Warnings: shounen-ai and that's it folks. It ENDS here :D

Epilogue: The Everlasting Ending

Ichigo's POV

I was floating on the warm water. It was washing all my pain away, healing my wounds. I didn't feel bad at all; the death was actually welcoming and warm. If I had known dying was this easy, I wouldn't have been so scared but probably it's a human's nature to be scared of death.

There is nothing but warm steam around me. It's as if I am in those old Japanese-styled hot springs but hell no, I am dead as a rock.

The funniest thing is I cannot speak, but my thoughts like echo outside my head. I am a corpse, I cannot move well.

I wonder where this river ends. Probably in hell…


I hear a sound but I cannot turn my head. It strangely bothers me…I should be dead.


What the hell!?

Can't I even die in peace? Why is someone interrupting me again? Pissed, I close my eyes and pray that the calling would disappear. Let me rest now…

''Wait for me, ya fucker! Don't leave without me after saying such a crap like 'I love you'!''

My eyes shoot open.

No… it can't be…

I cannot move but I force my head to look back.


My hollow stares at me right behind me. His yellow eyes look at me, straight at me and he dashes forward quickly.

I cannot speak, I have probably forgotten how to speak but I can tell I am crying.

Tears force their way out of my eyes and wet my cheeks. He catches me, holds me close and also sobs.

It's… rather lovable feeling. To be in his arms…even in death. He is warm against me.

''Ya are one idiot, King!'' He scolds me and holds me close. He forces my face upwards to meet his teary eyes. I am surprised to find myself thinking that he is cute…

''You… followed… me?'' I ask him, my voice cracking. His face twists as if he's in pain. Next he pulls me into his tight embrace. I cannot breathe but I feel as his feelings flow into me…

It's so warm…

''I'd follow ya even into hell, ya know…'' He murmurs against my hair. We have stopped flowing but it doesn't matter. Here is no time in death…he pets me and hugs me as if he's scared that I'd disappear but I won't. I am so happy…

''You are one troublesome hollow…'' I sigh and suddenly smile as brightly as I can. Even dying doesn't feel so bad… if it's with him

And he kisses me, first so gently I feel like fainting and next he acts roughly and kisses the breath out of me…not that I mind.

I am happy he died with me.

I intertwine my hands around his neck and pull him closer. He startles a bit but doesn't seem to mind. We stay like this for a long time, and I hope, for an eternity.

This time, as we part, he shows his rare smile which makes my heart bound hard.

''Well then… Shall I accompany you in hell, my King?'' He asks and kisses my palm.

What a bed-talker he is…

I chuckle at him and lightly kiss his lips.