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(Normal POV)

The class was chaotic. People surrounding Nobara, asking her questions, Natsume reading his manga, Mikan laying her head on the desk, too lazy to even move, Koko busy reading people's mind... Just then...

"Hey my beautiful classmates~~! I'm back! Do y'all miss me~?" A girly voice rang in the class. Everybody paused what they were doing and look up. There, at the door was Luna Koizumi. The most girly girl in the whole academy.

"Mi-kan-chan~" She called as she rushed forward to give Mikan a bear hug. Mikan, upon seeing her another best friend beside Hotaru returned to the academy, she smiled. A real smile as she hug back. Luna began to tell Mikan her life at the Gakuen Alice in Spain. Mikan replied her with her fullest attention and a smile on her face. Only then, Luna realised no one except her was at Mikan's seat. She was about to question Mikan when she saw the people crowding around Nobara's desk.

Nobara started to feel uneasy. Of course, Natsume, being very observant, noticed Nobara's change in emotions.

"Will you all mind backing off a little? Nobara is uneasy." Natsume said with a serious tone. Everyone, upon hearing Natsume's warning, took at least three steps back. Luna's eyes sharpened. The lights in Mikan's eyes died down. Who knew that Natsume is so protective? How surprsing. Luna could not take it anymore.

"Mikan-chan, what happened when I left?" Luna demanded. Mikan was looking at the floor until Luna asked her that question. Her head shot up with surprise. She fidgeted, lossing the choice of words to use.

"You see... Um... After you left, things got quite complicated. First was Natsume and I became a couple-" Mikan was cut off by Luna in the midst of her sentence.

"Really?! Oh my gosh! That coward finally take his steps!" Luna screamed with delight. But when she saw the sadness in both Mikan's face and eyes, she knew things were not just so simple. She paused, signaling Mikan to continue.

"Everything was perfect, Luna-chan. Perfect. Until she transferred. Luna-chan..." Mikan told Luna what Nobara told her back under the Sakura tree.


"Nobara, you seemed to care for Nat alot." The brunette stated.

"Yup. Because if I don't, no one else would. Maybe except you." She replied. Her answer made Mikan wonder.

"Is there problems?"


"What is the problems then?"

"Eyh? Nat didn't tell you? So it seems that he haven't open up to you then, huh?"

"So..what's his problem?" Mikan asked curiously.

"I'm not the type who tell anyone Nat's past." Nobara rejected answering Mikan's question.

End of flashback

Luna banged her fist onto the poor table. She was fuming literally. But she knew there was more. She motioned Mikan to continue. Mikan told her every single things together with her emotions. That only made Luna even more furious. Finally, she could not take it anymore. She stood up from her seat and made her way in front of Nobara. Slap! Yup, Nobara got slapped. Her face turned sideway due to the impact. Everyone's eyes widened. 'How dare Luna slapped Nobara!' That was the thought that went through everyone's mind. Just as Luna was about to give Nobara another slapped on her face, Natsume caught her hand.

"Did you have enough!" Natsume shouted with his low, cold voice. Mika flinched.


Slap! A slap landed on Mikan's face. It was Luna Koizumi. Everyone merely took a look and they went back to their own work. NO one cared. Yes, not even Natsume.

End of flashback

"No! Do you have the least idea how much Mikan is hurting? Huh? Do you all have any idea? And you, Hyuuga, what did you promised me on the day I leave for Spain? You promised you will take good care of her! You promised to not let her cry! You promised not to hurt her! But what are you doing now? Fuck, you didn't even noticed her sadness but yet you noticed Ibaragi's uneasy? What the hell are you thinking!" Luna screamed into Natsume's face. Natsume face showed confusion for a few seconds but return to his angry, cold expressions. The rest of the classmates first remain in silent but then, their fist clenched after a few seconds.

"What the heck? Sakura, are you retarded? What the hell are you thinking! You're just jelous of Nobara ain't you? Stop being a bitch! Luna, you have just no idea how nice Nobara is! How dare you even slap her? Sakura is just acting pathetic! Gosh, Sakura, you must be pretending to be weak again! Garh, Sakura, just go die somewhere in hell!" Koko said. No, he read out almost everyone's thought. Except, Luna, Nobara, Natsume, Hotaru and of course, Mikan and his own thoughts.

