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Chapter one: Once bitten, twice cursed

Dipper should've known better then to stay out late and be out here by himself for that matter, but it was in the name research. Recently there had been reports of local dogs and cats going missing and vehicles being found with strange claw marks on theme. While the local authorities dismissed these occurrences as nothing more than a rouge bear, the young investigator deduced that the beast causing these disturbances was a Sasquatch, however as always no one would believe him except Mabel and Soos who were unable to join him on his quest to discover the whereabouts of this monster due to the fact that their Grunkle Stan had both of them clean the bathroom, he did consider asking for Wendy's help, but she hadn't come in for work today; which would've made sense since there where days where she didn't come in for work, but usually she made up some excuse over the phone; this time she didn't leave even so much as a note.

Tonight was a total bust anyway; Dipper couldn't even find a single footprint to indicate that a Bigfoot was even living these woods, which upset the young boy. It didn't any sense, he got all his facts in order and put all the evidence together, but in the end he turned up with nothing. To make matters worse, his flashlight was starting to die out.

"This sucks!" he shouted aloud in frustration "Can't I just catch a break just once tonight?"

It was at the very moment that Dipper's flashlight went out, forcing a rage filled scream out the boy's mouth as he threw down the flashlight in anger. Now he had to walk through this dense forest in the dead of night with nothing to show for it.

"Where on the bright side at least the moon is full tonight so I won't walking around in the dark" he thought to himself

Then like a ton of bricks it hit him, it wasn't a Bigfoot that did those things. It was something much worse.

And that's when he heard the howl.

Dipper took off; he didn't know which way he was running to, all he knew was that the howl heard was dangerously close and he had to put some distant between him and creature that was currently stalking him. As he heard ran, he heard branches breaking all around him and a deep inhuman growling coming through the darkness of the woods.

"Just keep running, just keep running, just keep running!" he said in his head over and over again "oh god I'm gonna die!"

The growling kept coming closer to the boy, but still he dashed through the forest at his best speed, but it was hopeless; even though he had the light from the moon guiding him through woods, it still wasn't enough to keep him from seeing the rocks and sticks he was stumbling over and it was one such rock and sent him falling to unto his face. Dipper tried to pick himself up and continue to run to wherever it would be safe, suddenly a strong weight fell on top of his back. He could fell the monster's claws dig into his back, he attempted to squirm out of the animal's grasp, however the beast kept him pinned under its sheer bulk. The young boy cried out hoping and praying that someone would be out there within earshot of his cries for help, it was then that the beast purged its fangs deep within Dipper's shoulder.

He screamed out again, but this time in sheer agony as the monster's fangs sunk deeper into his shoulder, out of the corner of his eye he saw a small stick laying only inches away. Even though his mind and body were still wracked with pain, he reached out and grabbed hold of the stick and with all his remaining strength he jabbed the thing that was trying to eat him directly in the eye. The monster drew back and yowled in both pain and rage, giving Dipper enough time to take off running again; this time luckily the monster didn't give chase again, however he wasn't going to slow down anytime soon.

It was sheer adrenaline that was keeping Dipper up and running, blood was spurting from his wound; even though he was trying his best to cover it with his hand. He had to fight off the thoughts of him dying out here in these wounds alone and without anyone knowing where he was as well of the thought of Mabel going through the rest of her life without her brother by her side and how Grunkle Stan wouldn't be able to forgive himself for not being there for him at his most dire time of need.

And then he began to wonder how Wendy would react to his death; would she be sad? Would she cry her eyes out at his funeral? Would she profess to the world that she was secretly madly in love with him? Or would she not care at all and go out with her friends to do who knows what?

"Don't think about any of that, just keep you mind on running Dipper"

It was then that a ray of hope shined through the darkness, only twenty feet away from where he currently was; was the Mystery Shack. With all his remaining strength, he forced his legs to run the rest of the way to his home. When he was closer to the shack he shouted out to whoever could hear before collapsing to the ground from the massive amount of blood he had lost, as his vision blurred and dimmed he saw Mabel and Soos running to his aid before his eyes darkened completely.

"Is he ok? Oh please tell me he's ok!"

"Dudes that bite looks pretty serious"

"How much is this gonna cost me?-eh I mean what horrible tragedy, my poor grand-nephew!"

Dipper's head was pounding and all the random voices he kept hearing weren't helping at all. He slowly opened his eyes to find himself in a hospital bed and surrounded by his friends and family (with the exception of Wendy) as well he could tell it was next morning, thanks to the sun's rays that shined through the window and right into his eyes. Mable threw her arms around her brother's neck and squeezed him tightly in a vice grip.

"Oh-my-god-I'm-so-glad-your-ok-I-thought-you-were-dead-and-Grunkle Stan-said-we-should-just-bury-you-and-say-you-just-ran-away-"

"Mabel, slow down and stop crushing me!" Dipper wheezed out "Wait what did Grunkle Stan say?"

"Hey sport good to see you're still kicking!" Stan cut in; lightly punching is grand-nephew's arm

"Dude you were like, totally bleeding all over the place and junk" Soos commented "It was kinda gross, but the dudes here at the hospital had enough blood to fix you right up"

"I thought I was going die" Dipper said aloud "Thanks for saving me guys"

"I might die instead; I just saw the hospital bill" Stan added "Which you are so gonna work your butt off to pay me back for"

"So did you get attacked by the Bigfoot you were looking for?" Mabel asked

"No, it was something else" Dipper replied "It was-"

"Ok, were just gonna let you get some rest and get some of that crazy out of your system" his great uncle interrupted "Come on you two let's get out of here before one of the doctors comes back here and makes me pay this bill"

As the rest of the group made their way out of the hospital room, Wendy walked in holding an ice pack over her right eye and looking completely worn out.

"Wendy, where the hell have you been?" Stan demanded "In case you haven't noticed Dipper got his ass kicked by a bear!"

"It wasn't a bear it was a-"Dipper attempted to explain

"A Bigfoot yeah whatever, just get some rest kid" The con-artist interrupted

"What happened to your eye Wendy?" Dipper's twin sister questioned

"Oh uh, I-poked it, Yeah!" Wendy quickly answered "listen you guys can head back to the Mystery Shack, I'll stay with Dipper"

The young boy's heart nearly skipped a beat upon hearing that his crush was going to be watching over him. Maybe she'll believe his story; she was trapped in a haunted convenient store with him she had to believe him about what mauled him tonight. When Stan, Mabel and Soos left the room, Wendy turned to face Dipper with a solemn look in her eyes as she tossed the ice pack into a trash can, revealing her blackened eye to him.

"Wendy you have listen to me!" Dipper tried to explain "It wasn't a bear or a Bigfoot that attacked me; it was a-"

"A Werewolf" Wendy replied sadly "Yeah…I know"

"How…exactly do you know that?" Dipper asked, who was feeling both nervous and awkward at the moment

The teenager sighed deeply and sat down in a chair that was placed in front of the boy's hospital bed before answering him.

"Because I'm the Werewolf that bite you"