Chapter 8: Home

Jasmine hugged her parents and Jacob in a tight embrace. A tear rolled from her eye as she slowly let go for she knew what she had to do in order to save them. She let go of them and said very softly ", I am sorry that I got you into this but I will get you out and I love you all very much". Then she walked over to the Other Mother whose eyes looked so angry and hurt. "I remember who I am and I am sorry for making you so angry". "Please let the Browns, Coraline, Wyebie, and the Cat go they have done nothing to you", Jasmine said softly.

"What are you saying Coraline 4?" the Other Mother asked curiously as her eyes softened.

"I am saying mother that I will stay here if you let them go and never bother them again", Jasmine said as she slowly morphed back into her true form. Everyone stared in amazement as Jasmine looked just like the Other Coralines except her hair was black yarn and her button eyes were blue.

"Oh Coraline 4 you promise?" the Other Mother asked a tear fell from her face.

"Yes mother, I love you and so happy to be home", Coraline 4 said as she leaped into her mother's arms.

"Jasmine no we are not leaving you behind!", Jacob shouted as he pulled Jasmine away from the Other Mother as his parents shielded Jasmine away from the Other Mother's view.

"I am sorry but this is where I belong I love you all and goodbye", Coraline 4 said as tears fell from her eyes. "Be a good boy Jacob and try to see a little bit of the world for me", she said softly.

"I will I promise", Jacob said as tears filled his eyes. The Other Mother was shocked for these people cared about Coraline 4 and so did she. Even if Coraline 4 stayed she would no longer be happy here for her heart longed to be with the Browns. So, the Other Mother did the unexpected she let a child go free.

"Goodbye forever", the Other Mother said and she snapped her fingers and a white mist circled around everyone and when it cleared they were all standing in Jasmine's bedroom. Jasmine had returned to her normal form and was so happy to be home. Weeks passed and the incident was soon forgotten and live continued. Coraline wrote a sequel to her book by asking Jasmine's permission to write about her true story. Jasmine had agreed and soon grew up to be a famous photographer and traveled the world. Back in the Other World the Other Mother continued to look over Coraline 4 and even though her daughter was no longer with her. She had done the right thing and her heart was full of joy.

The End

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