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This will be a 3-5 chapter Fanfic about my little Tuna.

Summary: It's Pocky day and Takeshi and Hayato isn't accepting any pocky from anyone. So Reborn makes a contest to find who will have Takeshi and Hayato accept the pocky. Of course this is all for our little Tsuna.

~Strawberry Pocky~

Tsuna walked in to the classroom with Hayato and Takeshi, but right when the other 2 came in the girls pushed Tsuna aside to give the 2 class idols their pocky.

"GOKUDERA-SAMA! Take my pocky!"



"Eh… I'm sorry… Eh I can't.."

"SHUT UP WOMEN! I don't want pocky from you!" yelled the pissed off Hayato. "Juudaime! I'm sorry!" He picked up Tsuna who almost died from getting stepped on.

The girls noticed something was wrong, they understood Gokudera would never take their pocky but Yamamoto not taking it was to strange for them. "Yamamoto! Why aren't you taking any of the pocky from us?" asked a black haired girl.

"Eto… I like someone… So I don't want to be mean to the person.. I like. So I only now accept gifts from only… that person" Replied Takeshi. "Gomen…"

"tsk, same here you stupid women." growls Hayato.

The rumor of Yamamoto and Gokudera not accepting any pocky and likes someone spread like wild fire.

"Yamamoto! Why? Who are you dating?" yelled one of Takeshi's friend.

Poor Takeshi and Hayato, they had to run all day long and at lunch ran up to the roof and locked it with a lot of locks.

"FINALLY!" exclaimed Hayato. "Juudaime!"

"Ah! Takeshi! Hayato! Hi… You must have got a lot of pocky!" said Tsuna. "I have a bad feeling about pocky day…"

"eh… Why?" Asked Takeshi.

"I don't know… But I have…. A funny feeling it will be because of Reborn…"

They started to eat their bento and sandwiches. "Hey, Tsuna.. You got some rice on both of your cheeks." said Takeshi.

"Eh? Where?" asked Tsuna. Then Both Takeshi and Hayato licked off the rice that was on Tsuna's soft cheeks.

"There.. Juudaime, It's gone." said Hayato.

Tsuna blushed a deep red color. "T-thanks."


"Ha… Looks like Tsuna will need some help giving them his pocky…." said Reborn as he was typing something up

Yamamoto Takeshi and Gokudera Hayato not accepting ANY Pocky?

Rumors say they will only accept pocky from their crush that they BOTH like!

After 10 minutes when lunch there will the a contest to find their crush!

Anyone can give them pocky, Friends both male and female!

Lets find their crush!

Where: Room 1-A

Time: 12:50~ until everyone is finshed

~Activity approved my Boreen-sensei and Principal.

Reborn printed out 50 copies and taped it all over the school. "Hn… Looks like lunch is going to end soon. Everyone, your going to be helping Tsuna out"





"T-takeshi, Ha-hayato… Look at this…" Tsuna pointed at the large poster and the trio started to read it.

"F*CK! WHAT?" yelled Hayato.

"Maa Maa. It'll be fine!" Takeshi tried to calm Hayato down. "We should get ready right?"

'Should I do the activity too?' thought Tsuna. 'But.. Then they might say.. No…'

~Activity START!~ (In "Bold" are the people giving the pocky)


"Sorry, I can't"



"Hey! I'm your best friend!"

"Sorry, even if you are, I can't take it."

"I Like you Goku-"

"and I hate this."



After 2 hours everyone thought at least Yamamoto would stop and say okay and take the pocky.

"Who didn't go?" asked a girl who got rejected.

"…. I think everyone went!" exclaimed a boy who also got rejected.

"Ha! Kufufu… But…. Dame-Tsuna!" yelled student that no one recognized.

"We should watch Dame-Tsuna get rejected in front of everyone!" yelled Mochida-senpai. "Do it! Do it!"

Then everyone in the room started chanting "Do it!"

Tsuna trembled in the noise. He started walking the his 2 crushes. "eto…. Hayato.. Takeshi… I" He whispered softly. "like you… and.. Please I h-hope you accept m-my p-pocky.." He handed them 2 strawberry pocky packs. "h-Here."

Hayato and Takeshi smiled, it was a genuine smile. "Thank you." They took a pack, opened it and started eating it, but the people in the back yelled. "WHAT?"

"Ya-Yamamoto! Go-Gokudera… LIKES BOS-DAME-TSUNA?" yelled a purple haired girl.

"Of all the people!" said the pineapple head boy.

"I bet they are acting!" yelled a white haired male. "Show us EXTREME PROOF!"

