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Zelda's eyes flickered open and it took her a moment to realise that she was sprawled out across the floor of a dark room. It was true that on occasions witches were impacted by traveling between realms, like a travel sickness of sorts, which sometimes caused them to pass out. Yet, that hadn't happened to Zelda in centuries and she'd never felt this disorientated. As she slowly sat up she tried to figure out where she was as it clearly wasn't where she was supposed to be.

"Hello! Is anyone there?" She called out into the darkness. Zelda knew that when traveling between realms went wrong it could be very dangerous so she was cautious about knowing where she was and more importantly, who was with her.

"Hello there Zelda." Came a voice which sounded familiar but was difficult for her to pinpoint, especially since there was no face for her to match it to.

"Who said that and how do you know my name? Show yourself this instant." Zelda called out in annoyance, she hated being in the dark about things both literally and metaphorically but as she attempted to zap some light around her she realised that her magic wasn't working. This scared her more than she liked to admit because without magic she couldn't protect herself against whatever it was she was feeling evermore frightened by.

"Now, now Zelda, don't get frustrated, there's no need for magic here because I'm in control." The eerie sentence was followed by a booming laugh that sent chills up Zelda's spine. Suddenly the area was filled with a bright light and after a moment to adjust her eyes, Zelda found herself to be in a small room – alone.

"That is not a way out Salem; we're not doing that it won't solve anything!" Sabrina stated after Salem had finished explaining his method of saving Zelda.

"Fine leave Zelda trapped in the world of temptation but don't say I didn't try to help." Salem left the kitchen slightly annoyed that his suggestion had been rejected so quickly.

"Maybe Salem's right Sabrina, I mean -

"No! I want both my aunts to be safe Aunt Hilda, we're not risking it! There must be another way to save Aunt Zelda."

"Sabrina, it's the only plan we have, I can't just sit here doing nothing knowing that he's got my sister. The master of temptation drains witches of their powers Sabrina, he's just so cruel, digging into their desires and dreams only to torment them!"

"It sounds terrible but Aunt Zelda is strong, surely she can hold out while we think of a safer way to save her?" Sabrina looked into her younger aunts eyes and it hurt her to see the pain that she was in but she knew that rushing in was never the right thing to do – another lesson learnt from Aunt Zelda she noted, "let's take a look in the magic book, I mean maybe something in that will help us!" She attempted to sound optimistic as she took Hilda's hand and led her upstairs.

As Sabrina entered her room to collect the magic book Hilda glanced at the linen cupboard and took a deep breath.

"Aunt Hilda, are you coming?" Sabrina called after noticing that her aunt hadn't followed her in.

"Sabrina, I'm sorry…" The words were almost a whisper but as Sabrina heard them she made an attempt to run to her bedroom door but it was too late, with the force of magic it was thrown shut and locked as was her window in the same swift movement.

"Aunt Hilda, please don't do this! Let me out!" She crashed on the locked door as she called out to her aunt.

"I need to know you'll be safe and this way, you can't do anything stupid. I love you Sabrina." With that last sentence all Sabrina heard was the lightning-bolt from the linen cupboard as she lost yet another aunt to the dangerous unknown.

As the vortex to the other realm began to move her, Hilda held onto the necklace that she always wore and prayed that Zelda was wearing hers too as she chanted; "With my sister lost I fear the worst, take me to Zelda to save her first." She sighed at how pathetic the rhyme was but she never did cope as well as Zelda under pressure so all she could do now was hope that she was taken to the right place.

Zelda had now scanned the empty room from top to bottom at least three times now in search for an escape. The voice had continued to inform her that there was 'no way out and that she was 'confined under his power for eternity' but she had simply refused to accept that. Now though, she began to feel tired and slid herself down a wall into a seated position where she rested her head in her hands.

"So you've accepted that you're here to stay Zelly?" The smugness could be heard despite the lack of a visual to the voice.

"Never!" Retorted Zelda, "And don't you dare call me that, only Hilda calls me…" With the mention of her sister Zelda couldn't hold back the tears any longer and her voice broke as she began to cry.

Pleased that the strength of this witch was finally broken the Master of Temptation burst into a fit of his howling, evil, laughter. However, this didn't last long as an interference with the surrounding area caused his connection with the room to malfunction.

As her tears subsided Zelda realised that the laughter had stopped which was a relief since it was just so difficult to block out. Lifting her head up to wipe her tears she gasped noticing that there was a figure sprawled out on the floor in front of her.

"Hilda!" She cried, quickly moving towards her sister's body and lightly shaking it. "Hilda wake up!" She shook a little harder until she noticed her sister's eyes begin to flicker open.

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