Author's Note" This is my first Coraline fan fiction and I don't own any of the characters from the book or movie so enjoy.

The Other Mother's Family

Chapter 1: A New Start

A long time ago a creature called the beldam trapped innocent children in a magical world where everything was better. Than when she won the children she ate up their souls trapping them forever in the magical world. Until one day a very clever girl named Coraline defeated the beldam and freed all of the ghost children and her own parents. Now since the beldam was defeated she had a change of heart for deep down all she wanted was to be a mother. So, she recreated the world where it was complete and brought back everyone who was destroyed. It took some time but soon everyone realized that the Other Mother had changed and now she created 4 little girls all named Coraline as a tribute to the little girl who freed her heart of evil. Coraline 1 was a few inches taller and curvier than the original Coraline. She loved dressing up in clothes and wearing make-up. Coraline Two was the same height as the original Coraline but with more athletic build. She loved playing sports, wrestling, and getting dirty. Coraline three was a few inches shorter and she loved to play pretend. Every day she would play with her dolls or just play dress-up. Now the youngest was Coraline 4 and unlike her sisters she had black hair with blue buttons for her mother had run out. She was really small she would come up to the original Coraline's hip but she too was an explorer but was a bit more polite than the original Coraline and just as clever. The Other Mother or Betty as she was now called loved all of her children. The Other Father or Joseph as he was now called loved them too. Every day their father would teach the girls how to play music and then their mother would make them lunch. Coraline 4 loved helping her mother but would always run outside to go exploring. Of course today was much different than any other day. She ate her lunch as usual and gave her father and mother a kiss good-bye. "Love you mom and love you dad", she would say happily.

"Love you too sweetheart", they would say. Then she would run off with her doll that her mother had made her and go off exploring. There was one part of the world she had not yet explored a small forest. The trees were blue and the ground a dusty red. One of the circus mice that was actually a mouse ran up to her. "Hello little fellow I am sorry but I have no cheese today", she said softly. The mouse frowned and scampered off. Coraline 4 walked down the hill as saw the river which was a sea green. It was so beautiful as she placed her hand in the water. She placed her doll on a big rock and skipped rocks along the river. Finally she decided to explore more and began to climb up the hill. She made her way up carefully but suddenly she slipped. She tried to grab on to a tree but it slipped and snagged at her eyes causing her to yowl out in pain. Her button eyes were ripped off as she fell hitting her head on something hard. As she fell she wished she was in a safe place and fell into the darkness. After a while the sun was setting and dinner was being made. All three of the girls were at the table but Coraline 4 was not.

"Where is your sister?" their mother asked.

"Last time I saw her she was headed toward the hill by the river", Coraline 1 said.

"Honey stay with the children I am going to go find her", the Other Mother said.

"Okay dear be careful", the Other Father said. Betty walked out toward the hill when a circus mouse appeared. It was squeaking terribly as the Other Mother followed him. She let out a shock when she saw Coraline 4's eyes tangled in the tree branches. She walked on down and saw the doll but Coraline 4 was nowhere to be found.

"Coraline 4 where are you!" her mother shouted as tears soon appeared. She ran aimlessly along the river bank but Coraline 4 had simply vanished. With a heavy heart she returned home and told the family the horrible news. All three of the girls cried out in grief as the Other Father comforted them. The Other Mother still holding the doll went into Coraline 4's room (the room that Coraline had in the other world) and sat in the rocking chair. She held the doll in her arms as she sang a sad tune as tears fell from her face. In the real world a little girl laid on some cool green grass. She groaned when she woke up and her head really hurt. She blinked at the brightness of the sun which felt weird to do. Looking at her surroundings she was in a forest path of some kind. Scratching her head she was desperately trying to remember who she was but couldn't for some reason. She climbed up the hill and ran into a small boy about 2 years younger than she was. (In the real world she looks about 6.) The little boy had dark brown hair but baby blue eyes with a dark tan.

"Hi my name is Jacob what is yours?" he asked nicely. But before the girl could answer a woman appeared. She was tall with an hourglass figure with curly brown hair and brown eyes.

"Jacob dear who is your little friend?" the woman asked.

"I don't know Mommy she didn't tell me yet", the boy answered.

"What is your name little girl?" the woman asked.

"I don't know I can't remember", the girl said. Then she burst into tears as the woman held her in a tight hug.

"It is alright little one I am sure will we help find your parents and maybe you will remember your name", the woman assured her. The little girl didn't know about that but right now she felt safe.