Chapter Seven: Rise of the Pack

Three Days Later…

The moon cast down its bright pale light over the town of Gravity Falls on this night, however the lunar light could hardly be seen by the town's population due to the fact that a thick fog had rolled like a blitzkrieg the moment the sun went down and all through the town a cold chill filled the air on what should've been a hot summer night.

"Ah-ooo werewolves of London" Sheriff Blubs sang as he and deputy Durland were sitting in their police cruiser listening to a classic song on the radio "man I never get tired of this song!"

"Neither do I sir" the sheriff right hand man replied before remembering something important "hey sheriff, weren't we supposed to be out patrolling or something?"

Originally the two bumbling police officers were sent out on a call of strange animal sightings outside the town's city limits, however they sheriff and the deputy lost focus on their mission and instead drove up to the city limits to eat some doughnuts and listen to some music on the police radio in private.

"meh, it's just a few animal sightings" Blubs answered casually "let animal control handle it, my main concern right now is these doughnuts, they forgot the sprinkles!"

"the horror!" Durland shrieked at the realization

However, the real horror the two policemen were about to encounter on this night would be more than a few doughnuts. As the duo gorged on their meal, they failed to notice two large figures swiftly run through the dense fog and circle around their car like sharks surrounding their prey. The figures then ran along the sides of the car whiling running their claws along each side, needless to say; this got the sheriff and his deputy's attention, so much so that they both nearly choked on their food in freight.

"What was that?!" Durland shrieked in fear

"I don't know" the sheriff said in panicked tone before shoving the deputy out of the car "go check it out!"

"Wait a minute, you can't just leave me out here like this!" the fellow officer shouted as he attempted to get back in the car

"It's every policeman's dream to die in the line of duty!" the sheriff responded as he quickly locked the car doors "we'll throw a big party at the station for your funeral!"

"I'd like to live to see it!" the helpless lawman exclaimed as he banged on the window "for god's sake let me in! There's something out here!"

Suddenly, the deputy was sucked into the fog by an unseen force before he could even make another sound. Blubs could only look on in horror at the sight of his right-hand man be taken away. Rather than try to rescue his comrade, the sheriff switched on his vehicle and attempted to flee the scene as fast as he could, unfortunately for him; his escape was cut short when a large fur covered creature rose up from the fog and grabbed a hold on his car from behind which it then lifted into the air, keeping it from moving so much as an inch. Seeing that escape was impossible, he then reached for the radio in order to send out a call for aid, but without warning a pair of large furry arms smash through the front windshield and yanked out the over-weight man out of his car with great ease. It was then that the policeman got a good look at the animal that was attacking him and he could hardly believe what was holding him: A werewolf.

"Oh god…" was all he could whisper out before the seven foot tall beast drop him to the ground

Every muscle in Blubs body froze even though his mind was telling him to run; all he could do was look up at the monster that stared down at him with a soul-piercing glare. While still sitting, the sheriff looked over to his car, only to see it flipped over by another one of the beasts with great ease. The second wolf was about ten feet tall with silver fur and a large patch of white fur on its chest and while the shorter seven foot werewolf was lean, the silver furred wolf however had a muscular build to it. after it was finished with the car, the larger Lycan slowly walked over to the opposite side from where the other Werewolf was standing, blocking off any chance of Blubs to make a break for it on foot. The sheriff braced himself for being torn apart at any second, but the two monsters only stayed were they were and kept their eyes locked on him. Then out of the darkness, a strong howl broke through the night's silence, a few moments later a tall black fur Werewolf emerged from the fog. The newcomer was nine feet tall with a four claw-like scars across it's chest and what appeared to be a line of stitches on the side of his stomach, the other two wolves bowed their heads and stepped aside as the black furred one made its way toward to Blubs, it didn't take a genius to figure out that this beast was the leader.

"P-please don't kill me!" the lawman begged "you already ate my deputy; you guys should be full already!"

The Werewolf grabbed the policemen by the back of his shirt before leaping into air before landing unto a tree, the wolf then quickly dashed up the top of the tree where he then placed the officer onto the highest branch of the tree by his belt, he then jumped down from the tree and bolted back into the forest with the other two Werewolves following close behind him.

"…I think I just shit myself" Blubs choked out after hanging from the branch for five minutes

"Same here sir…" a voiced piped up

The policeman looked over to his right to see that his deputy was alive and well and was also hanging by his belt on tree branch right next to him.

"So uh…do we call this in?" Durland asked

"Let's just leave this one off the record" his sheriff answered

A cold splash of water awoke the three Lycans who were now back in there human forms, the instantly bolted from they were laying inside the former wolf pack's cave and got to their feet to find a young girl standing before them holding a now empty bucket.

"wakey-wakey eggs and bake-y" Mabel said happily to the three wolves "it's almost noon and Grunkle Stan is starting to wonder where you guys are"

"And you couldn't just wake us up normally why?" Dipper asked in a frustrated tone

"Well I was going to, but then I saw a bucket sitting next to an old well on my way up here and mu whole brain went 'what the hell'" she explained as she tossed the trio their cloths "Now get dressed, I'm not going to just stand here and talk to a bunch of naked people"

"Dudes I gotta say that despite being in a horrible amount of pain when I transform, it's awesome being a werewolf" Soos mentioned as he got dressed "thanks again for saving my life Dipper"

"I'm just glad that your idea actuality worked" the younger wolf said "and thank you both for going along with last night's prank"

"I've been to ask you why we went through all that trouble just to scare Blubs and Durland" Wendy questioned

"Let's just say that'll be the last time they ever call me adorable again" Dipper answered with a small snicker

"By the way Dipper, how are the stitches?" Mabel inquired, referring to her brother's injury he received in his fight with Victor that she had patched up

"there still holding together even when I transform" her sibling replied "I have to say Mabel, for someone who's never had any medical training you know how to make some strong stitches"

"Who knew knitting could save someone's life" the hyper-active said "I just wish I could've been able to heal those scars on your chest"

"I think the scars make him look like a badass" Soos chimed in

"Oh! That reminds me; I found something you might find interesting" the alpha's sibling blurted out

Mabel reached into her pocket and pulled out a small dark purple flower which she then handed to her brother, it didn't take long for the new alpha male and his beloved to know what this plant was.

