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Summary: Taking a break from their training for the Junior Cup, Ash and his friend happen upon a beach where a day of fun turns to a panic when Ash gets lost while retrieving snacks.


Airheads in Heat

Chapter 1: Relaxation

In a backyard of a summer villa, Ash, Iris,Cilan and their Pokémon friends were warming up for the Junior Cup fast approaching. Reunited with Pokémon Champion, Cynthia and an old traveling companion, Dawn, the heroes found their opportunities to prepare for the upcoming tournament. Today, Dawn and Iris were ready for a double battle. In Dawn's corner, Quilava and Pachirisu. In Iris' corner, Excadrill and Emolga. "This is a double battle between Iris from the Village of Dragons and Dawn from Twinleaf Town in Sinnoh!" Cilan announced, acting as referee. Ash, Cynthia, Jeremy, Pikachu, Piplup, Axew and Meloetta watched on from the sidelines. "Each trainer will use two Pokémon and there's no time limit. Begin!"

"Okay, Quilava," Dawn started. "Use Smoke Screen!" Quilava's back emitted flames which brought up choking smoke. It clouded over Dawn's Pokémon. "Pachirisu, use Spark!" Flashes of blue lightning emitted from the Smoke Screen. Iris wasn't the least impressed.

"Emolga, use Hidden Power!" Iris commanded. Emolga fired a set of energy spheres that entered the thunderous smoke cloud. The blasts from Hidden Power dissipated the Smoke Screen but miniature clouds hung over the battlefield. "Excadrill, Focus Blasts!" Excadrill focused energy into the steel digging claws of the powered mole. It fired out the Focus Blast. Dawn was ready.

"Pachirisu, Super Fang!" Pachirisu charged in with a sharpened fang out of it's buck teeth. But Emolga raced it with a ball of electricity.

"Emolga, don't!" Before she could launch her attack, lightning from a tiny smoke cloud shot out, striking the Focus Blast ball. KABLAM! The ruptured blast knocked back Pachirisu and Emolga to where they were knocked into next week.

"Pachirisu and Emolga are unable to continue!" Cilan judged. Dawn and Iris recalled their Pokémon, leaving the two mole Pokémon to settle. Even Ash had a feeling that this would be rather tight.

"Quilava's a Fire-Type Pokémon," he stated the obvious. "It's effective against Excadrill's Steel-Type but then there's his Ground-Type that comes into play." Cynthia heard her protege from Pallet Town in Kanto.

"You're willing to see which Type is revealed," she assumed. "However, you forget about the abilities these Pokémon possess. You should know this yourself considering you don't use Type advantages."

"Quilava, Swift!" Dawn commanded. Quilava fired stars which delivered glancing blows to Excadrill.

"How about we end this in one shot," Iris predicted. "Drill Run! Let's go!" Excadrill transformed into a missile where he darted right at Quilava.

"Wait for it..." Quilava braced for the oncoming Drill Run. "Eruption, now!" Quilava sprayed a massive stream of fire from it's back and swirled around which collided and coated Excadrill in flames, stopping the Drill Run cold...or hot. Excadrill hit the battlefield hard on his back. Excadrill was slow in reaching his feet...but fell back down, defeated.

"Excadrill is unable to continue," Cilan determined. "Quilava wins. The victory goes to Dawn!" Dawn cheered in celebration as she and Quilava hugged, joyed by their triumphant victory.

"That was perfect, Quilava!" Quilava squeaked in a heartfelt excitement.

"Return..." Iris mulled in defeat as she recalled Excadrill into his Pokéball. Ash dashed over to Dawn to congratulate her on that win.

"That was an impressive Eruption," he complimented. "Man, the more I see out of Quilava, I can't help but know how much stronger it is since hatching during the Johto Festival." Dawn wanted to thank Ash for the good word but Iris spoke up.

"Of course you'd be impressed by her Quilava. What a little kid!" Ash turned to Iris, a little hurt by the tease.

"Excuse me but I wasn't the one who got torched with one attack." Ash did have a point. Then again, he wasn't the one fighting Dawn. Cilan also approached with his reaction to the battle.