Right when the white haired male stopped talking Hayato and Takeshi grabbed Tsuna and both gave him a deep kiss. Tsuna lost his first kiss to his crushes. They all blushed bright red.

"NOOO! IT'S REAL!" exclaimed a red head. "WAHhh!" Most of the girls ran back home crying their eyes out while the rest just stood there shocked. Tsuna, Hayato, and Takeshi started walking back to Tsuna's home before people started chasing them.

"Nee… Juudaime." said Hayato. "Can we come over your house?"

"Okay." Tsuna smiled brightly and giggled a bit. He was happy that he was now dating his 2 crushes and held on to their hands tightly. They arrived at Tsuna's home and saw a group of people walking out. It was Nana, Reborn, Lambo, and I-pin.

"Dame-Tsuna." Said Reborn. "Maman and the kids are going to watch a movie and I'm going with them. Use your time well." Reborn ran off with Mama and the kids.

"Tsu-kun dinner is in the fridge! Be good!" said Nana.


The trio walked in a closed the door shut. Hayato started kissing Tsuna. Hayato's tongue licked Tsuna's bottom lip. As a reaction Tsuna parted his soft rose pink lips. Hayato tongue dove in, exploring Tsuna's wet cave. "mnn… H-Hayato."

They didn't break the kiss while Hayato picked up Tsuna and walked over to his bed.

While they were kissing, Takeshi took off Tsuna's shirt and started nibbling on his pink buds. With one nipple he started biting and licking it, with the other nipple he pinched it, making Tsuna moan with pleasure.

"Ha-hayato… Takeshi…. AH!" Hayato grabbed on Tsuna's rising member and unzipped his pants and took of his pants and boxes, showing Tsuna's small member. He tried to cover the embarrassed member but them Hayato started kissing it. He licked the head of Tsuna's small member and started to put it in his mouth. "Ha-Hayato! It's dirty!"

"mn.." Hayato starting humming a song and Tsuna was at the edge and cummed into Hayato's mouth. "Hm… It's sweet."

"Hayato…" Tsuna moaned some more when Takeshi started licking his hole. "Takeshi! Wh-" He couldn't talk anymore, Takeshi's tongue was licking the inside of his hole.

"Ne.. Hayato, you want to do a double penetration?" asked Takeshi. "So we can both take his ass virginity."

"tsk… Fine.. I like that idea… Then we will have to put it like 8 fingers…" replied Hayato. "Tsuna is it okay?"

"Ha-hayato called me my name." Tsuna said happily. "So anything Is fin-fine,"

They put their fingers in front of Tsuna's mouth and he started to suck and lick it like it was candy.

Hayato put in one finger then 2 and started scissoring Tsuna's insides. "HA-HAYATO!"

"Looks like I found prostate or many like to call it sweet spot." said Hayato. He added and 3rd and a 4th and Tsuna was screaming in pleasure. "Takeshi, add yours."

Takeshi started to add his fingers one by one, until Tsuna was crying with pain. "Tsuna! Should I stop? 6 fingers might b-"

Tsuna stopped the concerned Takeshi. "I'm fine… j-just nee-d t-to adjust."

Takeshi added 2 more fingers. Tsuna felt so full. Takeshi and Hayato was finger fucking him and hitting his sweet spot, he could only see white every time they hit it. "AH!"

But then they took out all 8 fingers. Tsuna whimpered when something was missing until something larger rammed into his prostate in one go. "AHH~!"

Takeshi and Hayato's dick hit Tsuna's sweet spot, they alternated. "Damn.. It's so tight…" Said Hayato. He started to rubbed on Tsuna's member.

"ng.." Takeshi captured Tsuna's lips, Tsuna was feeling pleasure and pain. 2 dicks stuffed into him, his virginity was taken. Tsuna couldn't think right and was holding on to Takeshi and Hayato like there was no tomorrow. He was screaming there names every time his prostate was hit. "More! Harder! Faster!" yelled Tsuna. "Hayato! Takeshi!" He was moaning louder and louder.

Tsuna was getting tighter, Hayato and Takeshi knew they were all going to come soon. "Tsuna!"

Ribbons of white flew onto Tsuna's stomach and white cum filled up Tsuna's hole. When they took out their dicks, the white substance slowly oozed of Tsuna's opened hole. "Ti Amo, our little Tsuna."

"Ti… Amo… Hayato… Takeshi" Tsuna closed his sleepy eyes and fell asleep. Takeshi and Hayato joined Tsuna and covered them in a blanket.

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