"I found a bunch of these flowers stuffed in an old hollowed out tree while I was on my way up here" the young girl explained "do you know what it is?"

"I don't believe it…" Dipper began "its wolf's bane!"

"Why is that important?" Soos mentioned

"Wolf's bane can temporally block a werewolf's transformation as well as hid their scents from other werewolves" Dipper answered

"Victor must have been hording these flowers in order to hid his scent from me and Dipper until he wanted to attack us" Wendy added

Without a word Dipper crushed the flower in his hand as his mind began to go back to that night when he brutality murdered the Lycan who attempted to kill both him and his lover. He could still feel the bloodlust he felt as he tore open Victor's chest and pulled out his still beating heart in his hand as he watched his foe die in front of him and what scared him the most was that he enjoyed it. It was then that Dipper felt a pair of lips press against the side of his face; he turned to see Wendy beside him with a comforting smile on her face. The fear he felt within him before fade away as he kissed her gently on the lips, making him feel at peace for the moment.

"I know it was hard for you Dipper, but you can't keep dwelling on killing Victor" she reassured "you saved me, Mabel and Soos that night and made sure he wouldn't be a threat again"

"I know Wendy, but I'm more afraid of myself" the preteen said "I felt so alive killing him that I'm terrified to think what would've happen if Mabel didn't snap me out of it"

"You have a strong will Dipper" Wendy continued "I know you can control the animal inside you"

The boy smiled at girlfriend before passionately kissing her again, at that very same time Soos tilted his head as he heard a faint noise deeper within the cave.

"Hey dudes do you hear that?" he asked his friends

"Hear what?" Mabel wondered

The group became silent in order to listen to whatever their overweight friend was hearing, sure enough they began to hear what sounded like whimpering to them faintly echo throughout the cave. The four friends made their way deeper into the carven as they followed the whimpering until they came upon a small dug out hole. The Lycan's eyes lit up in surprise when they saw what was huddled together in a clump of fur.

"Puppies!" Mabel exclaimed in joy "there so cute!"

"It's the alpha wolves litter!" Wendy mentioned in shock "I thought they died along with the rest of the pack when Victor slaughtered them all, the alpha female must have hidden them when he attacked"

The late wolf pack of Gravity Falls was buried by Dipper and Wendy buried the wolves outside of the cave in separate graves, however the left their murders carcass to be dragged off by a bear to be devoured.

"They look skinny" Dipper added, concerned

"No one's been here to feed them" the ginger wolf said as she picked up one of the pups and cradled like a baby "ssshhhh, it's ok, you're safe now"

"Wendy, I don't know if we-"

"We're keeping them Dipper" Wendy interrupted her boyfriend "these pups are the last of what I considered to be like brothers and sisters and I'll be dammed if I don't do something to help them!"

The alpha Lycan looked back down at the other pups as they all looked back up at him, as if they were begging him to keep them.

"Alright then" he finally answered as he knelt down and petted one of the pups "I've always wanted kids anyway"

"Your packs getting bigger by the day buddy" Soos mentioned

"And I intend on making it bigger" Dipper finished

"What do you mean?" Mabel questioned

"Gravity Falls is full of things that just three werewolves can't handle on their own" her brother began "if we want to survive out here, we need reinforcements"

"And who do you think you can trust enough to want to turn them?" his sister said

"Well you for starters" her twin mentioned off handedly

Mabel was taken aback by this, sure she thought her brother being a Lycan was beyond cool, but she couldn't see herself becoming one herself.

"Look Dipper I'm flattered, but I'm going to have to say no" she replied

"But think about it I'm going to outlive you by eight hundred years" he explained "I'll still look I'm in my twenties when you're in your seventies"

"Well someone has to be normal in this family"

"You count as normal?"

"In this family, I'm the closet to being normal"

"This doesn't solve our pack problem" Wendy cut in

Dipper went silent as he thought about the subject for a few minutes before getting an idea.

"I think I know just the people to help us out…"

The next night…

"Ok Wendy were the hell is amazing thing you wanted to show us" Robbie grumbled as he parked the van in the middle of the forest

"Just sit tight and you'll find out soon enough" the red-head responded "trust me, it's totally worth it"

"I hope it is, my mom would kill me if she found out I was out here this late at night" Thompson piped up

The teenagers had been convinced by their ginger friend that there was something amazing she had found in the woods and that they needed to see it for themselves. Not a single one of them had any idea that this night was one they would truly remember. Without warning, a powerful force slammed unto the top of the van, shattering the windows on impact. The van's roof was then torn open like a tin can and kids could only scream when they saw the horror that had done it, but as the rest of the teens freaked out, Wendy on the other hand could only grin at the recent developments.

"So tell me guys…" she asked her freinds as her eyes began to glow yellow with dog-like retinas "who's afraid of the big bad wolf?"

The End

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