Westopolis... a place just west of Central City.
It was a busy city; pedestrians and cars moved about doing their daily routines.
A tall G.U.N building stood out in the outskirts of the city. Although a hot spot for strange activities, it had never faced anything too dangerous...
But today, it would face total destruction.

Omnious red clouds had appeared over the city, making the usually clear blue sky turn a blood red color.
Everyone in the streets and in their cars quickly noticed, and looked up at the strange red clouds.

Then, as if they were coming from the cloud itself, strange black monsters began falling from the sky.
Everyone gasped at the sight, but the gasps and whispers soon turned to screams as the creatures attacked everything and everyone in sight.
Thunder and lightning crashed above the city, and many large buildings began to crumble to the ground.
These creature were strong.

Up on a grassy hill, far away from the city, a long black hedgehog stared blankly at the destruction.
He seemed lost in thought; only waking up from his daydream when he heard the screams of hundreds of people.

He turned around and began walking away.
"Hmph... I don't have time for these worthless humans..."
He stopped suddenly when he heard a familiar name.


Slowly turning around, he came face to face with a large black creature with three eyes, a worn robe, and an eerie dark aurora that surrounded him.
"The day of reckoning has come. Find me the seven Chaos Emeralds, and your past shall be revealed..."

Shadow's eyes widened at that last sentence.
"What? Who... Who are you? And how do you know my name?"

The black creature didn't answer. Instead, it just vanished, and caused a small explosion around the dark hedgehog.

Confused, he thought for a moment about what to do.
'I don't know who these black creatures are, or what they want... But if he says that he can unlock the secrets to my past, then I have no other choice than to believe him. I'll have to find the Chaos Emeralds!'

Shadow zoomed off down the hill towards the city, preparing to find the seven Chaos Emeralds.