyo is allowing same-sex marriages in their lobby. We don't have to leave the country! We can get married right here."

Yamamoto intertwined their fingers and placed a soft kiss on Gokudera's head, his body pulsing with excitement. He had wanted this for so long, and now it was finally possible!

Gokudera looked up at him with wide eyes for a moment before his mouth crinkled into a small smile. It drew Yamamoto's breath away for a moment so that he almost missed when the Italian started talking.

"Then I guess we better get the car ready."

A wide smile split Yamamoto's face as he gazed lovingly at his future husband before swooping him up into another bear hug; eventually picking up his beloved bridal style. Gokudera snorted in exasperation, but he didn't complain as Yamamoto sent him a suggestive smirk before dashing into the bedroom.

Gokudera's relatively good mood didn't last long.

It seemed as if as soon as they had finished their desperate love-making and left Yamamoto's apartment in Gokudera's (stolen) Subaru, heading on the fastest highway to Tokyo, they had hit rush hour traffic. It was so bad that all four lanes were stalled, the only moving thing an occasional car zooming by in the other direction. Gokudera glared at each driver that went past; almost feeling the mocking grins they were giving the cars stopped on the other side of the road.

He subconsciously let out a growl, making Yamamoto look over at him and place his tan hand on Gokudera's pale one; which was clutching the stick shift maybe a little too tightly. Gokudera forced his body to relax, but he still felt annoyance pulsing through his veins. Why was it so damn hard to get to Tokyo?!

Yamamoto leaned over and placed a light kiss on Gokudera's lips, as if sensing his lover's agitation.

"Don't be too upset, Hayato. We knew it would take a long time to get to Tokyo. We'll get there eventually; and then we can finally be married!" Yamamoto beamed at him, but all Gokudera could feel were nerves tangling in his stomach.

He had agreed to marry Yamamoto, and he knew he loved Yamamoto with all of his heart, but now that the moment was growing closer, thoughts of doubt and worry consumed him. He had never been legally attached to anyone in a long time and, even though he trusted Yamamoto, he couldn't help but feel like a trapped animal. He liked his freedom, and he wasn't sure how much of it he'd have to sacrifice.

Sometimes he didn't even know what Yamamoto wanted from him.

As Gokudera hesitated, Yamamoto's smile faded. A look of worry replaced his features and Gokudera tensed as he tried to mentally prepare himself for what he knew Yamamoto was going to ask.

"…Hayato? You do still want to get married… don't you?"

Gokudera let out a long sigh, unable to look at Yamamoto. He was relieved when the cars in front of him started moving; focusing his attention on driving to stall for time to get his thoughts together. Every instinct in his body shouted at him not to voice his fears, but he'd been working all year to get to the point where he could fully trust his lover.

He was ashamed to admit he hadn't met that point yet.

When the cars stopped again, Gokudera went against every instinct he had and opened himself completely.

"I'm scared, Takeshi…" He practically whispered. He didn't realize he was shaking until he felt Yamamoto's arms wrap around him. He let out a breath he didn't even realize he was holding as he felt warmth spread through him. As Yamamoto buried his nose in Gokudera's hair, the Italian realized that he felt completely at home with Yamamoto. The other man would never force him to do anything he didn't want to, even if they were married, and everything would just be the same as before.

Marriage wouldn't put constraints on him at all.

But, somehow, the thought didn't calm the nerves clogging his stomach.

"Everyone gets cold feet before marriage," Yamamoto whispered, sympathy coating his voice. Gokudera felt Yamamoto's long fingers start to thread through his hair as Yamamoto went on, "I'm scared, too."

For some reason, the knowledge that Yamamoto was just as scared as he was calmed Gokudera. He let Yamamoto turn his head and welcomed the soft kiss the black-haired man placed on his lips. Gokudera closed his eyes as they kissed softly, imaging life as a married couple. He saw a somewhat large house, Jirou and Uri curled up on the couch together as Gokudera and Yamamoto messed around in the kitchen; Gokudera growling in frustration as Yamamoto tried to show him how to make sushi.

A loud honking ripped through Gokudera's thoughts and made him and Yamamoto jump. As Gokudera tried to focus on the world around him, the honking came again and Gokudera looked out the windshield to see that the cars in front of them were no longer there. Yamamoto laughed, putting his seatbelt on again, as Gokudera shouted curses at the assholes honking and tore the car forward.

