Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Espio, Cream, Cheese, Vector, and Charmy all shook out their arms and legs, feeling a little stiff from being paralyzed for so long. The Chaos Control Shadow had produced not only warped the Black Comet away. It also warped everyone on it somewhere safe. They were back on Earth, far away from the comet that had been destroyed in space.
It didn't take them long to notice that pretty much everything had been destroyed by the Black Arms, and to make things worse, some of them were still running around.
Tails turned to everyone, calling them over.
"Alright guys, there's still a lot of aliens here! We'd better take care of them fast, before they destroy anything else."
Everyone nodded in agreement, and then Tails turned to Shadow.
"Shadow, go save Sonic! Leave the rest to us."
Shadow nodded and quickly skated away, searching for his blue counterpart.

When Shadow finally found Sonic, he was still tied up, hanging by his wrists from a metal frame. The black hedgehog's already broken heart was shattered to pieces at the sight of him.
He quickly ran over and gently removed the gag from his mouth.
"Are you alright?"
Sonic coughed a little, then weakly smiled at Shadow.
"...I've been better... Heh heh..."
Shadow snapped his fingers and muttered "Chaos Spear", causing a red spear to appear in his hands. With amazing percision, he threw it from a distance and broke both chains that hung from the metal frame. Although the metal cuffs were still tightly clamped around his wrists, he was able to freely move.
Shadow walked over and inspected the metal cuffs.
"... I won't be able to cut them-"
He was interrupted when Sonic got up and hugged him in a tight embrace. Becoming stiff from the sudden action, he realized that Sonic was giving him a hug, and returned it tightly. It seemed like forever when they finally let go of each other.
It was at that same moment when Tails and the others ran up to them. Amy seemed really angry.
"There you are! We were looking for you!"
Tails rolled his eyes playfully and tried to calm her down.
"Anyway... the black aliens are gone now. We got rid of the rest of them."
Shadow nodded.
"Right." He looked at Sonic.
"Now, let's get you to a hospital. It seems like you need one."
Sonic cracked a smile.
"Like there is one anymore."
The black hedgehog smiled a little, too.
"Come on, Faker. Let's go find someone who can heal you."
Everyone walked off into the city to find a hospital.

Which is where Sonic and Shadow had their first real kiss.

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