"What the..." Was the only thing Lucas could say, before registering how much weight was being stacked onto him by these two scions, and scions most certainly aren't the lightest living things in the world.

"Helen?" Orion said from just above Lucas, his back pressed onto Lucas's chest, threatening to crush it and puncture his lungs. Lucas gave out a loud groan.

"Gods, you're heavy." Lucas groaned again, oh how much he wanted to push them of off him, he knew he could, but Helen was still half asleep and unconscious of where she is.

"Sorry, but I wasn't expecting it to be so crowded in here" Annoyance clear in his voice, but it wasn't Lucas's fault that Helen thought of bringing another guy home with her, it made Lucas feel like the parent and Orion the new boyfriend that Helen is falling for. He heard a sound of clothes rubbing against each other on top of him, probably Helen trying to muffle out their voices.

"It's not what you think. I came to guard her while she descended." Lucas grunted, still fully aware of the weight that was put on top of him; but clearly, Orion and Helen were oblivious to what was happening. "You know what? If she won't wake up, throw her off you." Lucas finally gave in, unable to take the weight anymore, swearing that his rib cage might give way too.

Finally, he saw Helen's warm brown eyes peep over Orion's huge frame, a peevish look painted on her face, like she was embarrassed by something, a red wave creeping up from her neck to her slender cheeks.

"Why are you so damn heavy?" Lucas asked breathlessly, as more of his precious air was pressed out of him. "I've lifted school buses with less effort." It was true.

"I don't know," Came a mumbled reply from Helen, who clearly doesn't know the weight she and Orion were giving off. "What the hell is going on?"

"What's wrong?" Orion asked calmly.

"I can't float!" Lucas felt her shiver vibrate through Orion, either from the cold or the fact that she couldn't get herself airborne.

"Calm down and try again," Lucas told her gently, glad that this situation is only something that is between Helen and himself, something Orion knew nothing about or even seen her do. Now, Lucas thought to himself, you are acting like a five year old, who wants to hog all his candy to himself.

After a few moments, Helen finally got it and was hovering above Orion, untangling the blankets that secured her to them in the process and then wafted away from the crowded bed.

"That is so amazing," Orion murmured, keeping his eyes trained on her as he slipped off Lucas and stood on his two feet, obviously in awe of what Helen was doing.

"You've never seen Helen fly?" Lucas asked, and then nodded as he remembered. "No powers in the underworld. Huh, then it must've been a miracle how they've gotten through hell, amazing," mumbling the last part to himself, but if he thinks Helen is amazing in the air, wait 'till he sees her in lightning mode, the sparks flying off every inch of her body, giving her appearance more of a glowing godly look. Suddenly conscious of how awkwardly he was staring at the ice on Helen's bed that are rapidly beginning to melt away, by the heat in the room given back from the portal.

"Lucas, we did it," Helen's voice intervening his train of thought, he glanced up at her, hastily getting rid of his distracting thoughts. "We're all free – the Scions, the Furies. All of us."