Getting closer and closer to some kind of ending. Maybe three or four more chapters? Then... Then what? No clue. Thank you, reviewers! So happy that people are still reading. :D Enjoy!

It was late morning, closer to early afternoon honestly, when you finally begin to stir. The first thing you were aware of was being massively sore. All over. Almost every single part of you hurt. Mostly though, it was that wonderful morning-after pain that signaled a thorough, and fun, romp in the sheets. Or on the ground. Or on a table. You gave a huffing laugh, thinking about the previous night's events. Seemed like the dour blue twin had quite a bit of kink in him. Who would have thought? For a moment more you merely lay there, blinking sleepily, before you attempted to stretch out the stiffness in your muscles.

"Ssssst!" you hiss in a pained breath over your teeth as rigid tendons screamed their protest.

Even that simple movement sent fiery signals of pain throughout your overused limbs. Cautiously, you lift the blankets and peek down to see how much damage you had sustained. Surprisingly, aside from several bruises on your inner thighs, there was hardly a mark on you. You spot some slight claw-marks on your thighs where he'd gripped you, but other than that you figured you'd gotten off light.

Hah! Gotten off indeed. Vergil obviously knew how to please a woman alright.

Sighing, you throw the covers off and swing your legs over the side of the bed, intending to start the day. You wondered if it would be awkward between the two of you after-

Polite knocking, "May I come in?"

You almost laughed, "Really? Really?! After everything last night and you're still knocking on the door?"

"Yes," his voice sounded relieved at your good cheer.

Honestly, Vergil had been a bit concerned at what your reaction would be. It was the first time he'd lost control and had triggered in the middle of sex. Sure, she seemed to enjoy it at the time, but what about after? When she had time to think about what had actually happened. Would there be disgust or acceptance?

He heard another faint chuckle before, "Yes, Vergil. Please come in."

He did so and you were somewhat taken aback and pleased at the same time when you saw a mug of coffee in one of his hands. The blue devil inclined his head towards it and offered the cup to you, "Here. I figured you might need a jump start this morning."

"Ya think?" grinning, you accepted it and eagerly took a sip. "Thank you."

Vergil nodded and studied you carefully, looking for any signs of damage. When he spotted the scratches on your thighs, his mouth tightened, "I hurt you."

You stood and glanced down at the wounds again before shrugging, "It's nothing. I didn't expect to come out completely unscathed, so... No biggie."

"No. I should have exercised more restraint. You're much more delicate than my kind and-"

You walked over and gave him a quick, one-armed hug while holding the cup of coffee steady with the other, "It's fine. Promise."

He allowed the embrace for a moment before he gently untangled himself from your grasp, "Just to warn you, Dante is home and he knows just about everything. He's likely going to poke a bit of fun at you."

You feel your cheeks getting a bit hot but you manage to shrug it off, "Of course he is."

The blue twin stared down at you for another lingering moment before he cleared his throat, "You'd better freshen up and get dressed soon, not that I'm complaining," here, an appreciative gleam sparked in his eyes, making your cheeks redden further, "But I must start preparing you for the journey ahead. It is not simply a matter of popping into hell and back. This will be an arduous process and I'd very much prefer if you survived it."

Your heart seemed to clench up in tandem with your stomach, but your expression remained unaffected, "Yeah. OK. Will do." You didn't move, however. Only stood there and stared up at him while he did the same to you. Things still felt unfinished somehow.

Finally, he stiffened and straightened his collar, "I apologize for taking you by force. And for triggering when you weren't expecting it."

"You're forgiven."

"Just like that?" He lifted a dubious brow.


"You're certain?"

You rolled your eyes in exasperation, "Goddammit Vergil. Yes. We're square. And, just to let you know, the triggering thing was damn hot and I probably wouldn't mind if it happened again. Now get out and let me change. Feeling rather bold, you give him a shove that didn't budge him in the slightest. Again, he allowed the contact with a hint of a smile.

Thoroughly relieved, Vergil issued a curt bow and nodded, "As you wish."

