The triplets *rewritten*

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Chapter 1


I knew my day was going to Hades the minute I woke up. The cabin was a mess since Tyson had left to return dad's realm a month ago and Annabeth was due to arrive for the cabin inspection. I quickly ran around trying to clean up.

Just before I could change into some clothes Annabeth opened the cabin door and caught me in my boxers. We both blushed scarlet. She quickly closed the door and I pulled on some clothes. When I was decent Annabeth came into the cabin making sure the door was open.

She gave me three out of five for the inspection. "Look Percy-" She started. "It doesn't matter, really Annabeth. Let's not talk about it!" I interrupted her. "Okay if you say so." She replied and then left the cabin.

I had some archery training after that with the Apollo cabin. I kind of accidentally hit a dryad with my arrow instead of the target. Let me tell you it was not fun listening to the dryad lecturing me.

Feeling a bit annoyed I walked to the beach to clear my head. I was not long there when my dad flashed in front of me. Under different circumstances I would have been happy to see him but I knew gods never really show up unless they needed something.

"Hi dad. What's up?" I asked him. Poseidon looked nervous which was very rare for him. "Percy, there is something I have to tell you. I know it may seem impossible but you have to believe me." I nodded figuring I could take anything he could say to me.

"Well you see Percy two sisters of yours are coming to camp." I grinned. It was about time that I got siblings apart from Tyson. "The thing is Percy, they are your full sisters." Wait what? I wasn't expecting that. "What do you mean when you say full sisters?" I asked confused.

Poseidon looked at me knowing I knew the answer to that. "Percy, your mother and I knew she was expecting triplets. She had wanted to raise you all together but I told her it would be too dangerous. Zeus would have found you faster. I put your sisters in the care of some of my other children. Percy, I want you to help them and show them around camp. They should be here a day at the latest."

I stared at my father in amazement. It's not everyday that you are told that you have long lost sisters. I told father that I would help them. Then he disappeared leaving a cool summer breeze after him.

I couldn't help wonder what my sisters would be like. Would they look like me or be completely different? A conch horn sounded in the distance signalling it was time for dinner.

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