As the traffic cleared, and they could just drive nonstop towards Tokyo, Gokudera felt his doubts slowly start to fade as Yamamoto's hand never left his.

They stopped at a rundown old hotel, quite literally in the middle of nowhere. Gokudera grumbled to himself as they made the way down the hallway to their room, his bad mood still in place. His eyes felt strained from driving, and it seemed they were as far away from Tokyo as they had been when the left.

He swore as he tried to push the key in the lock, but it kept getting stuck and wouldn't turn.

"Damn key!"

"Patience, Hayato," Yamamoto laughed.

"Thanks for the help," Gokudera snapped sarcastically, kicking the door in frustration and annoyance. To his disbelief, the door swung open at his kick and the dark room inside invited them in.

"Haha, I guess the door didn't appreciate your shouting!" Yamamoto joked. Gokudera sent him a glare before leading the way inside.

He set his bag down on the floor next to an ancient looking TV before flipping the light switch, only to find, to his annoyance, that the single light bulb hanging on the ceiling had burned out. Gokudera growled in frustration as he flicked the light switch repeatedly.

Still, nothing happened.

"Hayato! Jesus, calm down!" Yamamoto laughed, dragging Gokudera away from the broken light switch and pulling him down onto the bed with him. Gokudera let his lover drag him away, though his annoyance was far from dispersing.

"I'd be able to if everything worked," he grumbled. Yamamoto wrapped him in a hug, which he begrudgingly didn't return.

"It's fine, we don't need the light," Yamamoto murmured suggestively. Gokudera rolled his eyes, his bad mood slightly lifting as Yamamoto began to nibble on his ear gently.

"Are you always this horny when you're about to get married?" Gokudera teased, letting Yamamoto push him back onto the bed. Yamamoto smiled at him.

"Only for you~"

Gokudera snorted before letting Yamamoto distract him completely from their rundown surroundings.

They made good progress the next day and, by nightfall, they finally reached Tokyo. However, almost as soon as they entered the city limits, they hit fully stopped traffic again.

"Damn Tokyo streets," Gokudera growled to himself. Yamamoto just laughed and shrugged.

By midnight, after getting lost in the traffic for five hours, they somehow found the Tokyo Disney Resort. By then, Gokudera was in a bad mood again and he had to let Yamamoto handle the check-in or he would start screaming and punching people.

Though he had to admit it was a nice hotel. The lobby was peaceful, with the checkout counter on one wall and a waiting room on the other. A big leather couch stretched across the far wall with leather chairs surrounding a table stock full of magazines. Fancy chandeliers hung on the ceilings, and Italian designs decorated the rims.

Gokudera forced his eyes away from the décor as Yamamoto gently pulled him away.

They traveled up four flights to get to their room, the halls eerily quiet. When they entered (the key actually worked in the damn lock), Gokudera was met with a two-bed room (like they'd need the extra bed), a healthy looking bathroom, two furnished desks, and a flat-screen TV. Gokudera's bad mood lifted slightly as he fell back on the heavily cushioned bed.

This was so much better than the rundown room of the night before.

Yamamoto took off his plaid button-up before he joined Gokudera in the bed, cuddling up to his side. The Italian was relieved to notice that the other wasn't horny for once (his back was still sore from the two nights in a row). When Gokudera turned his head to look at his lover, Yamamoto's eyes sparkled back at him.

"Can you believe we're getting married tomorrow?" He whispered, stroking Gokudera's sides gently. Gokudera closed his eyes at the soothing touch and started to hum softly. Almost forgetting to answer, Gokudera let a pause stretch between them.

"Not really, I mean, I always thought I'd live alone forever," Gokudera finally replied, opening his eyes to look over at Yamamoto. It was really hard for him to believe it, sometimes. He had been raised to believe that everyone in the world hated him, and that would never change.

And yet, it did.

Yamamoto leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on Gokudera's lips, which Gokudera responded to lazily. Despite his earlier doubts, he had to admit that he was happier than he ever remembered being before.

When they parted for air, Yamamoto sent him a teasing smile.

"It's quite the opposite, now, huh? Now you'll never be alone~" Gokudera slapped him lightly on the head, though he didn't stop the amused smirk spreading across his face.

