A/N: So this is my first SOTL fan fiction (have mercy). I had recently had a dream where Dr. Hannibal Lecter was killing all these people and somehow he ended up capturing me as well. To my suprise, his motives are to help me answer a question that I myself have began to wonder about, but then I learn something darker...Enjoy(?)

Chapter 1: Evening

I heard about the killings. He had struck again. Attacking doctors and lawyers "at random", so they said...I most certainly doubt it. But did I think I'd ever end up here? I don't know how or why he even took me, but I knew the answers would come soon.

I had awoken in an empty room. It appeared to be a cellar, but it was far from being the stereotypical, disturbing torture scene. No. This room was garnished in a golden color; the floors were tiled oh so cleverly. But as I examined further, I noticed that it lacked in two attributes: a door and windows. Not knowing what to do, I seated myself on the floor and waited for something to happen. Waited for what? Him? I didn't know. It was terribly quiet, only the sound of shuffling footsteps could be heard overhead. As my eyes traced the room's details a second time, one of the walls suddenly opened into a door. My focus was broken as he came in. He was dressed, to my surprise, clean and professional. He sported a white button down shirt, a black tie, black pants and shoes to match. I stared at him in awe as he entered the room, and he returned his trademark stare back to me. I gave a soft swallow. His footsteps grew closer until they stopped only a few feet in front of me. I looked up at him.
"Evening Miss. Lennox." He said calmly.
I nodded my head, "Hello good doctor."
His eyes gave out a shine of interest, "'Good doctor?' Why what an interesting way for a girl of your generation to greet a man she's never formally met before."
I adjusted my posture. I didn't know how to reply to his statement, but he broke the pause, "Do you know why you are here?"
I looked at him dumbfounded, "No doctor, I'm afraid I do not."
He raised his eyebrows at me. His gaze remained on me only for a matter of seconds, then retreated to the walls of the cellar. He began pacing the room, "Do you know what this place is?"
I looked around knowing it wouldn't help my knowledge, "Your fortress, sir?"
He tilted his head my way, "It's your mind. 'Your fortress' rather."
My eyes shifted around the cellar, my mind? How? But there was a bigger question I craved to ask.
I watched Dr. Lecter with caution, "Why are you here Dr. Lecter?"
Dr. Lecter stood still; his eyes closed and he was in a state of euphoria. It had been the first time I addressed him. He turned to look at me in full view; his tone was soft, "To help Miss. Lennox. Only to help."
I stood up and continued to stare at the mad man in front of me. Help? He began to approach me, causing my body freeze. His words had paralyzed me, turning into his prey in a matter of seconds. Fleeing from him would only entice him more. As he was only inches away, I had to look up to keep eye contact with him. He was so close, his scent so bitter. He leaned in close to my face, until I met his cold eyes.
His lips parted slowly, "Do I make you uncomfortable Miss. Lennox?"
My throat was dry and my body grew stiff. He stared at me intently waiting for my answer. The more I thought about the question, the clearer the answer was. This man made me nervous, but not uncomfortable. My voice could not show apprehension to what I was about to say:
"In all honesty, no Dr. Lecter. The environment that we are in is what frightens me the most."
His face remained plastered to mine, the silence seemed to last a long time until he broke it with a light smile. I stared at this man in disbelief; there was no point in trying to read him. He turned away swiftly, making his way back to the wall he had previously entered in from. He replied back to me, "I'll be back with some proper seating Miss. Lennox." And somehow he exited through that wall once again, leaving me standing there in disbelief.

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