Something I wrote because I really like this shipping. Enjoy.


A Keldeo and Meloetta One Shot.

"Kelde~!" came a voice.

Keldeo closed his book and sighed.

'Kelde' is Keldeo's pet name from Meloetta.

"What is it, Meloetta?" he asked.

Meloetta jumped into the seat in front of Keldeo.

"Kelde," she said with a massive smile on her face, "What's your favourite type of music?"

"Why do you want to know?" asked Keldeo.

Meloetta's smile didn't change.

"No reason, why do you ask?" questioned Meloetta teasingly.

"It's for Shaymin, isn't it?" said Keldeo sternly.

Meloetta's smile became one of surprise.

"How did you know?"

"When you have that smile of yours, I know you and Shaymin are up to something mischievous."

Meloetta sighed.

"It's a article for the Hall's magazine. She wants to know the many percentage of music that the Legendaries listen to."

Keldeo raised one of his eyebrows.

"And you are asking me because of...?"

"Shaymin wants to know what type of music YOU listen to, Keldeo." replied Meloetta, with the smile she had on earlier returning to her face.

"Not interested." sternly said Keldeo, going back to his book.

Meloetta pouted.

"Awwww...Come on! There's got to be a type of music you must like!"

"Nope. Not interested." went Keldeo.






"Nein, mein Schatz."

"Don't you go German on me, Keldeo! You know I can't understand it!"

"Kore ni tsuite wa mōshiwakearimasen, kawaī on'nanoko!"

"Stop it Keldeo!"

"I'm not interested in music. End of discussion."

"Death Metal?"

"Only Darkrai listen to that. What makes you think I want to hear it?"

"Fair point. But, is there an artist you like?


"Green Day?"


Meloetta gasped. "Do you listen to Jus-"


Meloetta sighed.

"There's got to be one artist you must like, is there?"

Keldeo looked up from his book.

"If I tell you who's music I like, can you leave me alone about the article?"

Meloetta began smiling.

"Who is your favourite artist, Keldeo?"

Keldeo smirked.


Keldeo could see Meloetta's face go completely red.

Sometimes, he loved seeing her like that.

It made her cute.

There were two reason why I wrote this.

One, because I lke this shipping.

And two, there are way too many Meloetta fetish fics here on FanFiction. I felt that a fic without any fetish might be a nice change.

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