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Sweet Understanding

Chapter 1: Of Fur and Feathers

"Ah! The Asgardian Spring Cleaning Festival! One of my favorite times of the year!"

Thor grinned widely as he neatly carried a large stack of boxes outside. However, as he headed back in, he stumbled over a large rock that hadn't been there before.

Catching the boxes with a lucky clumsiness, he was met by childish laughter.

When the Thunder God finally managed to gain back his steady footing, he looked around, only to see his brother, lounging on top of a wall, grinning like the Cheshire cat.

"Have a nice trip, Brother?"

Thor rolled his eyes as Loki burst into more giggles. As a precaution, he put down the boxes by the trash to keep from dropping them. It took all his will power to keep Mjölnir on his belt as he shot his brother an unamused glance.

"Ugh… what dost thou want, sinister sibling?" he muttered.

Loki only scoffed, throwing his legs over the side of the wall to face him completely. As he did so, he reached into his pocket, pulling out a candy bar to munch on as he lounged back.

"I'm just bored. Honestly, this Spring Cleaning festival is a real drag." The Trickster whined.

Thor gasped, spinning to look at him, shocked.

"Surely thou doesn't mean that!"

Loki merely yawned.

"Believe it or not, Brother… I'm actually not joking this time. No one around here knows how to have a good time!"

The Thunder god shook his head fiercely.

"Nay! Thou speakest blasphemy about the glorious importance of Asgardian Spring Cleaning!" he argued, "Recycling is important, Loki!"

Now it was the Trickster's turn to roll his eyes.

"Sure, Clouds-for-brains." He replied sarcastically, "It's very important."

With a feigned carelessness, he took the candy wrapper, crumpled it into a ball, and tossed it to the ground, inches away from the trash bin.

Giving a childish pout, Thor was about to respond, when the younger god stood up with a stretch.

"Well, it's been lovely speaking with you, but I must be going. Enjoy your sock-sorting."

And with a poof, he was gone.

Thor gave a groan of relief. There was just no shaking the pesky God of Mischief. However, Thor would rather him be an annoyance here in Asgard, than a villain in Superhero City.

Life had been quiet, and the heroes, Thor included, wanted to keep it that way.

Heading back inside, he returned to his room.

The festivities would begin soon, and the sock-sorting contest was scheduled as the first event.

An excited, goofy grin returned to Thor's features as he continued cleaning.

There was no way he'd allow his dastardly, little brother to ruin this for him!


When Loki returned to his room, he lazily made his way to the bed.

From the pile of sheets stuck a small, furred tail.

The Trickster chuckled, a grin spreading across his face.

"Fenrir, what are you doing?" he inquired, throwing the blankets up.

Underneath the pile, a wolf pup lay, tongue lolling out the side of his mouth.

"You found me, Father!" the pup yipped happily, wagging his tail as he leapt into the villain's arms.

The wolf pup, though young, was already quite large, and, with the added weight, Loki found himself hitting the floor backwards, the wolf licking his face.

"Okay, son! J-just let me get up!" he managed in between laughs.

The Wolf did as he was told, easing up and sitting back on his haunches, tail wagging with undimmed enthusiasm.

Loki sat up, crossing his legs in front of him as he affectionately reached over, stroking the wolf's ears.

Fenrir's tail thumped against the ground happily.

"Where did you go, Father? Did you see Uncle Thor's shadow puppets?"

He tilted his head, ears going lopsided as he asked.

At the mention of his brother, Loki gave an exasperated groan.

"Yeah, I saw him. He fell for the old 'rock in his path' trick again." The Trickster giggled, vividly recalling the memory, "Honestly Fenrir… when will he stop falling for these basic pranks?"

Fenrir curled up next to his Father nonchalantly.

"I dunno. Maybe never?" the pup suggested.

Loki laughed at the answer.

"You're probably right." He replied with a shrug, "But at least we're smarter than that Thunder head."

The pup nodded.

"You're smarter than anyone I know, Father!" the wolf answered, resting his head on the mischief god's lap.

The compliment brought a smile to his face and he hugged the pup tight.

"Thank you, Fenny."

The Wolf grinned, before stretching out. He laid there for a moment, but young impatience got the best of him, and he squirmed with boredom.

"Can we go check out the festival?" he asked suddenly, limbs trembling with a pent up energy that just needed to run itself out.

As reluctant as he was, looking into the Wolf's pleading yellow eyes, Loki's reserve broke.

"Fine. Though I don't see the interest… I guess it's better than sitting around inside." The Trickster replied.

In an instant, Fenrir was on his feet, giving an excited bark.

Loki pulled himself to his feet. With the new circumstances, Loki did what he did best.

He began scheming. Perhaps there was something he could do to make this year's festival more interesting, for both him and his son.


The clucking of chickens was the first thing to catch Fenrir's ears.

"Daddy, look!" he barked, eyes wide and gleaming with the hunter's instinct.