"That was a very robust Eruption you did," he noted. "I've never seen it used in that fashion." Dawn had an explanation for it.

"Well, that you'll have to thank Ash for," she pointed out. "He first displayed it fighting Fantina at the Hearthome Gym. Remember what she called it?"

"How could I forget? It was called the Counter Shield." That's an interesting name for an attack...or defense.

"Counter Shield?" Iris repeated.

"Yeah, how's Counter Shield blended?" Cilan requested information. Ash and Dawn didn't think twice about not letting their friends be left in the dark.

"Counter Shield is an attack, as well as a defense," Ash started. "I think Piplup and Oshawott would help demonstrate this. Oshawott, come on out!" Ash threw his Pokéball and released his Sea Otter Pokémon. The sight of Oshawott was a little much for Piplup. He ran up and got in Oshawott's face. What's going on with these two butting heads?

"Piplup, knock it off!" Dawn yelled to her Penguin Chick Pokémon. Piplup whined about something involving Oshawott. Ash knelt down to Piplup with his plan.

"Piplup, why don't you stand over there, in the opposite trainer's box?" Piplup was given an opportunity to prove his strength to Meloetta, the Pokémon who's heart has been the real battlefield. Ash and Oshawott stood on the other side. "Okay, Oshawott. Use Aqua Jet! Oshawott encased itself in water before racing like a streaming bullet. "Okay, Piplup! Knock Oshawott down with Hydro Pump!" Piplup fired a blasting ray of water which Oshawott tried to sway to the side but the attack came so fast, he didn't have time to react. BA-BOOM! Oshawott's Aqua Jet was grounded, and so was the Sea Otter Pokémon. He got up, ticked at how easy it was to be taken down. Iris was still less than impressed.

"Come on, Ash," she nagged. "That attack was pointless!" Ash sighed at how easily bored Iris got.

"Just be a little more patient, alright? I'm getting there!" Ash knelt down to Oshawott with an idea. "Okay, I want you to use Aqua Jet again but this time you need to spin." Oshawott blinked at how spinning an Aqua Jet worked. One glance over to the Melody Pokémon told Oshawott that anything's possible. He punched his scalchop to prove he was ready. Both Piplup and Oshawott were set. "Oshawott, spin and use Aqua Jet!" Oshawott launched into another Aqua Jet, this time spinning like a corkscrew. "One more time with Hydro Pump, Piplup!" Piplup blasted another Hydro Pump, striking the Aqua Jet...but the attack rolled off the new Aqua Jet and barreled into Piplup, smack. With the Aqua Jet used, both Pokémon were down but Oshawott got to it's tiny feet, the spins still swirling around. This time, Iris and Cilan were blown away.

"Incredible!" the Pokémon Connoisseur awed. "A secret ingredient to an attack that provides more damage and protects the user of the technique!" Iris was in the same awe but had concerns about the technique.

"I love the fact that you give a new twist on an ability, no pun intended," she praised. "But doesn't it put the Pokémon's equilibrium at risk? If you can't prepare your Pokémon in time for the Junior Cup with this Counter...whatever, you won't get far in the tournament." A note worthy of caution. It may be the cockiness but Ash was grinning that it will all work out.

"No need to worry!" he quoted Dawn. Something Dawn didn't approve.

"Hey, what gives you permission to use my catchphrase?" she argued her words being used. Ash shrugged his shoulders like it was nothing.

"Because no one worries about me when I say that." Interesting comeback. Even Cilan and some of the Pokémon, including Meloetta were giggling. Cynthia came forward with an option for all.

"Okay, kids," she voiced up. "How about we take the rest of the day off and head to the beach? There's one a few miles from here that we can chill. Can't be overworked and have no energy for the Junior Cup, right?" These kids deserve a little break and all agreed to Cynthia's plan. They changed into swimsuits and loaded themselves in the car with Jeremy driving. Ash and Cilan were in blue trunks while Dawn and Iris were in pink one-piece swimsuits. Cynthia had a black bikini/thong combo while Jeremy...he didn't change out of his butler outfit. He needs to live a little. Ten minutes since they left from the villa, they all arrived on the beach. There were scores of people enjoying the sunny bright sky, no clouds in the sky.