"Go to sleep already, idiot."

Yamamoto just laughed and rested his head on Gokudera's shoulder. As it always seemed to the Italian, Yamamoto fell asleep right away.

As Gokudera watched him sleep, he decided that never being alone wouldn't be so bad.

Sunlight was glaring on his face when Gokudera peeled open his eyes the next morning. He grunted and squeezed his eyes shut, willing himself to fall back asleep.

He didn't, but he hadn't really expected that he would.

He opened his eyes again and noticed that he was alone in the bed. Ironic, considering that Yamamoto had told him just the night before that he'd never be alone again.

As Gokudera struggled to get out of the blanket cocoon he had made around himself, he heard the hotel room door open and close again. He finally sat up and pulled his fingers through his silver hair as Yamamoto walked into the room, sharply dressed in a suit and tie. Gokudera squinted at the suit, suddenly realizing that it was the same suit that Yamamoto had been wearing when they'd first met.

If Yamamoto noticed the strange look Gokudera shot him, he didn't comment. He just smiled and walked over to the bed, leaning down to kiss Gokudera's forehead before sitting on the edge of the bed. Gokudera rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as Yamamoto started talking.

"It's all set, Hayato." Gokudera had to think for a moment before he understood what Yamamoto was talking about. It was too damn early in the morning! "The receptionist said that they're ready to take us whenever we are. Though she warned us there'd be a huge line…"

Gokudera groaned at the thought of standing in a huge line in a sweltering suit, everyone watching them as they took their vows.

He realized that going back to bed sounded like a much better idea.

Yamamoto pressed his nose against Gokudera's, rubbing them together softly.

"It'll be worth it, Hayato," he whispered, his eyes practically begging Gokudera. The Italian sighed. He was never good at saying no to those puppy-dog eyes.

"Fine," he grumbled. "Just let me get dressed, at least."

Yamamoto laughed and let Gokudera get up and head into the bathroom.

When they finally made it down into the lobby, Gokudera nearly stopped in his tracks. There was a long line of couples, tightly curled in an 'S' formation around the lobby in order to fit into the small space. The end of the line was already going out the door and, when Yamamoto and Gokudera pushed their way outside to find the end, the line seemed to stretch on for a mile.

Gokudera felt his blood quicken in frustration.

"Why is there so much damn waiting around?!" He shouted, causing some people to jump and stare at him disapprovingly. He glared at them as Yamamoto pulled him away. "Everywhere we go we're either stuck in traffic or an endless line!"

"It's not that bad, Hayato," Yamamoto soothed, leading Gokudera down the line until they found the end. On the way, they passed millions of gay couples waiting for their turn to get married. Gokudera wondered how there could possibly be so many gay people in Japan, and yet their marriage was still illegal.

"It is that bad," Gokudera grumbled, but let himself be led along obediently until they finally took their place at the end of the line. Gokudera sighed impatiently and tried to mentally prepare himself for how long they'd have to wait in line.

"Takeshi, I think I'm going to die of boredom," Gokudera mumbled as he rested his head on Yamamoto's shoulder. Yamamoto wrapped an arm around the Italian's hip, laughing. He opened his mouth to say something before he was interrupted.

"OI, YAMAMOTO!" The shout was so unbelievably loud that someone in America probably heard it. Gokudera turned his head to look over Yamamoto's shoulder to see who was shouting, Yamamoto doing the same, only to find an intense face almost inches from him.

"What the hell?!" Gokudera shouted in shock, jumping back. His surprise quickly turned to anger as he recognized the face. He turned around completely to face the man behind him, his hands balling up into fists out of anger.

"Why, you-!" He spat.

"Ryohei!" Yamamoto interrupted; happiness and surprise coating his voice. "What are you doing here? Oh…"

His voice trailed off as the black-haired man suddenly appeared from behind Ryohei; his eyes cold and unwelcoming. Gokudera glared into those eyes, his anger growing as he remembered the gross scene he had had the misfortune of witnessing.

"Come on, Yamamoto, you knew me and Kyouya were dating, didn't you?!" Ryohei shouted. Gokudera wondered snidely if the guy could do anything but shout. "We're here for the exact same reason that you and Octopus Head are!"