Without another word, he left, closing the door softly behind him.

"There she is!" Dante crowed when you finally make an appearance. "The porn star herself!"

You gave him a glare before collapsing onto the couch.

Dante clutched his chest in mock hurt, "Aw come on, squirt. I gotta give you some shit ya know. I like your smalls, by the way. Very sexy. They're still in the back, you might wanna go get 'em soon. Unless Verge wants to keep them as a trophy, that is."

Face flaming, you cross your arms across your chest and didn't respond.

"Leave her be, Dante," Vergil said, appearing in the doorway.

"Can I have them? I have a thing for lacy panties. They drive me crazy," Dante went on, enjoying himself.

"I don't think they're your size, but you're welcome to them," You respond, sniffing arrogantly.

"Ouch! Cheap shot!" The red twin grimaced while heaving with laughter. "So Verge, tell me, has your opinion on humans changed now that you're getting some on the ready?"

Vergil's brow creased, patience gone, "We fucked on your kitchen table, brother."

The smile fell off of Dante's face so fast that you snorted giggles, despite how embarrassed you were.

"You're lying," he said.

The blue twin shook his head, "Not at all. Your kitchen has been quite thoroughly defiled. Do think of that whenever you wish to eat in there from now on, won't you? Oh, and the fact that I waited until after you ate breakfast to tell you was entirely intentional, I assure you."

"SICK!" Dante roared, leaping to his feet and striding into the kitchen.

Seconds later, both you and Vergil could hear sounds of heavy furniture being dragged across the floor. Shortly after that, the back door slammed.

You grinned over at him, "Thanks."

Vergil nodded, offering a small smile of his own, "Think nothing of it."

Silence for a few heartbeats.

You shifted uncomfortably on the sofa, trying to figure out a way to broach the elephant in the room.

As it stood, Vergil took the initiative, "We leave tomorrow evening. I've already let Orwryn know."

Yanking on a lock of hair, you nod, chewing your bottom lip.

He went on, "When we cross the veil, I will need you to do exactly what I say when I say it. Otherwise you will most certainly be captured instantly, or die. Can you do that?"

Again, you nod.

"I have your word that you will obey me? Without question?"

"Yes, Vergil."

He arched a brow, "Hn. Good then. I must mention though, if for some reason we fail and you do cease to be, I will kill you. I will have no choice. But if it should come to that, I will make it as quick and painless as I possibly can. You wouldn't even realize what had happened. You've my word."

"I know," you replied softly, glancing up at him with an unhappy frown.

"I will put wards up around you as further protection. This will make it difficult, if not impossible, for any of the lesser demons to touch you. Much less drag you away. And it has also come to my attention that Dante plans on accompanying us as well."

That was a surprise, "He is?"

"Indeed. He's always been an annoying tag-along, but in this instance I daresay we could use his assistance."

The thought calmed you a little. Both sons of Sparda would be there, trying to protect you. Surely this increased your chances?

"If you wish to say any goodbyes to any acquaintances, I suggest you do it soon."

Another silent nod.

He stood there, watching you for several long moments before clearing his throat again, "As your Master, I order you to prepare dinner tonight. As a last meal type of thing. Make enough for Dante as well," a shrewd smile, "we'll eat in his tainted kitchen. I'm sure he'll be most appreciative."

You wrinkle your nose, about to argue when he held up a finger and clicked his tongue.

"You just gave me your word that you would obey me."

Sighing, you relent, "Fine. What do you want to eat?"


"Care to be a tad more specific?"

"Red meat."

"Sometimes, I swear you're purposely cryptic," you grouch, standing and placing your hands on your hips. "OK, OK. Red meat it is. I'll have to go to the store, though. I doubt that there's anything in Dante's fridge except beer and stale pizza."

There was a small waft of air and he was suddenly standing in front of you. Startled, you gaze up at him, wondering about his intentions. Vergil slowly brought a hand up and tucked a lock of hair behind your ear, "I-"

Still puzzled, you wait for him to continue but he didn't say another word. Turning on his heel, he left the office.

