Rain: Hello everyone! I started to like bleach again so much that I decided to start publishing this OLD story of mine. I'd like you to give me some comments for this because the plot is still a bit chaotic. Anyway, i hope you'll like this!

Warnins: Yaoi and slight violence!


The White Deicide

''Did you see the lights of the fleeting memories which flashed before your eyes at the moment of your death? Because I definitely saw them and they were filled with blood-covered blades…''


''I wished to never see a ghost again and when my wish was fulfilled, I felt empty. Soon, I recognized that everything what had made me fight for my life, to protect others… had been my entire life.

And my life had been taken away from me.

I was as blind as the normal people… I couldn't see the reality anymore, but I could hear; the endless screams of the hollows and the cries of the lost souls. It haunted me, they wouldn't leave me alone. The worst thing was that I couldn't do a thing to help them anymore. I was completely hopeless.

But even in this hopelessness… I want to help. I want to keep reaching for the light… because that's what is important for me. That's what I want to protect, that is what I chose to do.''

But how was I supposed to help when I was drowning into my own hollowness?

I was afraid to open my eyes. If I opened my eyes, I would surely see him. His eyes were always open, watching my every move. If I tried to move away from him, he would follow like an obedient dog. But he was everything else than obedient. He was the beast. So I was afraid. Of course I didn't show it but inside I was shaking like mad.

Next I noticed he had come so close so I had to force my eyes open.

All was painted in black yet I could see the white stripes touch the black and absorb it completely till the world was filled with pure white. The proof of the devil, the hollow.

Suddenly he was again so close to me, eating me up with his yellow eyes, licking me all over till my body was shivering because of the cold fear.

''Iichigooooooo…'' His breath was in my ear, on my skin, crawling on it like a snake, hissing and licking.

I shivered and shook my head as to drive away a fly but he was no fly, he was the deranged bee.

Suddenly his hands were everywhere, touching and filling my body with coldness. He had no body temperature and his touch was as hard as an iron. Still when his hands roamed on my body, I got so hot.

So hot I thought I'd melt and I moaned. He hissed again but seemed to be so excited. He was a stone yet the one feeling everything was me. He was the predator yet the one loving to be chased was me. Always me…

I would surely be buried by him. Sooner or later… and even at the time he confessed his love for me, I knew that love was only his sadistic way to eat me slowly.

And I knew I loved it. His touch so stony yet so burning; I desired the darkness yet the darkness wanted to swallow me. He would swallow me up if I didn't fight him. Right now he was laughing at my weakness yet he kept his hands on my aroused body. He licked my ear and bit it till it bled.

''Heh… Your throne is gonna crumble soon, King.''

''My own white horse was trying to kick me off of its back. Even if it had a black heart as furious and strong as my own, the black amour I wielded was shattering by its enormous power… what a useless knight I was.''

Rain: Okay, I'm think I'm going to keep writing this. This won't be a long story but filled with yummy stuff since I'm in love with Ichigo and Hichigo pairing 3 Anyway, THANKS FOR READING and please tell me what you thought about this :)