She threw on her pajamas and was just dozing off when she heard a 'thud' come from her closet. Scared to death, she turned on her lamp on the nightstand and headed slowly over to her closet. When she finally got there, she opened up the door and the sight she saw nearly scared her to death.

"OH MY GOD WHO ARE YOU HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE?" Sierra screamed at the top of her lungs.

Keith flinched.

"You still didn't answer my other question!" Sierra said angrily. But, at the same time she was having an anxiety attack. What was she going to do? What if he was a psycho freak who was going to kill her? Okay, maybe she was overreacting but still she couldn't help but wonder. Then this man's voice interrupted her thoughts.

"My name is Keith Partridge; you really don't recognize me at all?" He was in shock; most of the time if a teenage girl ever ran into him they would scream and ask him for an autograph, but this girl hadn't done that at all.

"Nope, not at all. Are you famous or something? By the way my name is Sierra Anderson." Sierra wondered who the heck this guy thought he was and if he really was crazy. Maybe she should call the police since he did, after al,l break into her home.

"Yes, I'm in The Partridge Family," he said

"Who are they?" Sierra asked. She hadn't heard of his band at all. Maybe he was making all this up, but what did she know? Only he knew the truth.

"I'm going to call the police. You broke into my home and now you're lying to me," Sierra said. Then Keith busted out of the closet and followed her down the wooden staircase.

"Wait, Sierra, please don't! I'm telling you the truth! Honest!" Keith pleaded as she picked up the phone and was about to dial the number. "Look I won't hurt you. Please, I'm running from a deranged fan and if I go out there she'll catch me!" He said trying to coax her into letting him stay.

"And why the hell should I buy that?" she asked angrily.

"Just look out the window. You'll see her."

Sierra was skeptical, but she peeked out the window. There was a girl standing on her front lawn. Maybe he was telling the truth.

"How about at least for one night" He said "One night please?"

Then Sierra sighed as she put the phone down. "Fine, just for one night. It's a good thing my foster parents and siblings are on vacation for a few days, plus I don't want the police coming over here and to cause chaos in the middle of the night" She said "Come on lets go"

Keith followed her up the steps and she helped him settle into the guest room then she went back to her room and fell back asleep.