Several hours later, Dante reappeared, looking rather annoyed and dragging a new table behind him. You watched, genuinely amused, as he clumsily positioned it in the middle of the kitchen before stepping back to observe his handiwork. Catching the expression on your face he scowled and held up a warning finger, "Don't you say a word, short-stack. I'm still mad and him and you."

Smiling, you swipe two fingers across your lips and twist an imaginary key in a lock.

Dante appeared less than appeased, "I can't believe you two would do that."

"It's not like I had much of a say in the matter," you began to explain. "He was very insistent and-"

"NOPE! Lalalalalalalalaaaaa, I can't hear you!" He cried, clamping both hands over his ears.

For the first time that day, a genuine laugh issued from the very bottom of your belly. You laughed so long and hard that your knees gave way and you sank to the floor. Dante glowered down at you, still grumpy. "Yeah, yeah. Laugh it up. Get it all out."

Finally, you did. Wiping tears from you eyes, you shakily regain your feet and grin up at a very sullen-looking Dante. "Oh, come on. Is it really that bad?"

"Yes," he spat. "If it happens again, I'll castrate him and stitch your snatch shut. Got it?" His eyes flashed red momentarily, then regained their original blue hue.

You squeeze your thighs together reflexively and nod, realizing that he wasn't joking.

"Good." For a moment longer, his expression remained petulant. Then, bit by bit, he relented and glanced at the counters. "You went grocery shopping. You gonna cook?"

"Yeah. Vergil requested that I make a nice dinner tonight. You're invited. If you still want to eat in here, that is," a mischievous smile crept over your lips.

The red devil pointed a finger at you in warning, "Watch it, twerp."

You hold both hands up, "Sorry, sorry. So, Vergil tells me that you're going to be joining us on our little, ah, excursion?"

Dante sank into one of the chairs and plopped his chin in his hands, "Yep, yep. Wouldn't miss this party for the world."

"Thank you."

He seemed a bit taken aback, "For what?"

"For offering to help when you really don't have to," your tone and smile were sincere. "And, for what it's worth, I am sorry about defiling your kitchen. I honestly didn't have a choice in the matter."

"Pfft," he waved a hand, "I'll get over it. Apology accepted, though. But maybe you could make some more French toast to go with dinner? You know, to make me feel better?"

"Of course, Dante."

You thought that would be that, but he stayed and watched as you began to prep for the evening meal. He didn't seem to be in a hurry to leave, either. Tossing him a curious glance, you shrugged and continued to chop various vegetables.

"He really likes you, ya know," he said, after several moments.

"Oh?" Your tone was light, but your heart began to pound.

"Yeah," Dante nodded. "I've never seen him act like this around any other girl before. I've never seen him act like this at all, actually."

You could feel your ears starting to heat up, "I like him too. Despite the strange circumstances. I can honestly say that I never thought that I'd have a demon as a lover."

"Hmph," he sniffed. "Half demon. But just so you know, if you betray my brother, I'll have to make you pay. On principle, you realize. He's been through enough. We both have."

You widened your eyes and glanced at him over your shoulder. His face was serious and brooding, and you couldn't help but think he and Vergil had never looked more alike, "I don't plan on it. Honest."

The red twin narrowed his blue eyes, studying you. Finally, he seemed to accept what you said and nodded, "Well that's good. Because you seem like a sweet girl and I'd hate to have to kill you." Dante got to his feet and his laid-back expression slowly crept over his features once again, "So! We understand each other now. Right?"

"Loud and clear."

"Awesome!" This time, his voice was directly behind you.

Jerking in fright, you whirl around to see him looming over you. Slowly, a lopsided smile appeared and he bent down to give you a quick peck on the cheek, "Thanks for bringing him some happiness. It's been way too long." Before you could respond, even before you could wipe the astonished expression from your face, Dante strode out of the kitchen, whistling.

"Also, babe? Don't burn the French toast!" He called back, just before he turned the corner and was out of sight.