Following his son's gaze, he spotted the petting zoo.

Provided by the God of Poultry Farming himself, the zoo was filled to the brim with goats, chickens, sheep, and a single llama of unknown origin.

No one knew where the creature had come from, but according to the story he told, he woke up and the animal was grazing in one of the pens. It grew attached him quite quickly, so he had no desire to get rid of it.

Loki smirked, following the wolf's gaze. The chickens caught his attention the most, and he merely sat back, wondering what would happen.

Perhaps this year's festivities wouldn't be so boring after all!

"Dad, can I go see the chickens?"

Fenrir's yellow eyes caught him again. To Loki, he was no different from any other Asgardian child, after all, he got sugar rush like the rest of them.

"All the other kids are doing it!" the wolf pleaded, using his teeth to pull at his Father's yellow cape.

Loki chuckled.

"Okay. Let's go check out the animals." The demi-god replied, earning a happy woof from his son.

Trotting like a show horse, Fenrir made his way through the crowd to join the rest of the Aesirian children, with Loki following behind him.

With the Wolf mere feet from the wooden pen, the animals grew quiet, tension filling their temporary habitat.

The predator was here.

Through the frightened eyes of the animals, and the single llama, the wolf jumped up and in a frenzied panic to escape, the pen broke and chaos ensued in a cloud of feathers and fur.

Loki merely watched.

The Wolf had leapt onto his two hind legs to get a better look, when one of the goats battered down the walls of the enclosement, releasing the animals.

Loki was caught just as off guard as everyone else was, though seeing the rest of the Aesirians scrambling to grab their children and trying to escape the sudden tornado of frenzied clucking, the Trickster just laughed.

Fenrir was still near the pen, snapping at the heels of the goats and chasing the chickens into further anarchy; loving as their feathers flew in all directions as they clucked angrily at him.

Caught in the middle of the whole scene, Loki collapsed to the ground, gripping his sides, sore with laughter.

There wasn't much that could ruin this moment, well, except-


The Trickster paused, hearing the familiar voice.

As the crowd cleared, Odin and Frigga stepped out… His parents.

In an instant, he shot to his feet.

"Loki, honey, what is going on here?" Frigga asked, looking around at the wreckage.

The animals had tossed up clouds of dust and wrecked various stands that lined the streets... or at least they had.

Odin glanced over haughtily.

"Yes! Whatever your name is! Come here this instant!" The All-Father demanded.

Loki audibly groaned.

To think… for someone called the All-Father, he's really an idiot…

"I'm your son, Father." The Trickster muttered, "Loki."

"Okay, Lucy. I demand an explanation!" Odin commanded.

Loki's shoulders hitched up with irritation.

"I didn't do anything. Fenrir only wanted a better look at the animals." He answered through clenched teeth.

Fenrir ran over, his cheeks bulging like a chipmunk in the autumn.

Through the other side of the crowd, one arm flailing over his head, the other clutched around a chicken, hand holding the llama's leash.

He had a large, brown beard and an even larger girth.

Loki nearly snickered at the sight of him.

"Give back Freddie this instant!" the man demanded gruffly.

The Trickster scoffed.

"What are you even babbling about?"

The snarky comment earned him a disapproving glance from his mother.

"My prized chicken! Th-that beast took him!" the poultry farmer accused, pointing a finger at Fenrir.

The Wolf merely hid behind the Trickster, tail sinking between his legs.

"He stole Freddie!"

Under his parents' judging gazes, Loki glanced down at Fenrir.

"Drop it, Fenny."

The Pup hesitated for a moment, before opening his mouth, spitting out a shell-shocked, wolf-spit-drenched, white chicken.

"Freddie!" the man exclaimed, scooping the trembling fowl in his free hand, giving a grimace as the wolf's saliva dripped through his fingers.

Fenrir managed a sheepish grin up at his Father.


Loki winked at the pup, trying to swallow his snickers. Despite getting in trouble, this festival was getting better and better.

"There. No harm done." Frigga assured.

"Yes indeed! We'll take care of our son and his pet." Odin added.

Loki bristled at the mention of Fenrir being a 'pet'.

"He's not my pet, Father. He's your grandson." The Trickster corrected.

But as usual, he went ignored.

They watched as the other god gave a satisfactory nod, before going off in order to capture the rest of his rampaging livestock.

Loki sighed, taking several steps back to try and escape the view of his parents, when he bumped into a larger figure behind him.

"Going somewhere, Brother?"

The Mischief God turned around to see Thor behind him, arms crossed over his broad chest.

"Like it's any of your business…" Loki shot back, only to be ignored again.

"There's no need to worry, Father. I've gathered the livestock so the festivities may continue." Thor announced proudly.

Odin smiled.

"As would be expected, my son!"

Loki nearly gagged on the sentiment.

Of course Thor would find a way to get some kind of praise out of this, where he'd end up with some kind of unjust punishment.

Just like clockwork… it wasn't fair.