"You couldn't ask for a better day, even if you pray to Arceus," Dawn praised the sunny sky.

"I prefer Zekrom, but I'll agree with you on this," Iris acknowledged. Beach towels lying on the hot sands, parasols to keep cool heads, the group was set for some fun. Ash, Cilan, Dawn and Iris released their Pokémon who went into play mode. Cynthia lied on her stomach, her bikini unfastened and exposing her naked back to the shining sun. Iris and Dawn were playing in the water, splashing the surf in each face. Cilan watched the Pokémon build a sand castle, Piplup and Oshawott still trying to win Meloetta's heart. Speaking of, her heart may have yearned for Ash as she cuddled on Ash's chest as he lied practically asleep. Interesting place since he was a stone's toss away from Cynthia. There's a topless girl and he blatantly doesn't notice? Wow... Maybe he's dreaming ahead like competing in the Unova League Tournament or wiping the floor against his rival, Trip. Maybe he's thinking about returning to Pallet Town with his newly acquired Pokémon, making friends and rivals over there. Maybe he's wondering how Brock's doing since he stopped traveling with Ash to study as a Pokémon doctor. Cilan stepped into Ash's sun, waking him and Meloetta.

"Hey, Ash," he called as he slowly pried open his peepholes. "Can you grab the food that's still in the car? I'm gonna start cooking for everyone." Ash smiled, not a big deal in his opinion.

"Sure, no problem," he answered as he rose to his feet, still not noticing Cynthia's topless body. But Cilan did, blushes of red flooding the green-haired face. Meloetta chirped, wanting to go with Ash to get the food. Ash didn't mind. "Okay, you can join." The two got moving to Jeremy's car while leaving Cilan to gawk at the bare back of the Pokémon Champion...who woke up by the request with one of her own.

"Cilan?" she weakly spoke. Cilan wasn't sure what she could want which involved him. He was the only one there. One clue would be a tube of suntan lotion she presented. "Could you rub this all over my back, please?" No doubt if it was Brock, he wouldn't think twice about fulfilling her request.

"S-Sure thing!" he stuttered. As Cilan went to work on Cynthia's back, Ash and Meloetta arrived at Jeremy's car and popped the trunk open. Not a lot of stuff, just a few bags of fruits, breads, cheese, some meats...common beach food. Ash couldn't wait to have some of that fruit.

"That's gotta be it," he proclaimed. Meloetta couldn't wait to dive into the food. As he reached for the food, something caught his eyes. A black semi-trailer with a red "R" on it. Talk about sticking out like a sore thumb. "Team Rocket's nearby. Just like them to stick their noses in our business." The thought of Team Rocket spooked Meloetta into vanishing. "Guess you don't need a reminder." Ash scoped the trailer in the back to see if there's anything to promote reasons for their arrival. The door to the back was wide open but there was nothing in there. Could it be a trap? "Wherever you are, Meloetta, stay back." He stepped inside, waiting to trigger some kind of trap. He reached the end, nothing happening. Odd. He returned with Meloetta reappearing. "I thought there was something inside that was meant for us." Perhaps it was something involving the conveniently place forest feet away from the parking lot. Ash could ignore the Team Rocket truck and get the food to their friends. That would be the better idea considering... "I have a feeling Team Rocket's up to no good. I'll take a peek before telling everyone what's going on." They got to the forest entrance when a familiar cry echoed.

"Outta the way!" a female repeatedly shouted in a familiar tone. Ash and Meloetta turned to see a familiar blond barreling toward the two. Meloetta vanished while the blond, her eyes shut, ran full speed at Ash.

"Bianca, stop!" BAM! Bianca collided into Ash right...down the steep incline into the water below. Would Ash and Bianca be okay? How about the food? Someone's gotta get the food out of the car before it spoils. Someone did, mainly a purple-haired young scowl on his face and a blue jacket. He seemed familiar himself.