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~Chapter Seven (Final Chapter): Vongola~

After a couple of days of playing and eating in the Vongola Mansion, everyone went back home and school started.

3 months past and everyone transferred to Tsuna's new school.

"Juudaime!" Hayato ran to Tsuna as Tsuna stood up.

"Hai H-Hayato?" Tsuna held his bag.

"Next week is Nono's birthday!" Hayato grinned.

"It is?" Tsuna was shocked. "I didn't know that… What does he like?"

"Well… No one really knew… but I did hear that Nono loves presents with meaning." Hayato answered.

"with Meaning…" Tsuna echoed. "Thank you Hayato!" Tsuna ran to the closest store with the things he needed.

As he opened the door he thought of what Nono needed. 'Ah… what would he like?' Tsuna thought as he looked around the shop called Sakura Shop. 'Ara? What's that?'

Tsuna walked closer to it. It was a book on how to make hats. 'Doesn't Grandpa have like a huge collection of em?'

He stood on his toes and grabbed 3 different books about it. The first book had a cover with 5 pictures of different type of hats and the title was "How to Make Awesome Hats!". The 2nd book was a simple 1 hat cover with the title "Hats, and more." . The Last book hat 2 hats on the cover, and was titled "How to make Hats.".

He bought the 3 books and started flipping the pages noticing a hat that he thought Grandpa would like.

"Definition: Bucket hats are typically made of cotton and feature a wide, droopy brim that slopes downward torn the eyes. Many people wear bucket hats for both fashion and practical purposes for sun protection.

Gilligan from the Gilligan's Island television show might be the most famous wearer of the bucket hat. Bucket hats are also popular amongst fisherman."

"Grandpa likes to fish…" Tsuna thought. "I'll make this!"

He went in the craft store and bought a green and orange cloth, black and orange ribbon, and colorful string.

"Tsuna?" Someone said.

"Ah!" Tsuna looked back. "Haruhi!"

"Hey Tsuna!" Haruhi replied. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh I was thinking of making a hat for my Grandpa instead of buying it."

"That sounds great!" Haruhi said. "Ah! I have to go now or else Tamaki-sempai will annoy me! See you soon!"

"Bye!" Tsuna waved back.

Days past and he was done with the hat the day of Nono's birthday.

"Grandpa!" Tsuna smiled and hugged Nono. "Happy Birthday!" Tsuna gave Nono an orange box with a blue ribbon.

"Thank you Tsuna." Nono gently smiled back and opened his gift. "Ah! I needed a new hat! How did you know?" He put it on and asked. "Do I look good?"

"Of course!" Tsuna grinned.

The party started and Nono was bragging about how well his grandson, Decimo made the hat, and said he loved it a lot. Tsuna and his friends was sitting in a seat while talking and eating. The years past, and Tsuna became a great Mafia Boss. He was famous for his kindness, and strength.

~Sucky Fin~