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Chapter 9: What He Is

Bewilderment, everything was replaying through my mind so fast. I sat against the wall and slumped until I was hugging my knees. I looked down to the door's crack, a dim light glared through. I buried my head into my arms, it was all over now. Sirens were now blasting from the outside causing me to flinch slightly at the distant sound. The same loud commotion was being made above; they were still trying to break through the doors. The riot grew closer and closer until it stopped at the door. I expected to feel relieved to leave this 'place', but strangely enough I wasn't. I didn't feel at peace, I felt worse. The noises around me made my stomach clench and I wished I had been left alone until I was out of this trance.

So loud it'll make your teeth feel sawed out.

Suddenly I felt hands clasp onto my shoulders. I didn't acknowledge the touch, it wasn't real to me. One of the officers tilted my face to look up at him; I saw his mouth moving, but nothing registered. Some other officer gave the door another kick and that dreaded wave of loud commotion outside suddenly hit my ears. I clasped my ears to shut out the noise and began screaming. I turned my body away from the shocked officer and screamed into the wall. I didn't understand anymore, it didn't make sense. I was finally feeling the pain and emotions I should have with Lecter: fear and angst. Why now? Why when I was finally safe from him? The police officer tried to calm me, and then tried to uncover my ears, but I refused all of his advances. My anxiety was out of control, it was out of my control.
How could they expect me to get a grip on myself after all that had happened to me?
How would they act, trapped in a place with Hannibal Lecter, MD, PhD, whatever?

They can't. Ms. Lennox. They weren't there.
Please compose yourself. No need to make things vexatious.

My eyes shot open.
Dr. Lecter?
I shivered at the thought of his voice cooing me. And strangely enough, it calmed my nerves. I found myself leaning into the officer's chest; who was relieved that I was finally responsive. Again, he reached to remove my hands from my ears. I didn't struggle this time. As he pulled at my wrists, my hands loosened their grip. The officer talked into a radio on his shoulder, looking at me as he spoke into it. He slowly lifted me to my feet, allowing me to use him as support. Once I was safely standing, he cautiously led me to the door. Before we approached the outside something came over me, or rather a thought did. Lecter had covered my eyes when we walked through the outsides of these rooms. He didn't want me to see anything, and I found myself having no urge. I dug my face into the officers side, closing my eyes shut. That dull scent enticed my nostrils again as we walked out of the room. But I was led in another direction than Lecter's. We went down some long hallway until we stopped at a door. I felt a cold breeze; the outside's air. When I heard the doors close behind me, I retreated my face from the officer's body. Outside there were multiple police cars and two ambulances on standby. I breathed in the cool air and watched as my breath made a faint cloud. I suddenly heard a crying voice scream my name. I turned to see my mother running at me; my father trailing behind. When she reached me, she pulled me to her and embraced me tightly. My father joined the embrace. I could feel the tears she cried, as well as my father's. Within my parents lock I cried in relief. As their clutch tightened I saw another familiar figure running over to us; it was my sister.

It was over. It was done. No more.

I was sitting on the backside of one of the ambulances, wrapped in a blanket, and watched as the police entered in and out of the mysterious building; it had at one time been a factory, I was told. I then turned my attention to my parents, and watched as Officer Horston, the officer who led me out of Lecter's room, talked to them. I saw how he pointed to his own earlobe; I assumed he was talking about the stitches. I felt a hand touch my shoulder softly, I looked up to see my sister. She sat next to me and briefly hugged me. It took awhile before she spoke. Her voice came out quiet, "Are you okay?"
I smiled lightly at her, "I'm fine. I just...I'm just glad I'm out of there."
She nodded and exhaled loudly, her breath leaving a cloud above us, "They say the bastard fled away...probably hiding out somewhere." She crossed her arms, "I hope they find the monster and kill it this time."
Her words were harsh, but I understood her feelings. She was worried. She thought that was what I wanted to hear. She didn't know how I really felt about him...The cold was getting to me; I secured the blanket over my frame like a cape as I reached my hands into my pockets for some warmth. I twitched in surprise; there was something in my left pocket. I clasped my fingers around the unknown object and was dumbfounded at what I saw. I had pulled out a small, pale envelope. I hid the new found object under my blanket, not wanting my sister to see, and inspected it curiously. On the back was elegant script, it stated:



I looked at it curiously. Behind me, my sister continued to vocalize her thoughts, "He's a sick man." I opened the envelope's small hatch and felt something slip out onto my hand. A brief gleam hit my eye and I found myself smiling.

It was my earring.

I clutched it in my hand and closed my eyes slowly. He's a sick man?


He is a gentleman."

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