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Summary: Tsuna, the soon to be Vongola Decimo, a timid and shy boy enrolled to Ouran Academy because Reborn recommended aka forced.. To live a life as a higher class citizen, thankfully Tsuna is now smart not Dame. He joins the Host club because Reborn "recommended" he should join. Now he has to live a life he's not used to without his friends and family!

~Chapter One: Welcome to Ouran Academy!~

~Normal POV~

Tsuna was looking at his new home, where his grandfather, Timoteo was currently living in Japan. His grandfather asked him to call him grandpa, and Tsuna was trying his best to adjust. "Grandpa… I'm here.." He said.

The maids and butler took all his things to his room. The room was 10 times larger then his old room. It was painted sunset orange and the carpet was a darker shade of orange. In the top middle of the room was his king sized bed. It was orange and had white and light orange pillows. His clothing was in the dressers already. The room was to big for Tsuna's comfort, but he had to get used to it.

The maids gave Tsuna his new uniform, it had a blue-purple jacket/blazer, black pants, white button up shirt and a black tie.

"Tsuna." said Timoteo. "I hope you like your room."

"Grandpa.." replied Tsuna. "You know I would love it."

Timoteo smiled at his grandson. They weren't related but they were very close. "Come on let us go and have some breakfast."

The breakfast went smoothly, it was a Japanese styled breakfast with rice and side dishes. Tsuna and Timoteo walked out of the house… wait… Mansion and sat inside the fancy limo. "Grandpa, what school am I going to?" Tsuna asked and tilted his head side ways.

"You are going to Ouran Academy." replied Timoteo. "It is a school for the rich, and high class people. You will be in class 1-A. Keep this a secret from Reborn, but I will have your guardians join you later on when the time is right."

Tsuna's eyes widened in happiness. "Thank you Grandpa!" He hugged his grandpa before he said goodbye and went to his new school.

~Class 1-A~

"Haruhi!" said Hikaru. "Did you hear?"

"We are having a new student!" said Kaoru. "His grandfather is the famous Timoteo and his father is the president of a big company."

"I heard he lived the commoners life because it was more Comfy for him!" exclaimed Hikaru. "So weird!"

"Oh.. Yeah I did hear abo-" *Ding dong.. Ding dong*

They all sat in the respectful seat as the teacher came in. "Class today we will have a transfer student from Namimori. His name is Sawada Tsunayoshi. His father is the president of Vongola, and his grandfather is the CEO. Please come in."

"Hai… eh.. Um… H-hello, my name is Sa-Sawada Tsunayoshi. You can call me Tsuna. I'm 15 years old and I was born on October 14, which is was last week." He smiled brightly and tilted his head side ways. The girls fawned at him saying he was cute. The teacher told him where to sit. He sat next to Haruhi.

"Hello, my name is Haruhi." said Haruhi.

"Hello." Tsuna smiled again, the guys in the class and nose dripping from there noses.

*Ding dong Ding dong…* The school day ended and Tsuna wanted to go home but 2 teens stood in his way. "Hello Tsu-chan!" They said together. "My name is Hikaru." "My name is Kaoru!"

"You will join our club!" they said together again.

"Guys.." Haruhi said. "I think you're scaring him more then wanting to be friends."

Tsuna hid behind Haruhi. "Haru-chan.. Who are they?"

Haruhi sighed and started explaining about them and the club.

Tsuna softly laughed at some of the things Haruhi said. "Okay.. I'll join." Tsuna said. 'more like because Reborn said to join a club'

They walked to the club room that had a sign say Music Room #3. "?" Tsuna wondered.

"I know it's misdirecting." replied Haruhi. "This is the clubro-"

A blonde jumped on to Haruhi. "PAPA MISSED YOU!" the man yelled. "Your 2 minutes late! And Hikaru and Kaoru too!"

"eh… sorry… There's a new student so I helped him our a bit, Hikaru and Kaoru helped too…" said Haruhi.

"Nee, King. Can Tsu-chan join?" asked the twins. Then the "King's" eyes brightened.

"OF COUSE!" he exclaimed. "My name is Tamaki Suoh! I shall teach you the host ways!" He grabbed on to Tsuna and ran off to explain to him the "Host" ways. "and that's how you do it!" He FINALLY finished explaining after 20 minutes of blabbering."

"Um… I get it?" said Tsuna.

"Good! Daddy's proud!" exclaimed Tamaki. "Everyone! Time to get ready!" Everyone in the room ran around the room to get ready for the customers.

"Hello Tsu-chan! My name is Honey!" He climbed on someone. "and this is my cousin Mori! The one with the glasses is Kyoya! And my bunny's name is Usa-chan!"

"Hello Honey, Mori and Usa-chan." Tsuna smiled some more.

"DADDY'S IMPRESSED! TSUNA IS A NATURAL!" yelled Tamaki but was soon shut up by Kyoya.

"I'm sorry for our King's stupid behavior. My name Ootori Kyoya." said Kyoya.

'He reminds me of Hibari Kyoya…'

"In 4 minutes the customers will be coming in and you will have to be a host. That should be easy. You will be sharing a table with Haruhi for a couple a weeks so you can get used it" explained Kyoya.

"Ah.. Thanks."


Next Chapter: AHHH Customers are here! And Tsuna's a natural. "Daddy's proud!" yelled Tamaki.