Gokudera's tolerance snapped as he was referred to by that stupid nickname. How the hell did his head look anything like an octopus?! He launched himself at the shouting idiot, ready to just tear that stupidly big smile right off of his face, but he felt arms come up under his armpits and restrain him. He kicked as he struggled to release himself from his captor.

"Dammit, Takeshi, let me go!" He snapped. But, no matter how hard he struggled, his partner wouldn't let go of him. He growled in frustration. Why the hell did everyone always have to be taller than him?!

"Hayato, calm down," Yamamoto murmured soothingly before ignoring Gokudera completely and turning his attention to Ryohei. A look of genuine surprise appeared on his face. "Ryohei, you never told me that you were dating someone!"

Gokudera snorted and glared heatedly at the annoying Turf Top that was now going on a long explanation of who met who where at what time blah blah blah. He could really care less, considering that he hated both the people standing in front of him.

He couldn't have been more relieved when the line finally began to move. Though it seemed to move at an excruciatingly slow rate, it was only a matter of time before Gokudera and Yamamoto finally reached the priest. After hearing the Turf Top chattering for maybe two hours, Gokudera was itching to get the marriage over with and get the hell out of there.

When Gokudera and Yamamoto stepped up onto the little ledge that held the priest's podium, the priest squinted at them.

"Names, please," he drew out blandly. Gokudera shot a glance at Yamamoto, who returned the look with his eyebrows raised in question.

"Takeshi Yamamoto and Hayato Gokudera," Yamamoto replied, not taking his eyes off of Gokudera's. Annoyingly, Gokudera felt heat start to creep up his face and he had to look away, but he hooked his pinky through Yamamoto's to show that he hadn't changed his mind about marrying the other.

He didn't even have to look at him to know that a huge smile was splitting Yamamoto's face.

"Well, then," the priest finally spoke up after scribbling in his book (Gokudera now had no idea what it was since he'd assumed it was a Bible. Surely a priest didn't write in the Bible?), "Takeshi Yamamoto, do you take Hayato Gokudera to be your lovely wedded husband?"

"I do." Yamamoto's voice didn't shake at all, and Gokudera hoped that he'd have that kind of confidence when it was his turn. All at once, his nerves came exploding back and his stomach turned so much that he thought he was going to be sick.

"And Hayato Gokudera," the priest said, his voice sounding like it was coming from all the way back at the end of the line, "Do you take Takeshi Yamamoto to be your lovely wedded husband?"

Gokudera hesitated, his throat feeling too constricted to speak. He felt a small tug on his pinky, and looked up to see Yamamoto staring at him. An easy smile was on his face, and Gokudera felt his nerves start to drain away again.

"I do," he whispered, barely even conscious that he'd spoken. He only knew that he had when Yamamoto's smile stretched even wider and the grip on his pinky tightened.

"Then you are now married. You may kiss the spouse," the priest finished.

The kiss Yamamoto gave him then, as he gently pulled their two bodies together, was explosive and lovingly gentle all at once. Gokudera felt his knees start to weaken as they slowly pulled apart, the world melting away as he stared into Yamamoto's eyes.

"Next." The priest's dull voice brought Gokudera back into reality. He blinked, looking from the priest back to Yamamoto.

"Wasn't that kind of short?" He muttered. Yamamoto just laughed and pulled him off of the platform as Ryohei and Kyouya stepped up behind them for their turn.

When they were outside the hotel, they ran crazily down the street; only stopping when they found a secluded alleyway. Gokudera felt himself slammed back into the wall as Yamamoto's arms gently came around his sides to wrap him in a bear hug. They kissed until they were both breathless. When they broke apart, Yamamoto brought the ring from out of his pocket (that Gokudera had forgotten about until then) and slipped it onto Gokudera's pale finger.

"It doesn't matter that it was short," Yamamoto whispered, his eyes boring into Gokudera's as he clasped their hands together and intertwined their fingers. "What matters is that we're together now."

They kissed again, this one slower and gentler than the two before it.

"I love you, Hayato," Yamamoto murmured against the Italian's lips when they broke apart again. Gokudera looked up at the other before taking a deep breath. He'd never said it before, but he thought now was a good time.

"I love you, too, Takeshi."

The look of pure happiness on Yamamoto's face then was the best sight Gokudera had ever seen; much better than normal.