"Now are you sure you'll do fine all alone?" Sierra's foster mother asked her.

"Yes, Jaclyn, I'll be fine," Sierra answered.

"I've told you a million times, Sierra, please call me mom," she said. Then Sierra heard the car horn honk and Jaclyn looked at her again. "Okay, you have all our numbers," she said.

Sierra nodded her head, "I'll call every morning and night, I promise."

Jaclyn smiled and reluctantly headed for the door.

"See you mom" Sierra said. 'Mom' Sierra guessed she could get used to calling her that.

"See you sweetheart" She said then she kissed Sierra and left closing the front door behind her.

Sierra's foster family was going to visit her foster aunt in Connecticut for a few weeks, and Sierra didn't really like her foster aunt too much. Sierra had begged and pleaded to stay home. Her foster parents had finally relented and Sierra was left alone. In reality, she felt she needed time to herself to think about the events that have happened to her over the past few months.

13 year old Sierra Anderson lived in Maine. She thought of her life as complicated. This summer had certainly not been one of her better ones. For one thing, her foster sister hated her. Sierra liked her foster parents but not her foster siblings. To make matters worse, her best friend has ditched her for the popular girls, and her grandmother died last month. In addition, she was now in a foster home because her parents not been fighting and abusing her. But that is a whole other story completely.

Sierra stared at the ceiling trying to think of what to do. She decided to see if something was on TV, so she turned on the TV and watched movies until it was a quarter past eleven o'clock. Then she decided it was time to go to sleep.

She threw on her pajamas and was dozing off when she suddenly heard a 'thud' come from her closet. Scared to death, she turned on her lamp on the nightstand and headed slowly over to her closet. When she finally got there, she opened up the door and the sight she saw nearly scared her to death.