Just a little drabble I couldn't help but post. I've been listening to Kiss Me non stop and I just had to. The ending sucks because I'm no good at ending stories, anyone have that problem? Any different endings would be gladly appreciated. Anyway,


They were sprawled out on Harry's bed watching Friends, Louis was resting his head on Harry's chest, lips millimeters from his neck. The voices of the TV were muffled, and his brain was filled with thoughts of closing that small space that kept him and the curly haired boy from being connected together.

Harry couldn't keep from lowering his eyes ever now and then, glancing at Louis. It was just so easy to get lost in those blue orbs. Those beautiful, piercing blue eyes that he was slowly but surely falling for. That's when he felt something soft against his neck and everything went numb. Louis' head was buried into his neck, hesitantly pressing kisses. Harry needed him to know that it was okay, that he wanted this too.

"Kiss me…" Harry whispered, for if he spoke too loud the moment would shatter. Louis then shifted up, pressing his lips ever so softly to Harry's. Surprisingly, this kiss wasn't filled with lust or need like a first kiss normally was. It was simply filled with love.

"Kiss me like you wanna be loved," Louis whispered against Harry's lips that tasted of coffee and toothpaste and best of all, it tasted of Harry.

Harry slowly and lovingly flipped the two around so he was hovering over Louis. He took his lips and planted kisses from his jaw, to his neck, never biting or pressing too hard. He wanted to show Louis love, how much he loved this, his lips, the feeling of his heat radiating so close.

Louis moved his arms so they were around Harry's neck, massaging his curls. Harry smiled against the older boy's neck, liking the feeling of Louis' arms wrapped around him, like they were supposed to be there all along. He couldn't fathom to think of a time where those arms would be removed from his neck. And although there was a small little voice in the back of his mind screaming, this is your best friend, he knew that the line of best friends and lovers would soon be blurred, with just another kiss to Louis' lips.

The two knew they felt something, something they didn't feel last year, last month, or last week. It was that feeling of butterflies, a feeling of lightheadedness, that feeling of your stomach being rung like a wet towel.

This feels like falling in love

"I'm falling in love," Harry whispered as his lips left Louis' and winced as they left the privacy of his head.

But Louis just smiled, and connected them once again.

What do we think? xx