The Thundering voice of the All-Father captured his attention.

"Yes, Father?" he muttered, eyes narrowed with an ever growing agitation.

"If you'd please go to your room." He commented.

Loki nearly lit up.

That's it? Just my luck!

"Your brother will make sure you get there."

A~and of course, the moment couldn't last long.

"Of course, Father!" Thor answered with a grin, putting a heavy hand on top of the younger god's head.

Loki pulled out of his sibling's grasp sharply.

Fenrir just watched the scene. He loved his Father's antics, and Uncle thor wasn't boring either.

"Come now, little brother! I shall show thee the joys of Asgardian-"

"Spring Cleaning… right…" The Trickster muttered.

Thor gave a hearty laugh, slapping him hard on the back, causing Loki to stumble forward, as Fenrir grabbed his cape to keep him from making contact with the gilded ground of Asgard.

With an arm behind his back, Thor urged his younger brother back towards their home, much to Loki's chagrin. Fenrir trotted along side them.

The group walked in silence at first, but Thor was the first to break it.

"Mother and Father really wish thou would participate in the festivities, Loki."

The Trickster looked up at him.

"I thought I did. And may I say, it was quite fun. Much better than last year." He returned.

Thor frowned.

"Thou didn't leave thy room last year." He pointed out.

"Well, causing chickens to run free is much more fun." Loki answered, "For once, I'll agree with you."

"That's not what they mean, and you know it." The Thunder god corrected, "They don't want you causing trouble."

"You just don't seem to understand." He replied, already feeling exhausted by the conversation, "I'm the God of Mischief, Thor. Causing trouble is what I do. And on top of that, I'm a villain! Honestly Thor, there's not much to understand!"

With a sigh, Loki quickened his pace. The sooner he could get back home, the better.

Thor followed his brother's example, keeping up with him.

"Nay, nay… you're just being stubborn, tis all! You always have a choice, little brother! You don't need to be a villain!" Thor returned.

Through every corridor, Loki tried to lose his brother, but the Thunderer's long strides made it absolutely impossible.

The Wolf pup trotted next to his Father, keeping up with his pace as best as his legs would allow him.

As the familiar doors to his room finally came into view, Loki's eyes widened and he nearly made a run for them.

Finally! Sweet freedom!

He walked inside, grabbing the edge of the door, going to close it.

"As wonderful as this has been… I have some, um, things to attend to." He answered, plastering a smile to his features.

Thor, with an eternal obliviosity to social cues, merely gave a laugh.

"Let me help you! After all, thou looks like thou needest it."

The Thunder God glanced around his brother's room. Everywhere, there was a mess, from the carelessly discarded clothes, the balled up papers, and books scattered like mothballs in a storm.

"I don't need your help. I'll take care of it when I feel like it." Loki retorted, "I do what I want, Thor!"

He was about to turn his back on the oaf, when he spotted his older brother picking up one of his books that lay, pages down, in the middle of the floor.

"H-hey! Put that back!"

Curling his fingers, Loki used his magic to snatch the book out of his brother's hands, placing it on the shelf.

"Don't touch my things!" he growled, giving one more glare and turning his back towards him.

He expected Thor to leave, but when he didn't hear footsteps, he sighed.

"Come now, Loki! I only wish to help thee!" Thor begged, "Please!"

Glancing over his shoulder, Loki saw the wide, pleading grin that spread over his brother's face.

Realization settled in.

"You're not going to leave until I let you help me, are you?"

Enthusiastically, Thor shook his head.


Giving an exasperated groan, Loki flopped down on his bed, finally realizing that he was out of options.

"Fine… you see that right corner over there?" he asked, lazily pointing to a corner of his room from over his head.

Thor lit up at the prospect of helping his aloof sibling.

"Uh-huh! The unspeakably messy one that resembles a troll's nest?" he asked.

Loki twitched.

"Yeah. Just put everything in the box. It's garbage after all." He replied, as Fenrir curled up beside him, already worn out from the day's activities.

Thor lit up like a thousand Christmas trees.

"Of course, Brother! I will not fail thee!" he announced, as he began to pile an empty cardboard box with his brother's discarded belongings.

As he reached the bottom of the pile, and the box was nearly filled, he spotted a green, leather-bound book that said 'Do Not Open' on the cover.

Something told Thor that it might be important, and, book in hand, he took several steps forward the inquiry on his lips.

"Loki, is this garbage too?"

The only response he received, were the soft snores of his sibling.

"Brother?" Thor tried again.

He walked over, peering over his sibling's shoulder.

There, the Trickster slept, holding tight to the wolf pup that dozed next to him, paws twitching.

In an instant, Thor's heart swelled at the adorable sight in front of him, and he had to bite his lip to keep from making any noise.

Quietly, he pulled a blanket over his brother, before putting the green book on top of the box and turning out the light.

"Good night, Brother." He managed with a smile, as he closed the door, carrying the box with him.

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