After watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch recently, all the fun of magic from childhood came back to me so I'm going to try to recreate a little bit of that in this fanfic. This will probably be a little darker and more dramatic than a usual episode would ever be but I hope that you will still enjoy it :)

Zelda sighed to herself as she prepared a cup of tea and waited for her toast to pop up.

"Something to do with the mail that popped up early this morning? I thought that was good news? " Salem the cat inquired during a short moment's pause from the enjoyment of the cold milk in his bowl.

"Salem, that's none of your business and I'd appreciate it if you'd keep quite because I'd prefer Hilda no to know about –"

"Prefer Hilda not to know about what?" Zelda was interrupted by her younger sister entering the kitchen at just the wrong time.

"Oh nothing, well, I…" Zelda was too slow in coming up with a lie and Hilda quickly zapped a truth spell on her causing her sentence to end with; " I received a letter from the witches science academy and I've been offered a place there as principle of the physics department. Oh Hilda why do you always do that to me when I don't want you to know something"

"Well, because I hate not knowing things." Hilda replied "anyway, why wouldn't you want me to know that, that's great news – a little geeky – but great for you anyway."

"Thanks, I think. It's just that there's a little more to it," Zelda went on but the sound of her niece coming downstairs stopped her in her tracks, "Hilda please can we talk about this later when Sabrina's gone to school."

Hilda looked confused but said no more as her niece entered the kitchen.

"Morning, so late, got to go, bye" She hastily blurted as she headed for the door.

"Sabrina." Her aunts called simultaneously causing her to freeze, quite literally, as one of them threw a holding spell on her.

"What?" Exclaimed Sabrina turning to face her aunts as the spell was dropped.

"Breakfast." Informed Hilda

"It's the most important meal of the day." Added Zelda

"And the tastiest" chirped Salem slurping the last traces of milk from his bowl.

"Alright, alright I'll zap something on the way – now I've really got to leave!"

"Bye honey, have a nice day!" Called Zelda as the door closed.

After checking that there was nobody around, Sabrina created an ice-cream sundae with the flick of her finger and was about to take a mouthful of her 'important' and 'tasty' breakfast when it transformed into an orange before her very eyes. Floating next to her newly healthy breakfast was a note that read 'Nice try, love Aunt Zelda x' which caused Sabrina to roll her eyes.

"So, why are you being so secretive about your news?" Asked Hilda as she watched her sister butter her toast and attempted to steal a slice when she wasn't looking.

"Ouch!" She cried as the toast gave her some sort of electric shock.

"Aha! That'll teach you not to take my food without asking." Laughed Zelda, taking her well protected breakfast to the table with her.

"Gosh, who knew toast was so special?" Remarked Hilda sarcastically. She rubbed her hand gently as it was still stinging then zapped her own plate of toast. "What sort of a witch uses the toast to make toast anyway?" She added, joining her sister at the table.

"Well, I just enjoy those little mortal inventions sometimes." Zelda spoke distantly and hadn't even taken a bite of her toast yet.

"Zeldy, what's up? I thought you'd be ecstatic about this physics principle thingy."

"Oh, I am, it's just…" the sentence drifted as if she didn't quite know how to complete it. Losing patience, Hilda cast another truth spell on her sister.

"If I take this job I'll have to live in the other realm, I probably won't see you or Sabrina for a century and I don't know if I could bare that but this is the job of my dreams and I'm scared that if I don't take it, I'll end up regretting it for centuries. – Hilda I really wish you'd stop doing that to me!" Her annoyance didn't come through in her tone as it remained sad.

"I see, you're stuck with choosing between your family and some stupid science job! I can't believe you're even considering leaving us for that!"

"Hilda, please don't be angry! I've worked all my life for a position like this, it's not so easy to just turn it down, and you understand that, don't you?"

"All I understand is that you think it's going to be alright to leave me to raise Sabrina by myself whilst you follow your dreams. What about me? What about Sabrina, she needs you!" Hilda rose from the table, she had always fought with her sister but she had never felt so angry and hurt by her.

"You're talking like I was going to just sneak away and never come back Hilda honestly, I haven't even made a decision yet."

"I think you should just go Zelda, I wouldn't want to hold you back from what you've been waiting for." With those bitter words Hilda stormed out of the kitchen and then, by the sound of the door slamming and the bolt of lightning that split through the morning air, out of the house too.

"Oh Salem, what am I going to do?" Zelda looked to the cat for guidance.

"So now we remember about the cat huh!" he remarked indignantly, offended by the lack of consideration for himself during their argument, he walked away leaving Zelda feeling even more defeated.

The day had dragged on as Zelda was left feeling low all day since Hilda had not returned from wherever she had stormed off to and Salem was still refusing to speak to her. After attempting to do some simple house chores but finding it useless in taking things off her mind Zelda returned to the kitchen table where she remained solemnly until Sabrina returned home.

"Hey Aunt Hilda, Aunt Zelda, I'm home!" Sabrina called as she walked into an unusually quiet house.

"In here sweet heart!" Zelda called in what she hoped sounded like a cheerful tone.

"I thought you might have gone out it's so quiet, hey, why so glum, I've forgiven you for the orange stunt if that's what you're worried about." Sabrina joked and she gave her Aunt a kiss before sitting next to her. Noticing that her aunt hadn't even smiled at her joke, she spoke more seriously; "Any Zelda what's wrong?" It worried Sabrina that her aunt looked so down, it just wasn't like her.

"Nothing darling I…" Sensing that her aunt wouldn't tell her the truth Sabrina cast a little spell that her other aunt, Hilda had taught her; "I've been offered a job in the other realm and when I told Hilda that taking it would mean moving away and living there she stormed out, and the cats not speaking to me either. – Sabrina! Where did you learn that spell, it's not nice to force people to tell you things! But, well, now that you know – are you angry?"

"Are you going to take the job?" Sabrina inquired, she knew her aunt Hilda could overreact a little sometimes but she wouldn't storm off unless something had really upset her.

"I haven't decided yet, it's such an honour to have been offered such a prestigious position in physics –"

"Well I think that answers the question, don't you?" Sabrina cut her aunt off; she could clearly see how much this job meant to her. "There are holidays, we can visit right?"

"Sweetie, you don't understand. I wouldn't see any of you for such a long time, when you take a job in the other realm it's not like here, you have to remain in that facility until you retire – or die - whichever comes first. So I'm left to decide between the career of my dreams and my family."

"I'm sorry you have such a difficult choice Aunt Zelda." Sabrina got up and made for the door so that she could escape to her bedroom, she didn't want her aunt to see her cry.

"Sabrina, are you mad too?" Zelda couldn't bear to have her niece turn against her too.

"You've always taught me to follow my heart Aunt Zelda, do the same." Sabrina tried to smile before leaving the room but she only half managed.

Please let me know what you thought, I'd like to continue & see where this goes if anybody is interested. Idea's are also always welcome :)