Stab. Stab. Stab. The thoughts were just like knives which stabbed into Mikan's heart. Can you imagine how much it hurts when people thought that you are just pretending to hurt? It is just so... painful. Luna clenched her fist tighter.

(Luna's POV)

How dare them. How dare him! He promised. To take good care of Mikan. I used to hate Mikan-chan. I used to loved Natsume. I used to make Mikan-chan miserable. But despite me being evil to her, Mikan-chan saved me from one of my mission. She saved my life. She was my life saver. Hence, I am grateful to her and she really touched my heart and became a good friend to me. That was why I let Natusme go. To let Mikan-chan have her happiness. But now, Natsume being a jerk is definitely not helping. And Mikan-chan, she is hurting so much but yet, I could not do anything. I hate times like this. Times when I could not help the ones I love. All these bastards. Why are they even so close to Ibaragi? I knew how Mikan-chan worked for their acception. Our acception. They should have appreciated it. But instead, they just turned their backs on her. Why are they so cruel? Why?

I could literally feel Mikan-chan's pain. I knew how much it hurts.

"Mikan. You dissappointed me. Why are you even jelous of Nobara? Why are you so petty, huh? I know you're the one who ask Koizumi to slap Nobara. You're the one ain't you?" Imai said coldly to Mikan. I could not help but to gasp inwardly. She is Mikan-chan's best friend! How could she say that! Mikan-chan bit her lower lip, loss of her choice of words again.

"Imai, she did not ask me to do it, alright? I did it on my own accord. I thought you were her best friend. But it seems that I'm worng, huh?" I challenged. Imai raised her eyebrow with amusment.

"I never in my life said that she is my best friend." Imai replied me coldly. Great. Just great. How much do they want to hurt Mikan-chan?! Mikan-chan looked like she was about to cry...

"Imai is right. Mi, you dissappointed me. I didn't knew that you are the jelousy type. You could have told me instead of asking Koizumi to slap Nobara. Nobara, are you okay?" Natsume asked Nobara as her check her face. I unconsciously clenched my fist. I took a worried glance at Mikan-chan. Oh no... she looks like she is gonna burst into tears any moment from now.

"I'm... sorry... Nobara, I'm sorry... Everyone, I'm sorry..." Mikan-chan apologised even though she did nothing wrong. What the hell!

"Mikan-chan!" I called but she just look at me and smiled a sad smile while shaking her head. I know what she is trying to tell me. No matter what she say or do, no one will believe her. I could not help but to cry for her in my heart.

(Hotaru's POV)

How could Mikan do that? But well, knowing her, I really should not be surprise. Mikan just love to over react. And her over reaction is something I really hate about her. She just love to make herself look weak. I have no idea of the benefit from acting weak. Maybe she just loves attention. If she is the type that love attention, then that will make me hate her more. I said that I never said that she was my best friend. That's true. I have no best friend. She is maybe only a friend that I am closer with. But now I kind of regret making friends with her. I should not have make friends with someone like her. I did not know that she is so evil. Little did I expect that she would ask Koizumi to slap Nobara. That action of hers dissappointed me. After Mikan apologise, she look as if she was about to cry. Tch. Acting weak again. She ran out of the room. I just shrugged everything off, turning my attention back to my gift for Nobara.

Mikan should really learn from Nobara. Ten minutes after that incident, Mikan came back into class. Just after a few seconds, Narumi-sensei came twirling into the class.

"Class, let's go to the field right now for your run!" Narumi-sensei annouced. A lot of the classmates cheered. I groaned a little. We are not supposed to use our Alice in the run.

(Mikan's POV)

Crap. I really do not want the run to come. I was crying a few minutes back and now I have to do something I dreaded the most. The run. I ran with all my might. I do not want to be the last again. But I think that was a wrong choice... Because now I am gasping loudly for air. Yup, my asthma attacked me again. My chest, it's so painful. Air, I need air. Help... Wait... I cannot stop. Mikan, look, you do not want them to laugh at you for being the last again right? You can use the inhaler later after the run. At least, not now.

