For The Love Of Elrond

By: LadyErestor83

okay so the original concept of this fic was on my old I am somewhat doing this from memory...if there is already a fic by this name, I was not aware and did not mean to copy...

pairing: Elrond/Erestor...also shades of Glorfindel/Lindir...

rating: M (for violence and some graphic sexual situations...implied rape)

disclaimer: I do not own them or anything familiar...Tolkien and his estate does ( could you imagine if I actually owned the elves?)

distribution: here on fanfiction dot net...if you would like to post it elsewhere, please just let me know..

OC's: there will be a few...they would be the familiar names of my works...

summary: Elrond senses something is wrong with Erestor..



I know something is amiss with my Chief Advisor. I can never quite put my finger on it, but he seems more distant than usual. His normally reserved tone has been replaced with a cross one and his heart, once warm, seems to have gone cold. When he sees me, he lowers his head as though he were an elfling caught causing mischief. He never allows me to see his eyes. I wish I could sit him down, talk to him, and reassure him. I know not what has much changed him. I see him now. He is a few feet away from me in tHe Hall of Fire. He is looking at me for the first time in many months. I incline my head to him and smile, hoping he will do the same. It has been so long since I have seen a smile grace Erestor's lips. I feel happiness in my heart as he inclines his head toward me and returns the smile. I want to go to him and this time I will not fight it.



Elrond walks closer. I can hear my heart beginning to pound in my ears. I cannot let him near. I watch as he gets closer and I try to find a means of escape, which, as always, I find. I make my way through the crowd in the Hall and let out a sigh of relief. Suddenly, there is a hand on my shoulder and I turn to see who has startled me. Glorfindel. I glare at him.

"Lord Glorfindel! Do you not have someplace to be?"

Glorfindel smiled broadly.

" I know your secret." He says in the sing-song tone he knows I hate.

I rolled my eyes and watched Glorfindel enter the Hall of Fire. I bite my bottom lip when I see Glorfindel hug Elrond. I think my leaving may have hurt him. I chuckle. Why would Elrond care about my absence? I stop biting my lip and turn to leave, stopping when I hear the voice I have loved for centuries calling my name.

" Erestor."

I close my eyes. I cannot let him see into them. He will find out my secret for sure. I feel his hand on my shoulder. I take a small step back.

"Erestor, do not run from me. I wish to know what has changed you."

Without thinking, I opened my eyes.


He winced at my tone. Good. I may love him, but that does not mean I will let him know.

" Perhaps you only think I have changed. Perhaps you want the nicer councillor back?"

He nods. I start to chuckle, managing not only to scare him, but myself as well.

" Leave me be Elrond. Leave me be."

With that said, I left him standing there and headed toward my rooms.