Argh. But it hurts so much. I need air... I... cannnot... breathe... Last round... Hang in there Mikan. Finally, I reached. But I was gasping desperately for air. The rest of the class, excluding Nobara and those who are still running, stared at me weirdly. My asthma is attacking me again. Shit. Not in front of the class... I know very well how I look like now. Pale, gasping frantically, messy hair... Just like a crazy women. Shit... Everyone thought that I was just out of breathe. But really, do I look like I am out of breathe? It was quite obvious that I am having some attacks right? So why did no one come to ask if I was alright?

"Mikan-chan, are you okay?" Luna-chan asked after she finished her run. I smiled. She was the only one who cared for me ever since Nobara appeared.

"I'm... fine... Luna... chan" I answered while gasping. I cannot even pronouce properly. Crap... I cannot stop my gasping... So I just stood there, gasping desperatly while Luna-chan look at me with worried eyes...

Finally, Nobara, who was the last place, finished her run. We can finally go back to class. Finally, I could get my inhaler. You see, the inhaler is in my bag that was in the classroom. My chest feel tighter and tighter each seconds past... Nobara was breathing heavily.

"Nobara!" Nat shouted when he saw Nobara breathing heavily. He approached her. What the heck? I am gasping so loudly when Nobara was only breathing heavily, he go so worried over Nobara and not me? I am his girlfriend for god sake! He picked Nobara up, bridal style. They began to walk towards Narumi-sensei. They asked him something... Just after they finished asking Narumi-sensei something, I felt a sharp pain in my chest.

I dropped to the ground, holding onto my chest with pain. People were looking at me, murmuring things like I am just faking to be weak because I am jelous of Nobara and stuffs. Only Luna was beside me, busily asking if I was alright. I took a look at Nat and Hoatru but they just shot me a cold glare saying: Stop acting. Stand up. You look stupid. My chest is hurting as well as my heart. Why don't they trust me? Why? Why Nobara but not me? A lot of emotions filled me. The last thing I remember was Luna screaming my name with worry...

(Normal POV)

Thud! The brunette fell onto the ground with a loud thud. Everyone was mumuring things like

"That Sakura bitch! She's just faking to be unconscious because she wants Natsume-kun to carry her." And sad to say, Natsume and Hotaru agrees with them... Luna tried to lift Mikan up. But to no avail because she is too weak.

"All of you are ass! Can't you see that she is not faking it? Help her! Why are you all thinking that she is fake when she's not? Maybe the one that's fake is Ibaragi!" Luna screamed but Natsume's glare make her shut up a little.

"Nobara have asthma since she is young! How dare you say that!" Natsume shouted. He was above furious. Suddenly, someone picked Mikan up, bridal style. Everyone gasped when they knew who that person was. That person was... Persona.

"Luna, let's not waste our time on these bunch of hopeless ass. We have to get Mi-chan to the hospital. Fast." Persona said as Luna nodded. They ran towards the hospital. Everyone started to wonder why in hell Persona call Mikan 'Mi-chan' as if they are very close. But once Natsume snapped out of it, he rushed towards the hospital too.

Persona and Luna were sitting outside the emergency room. Persona told Luna about Mikan and his relationship while Luna told him everything that had happened today. As they listened and tell, they clenched their fists and swore that both Natsume and Hotaru shall pay for hurting Mikan that deep. Just then, the doctor came out off the room.

"How is he, Subaru," Persona asked.

"She's fine now. She's lucky to get here in time. She could have died any seconds delayed." Subara answered. Both Persona and Luna heaved a sigh of relieve. They went into the room to visit Mikan. Mikan was laying on the hospital bed. Her face was as pale as sheet. It made both Persona's and Luna's heart ache. How could they be so cruel?

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Scene 1: "Hyuuga, you better go to visit Mikan"

Scene 2: "Nii-san, it's alright you know -sad smile-"