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"How does Bronte first describe Jane's first meeting with Mr Rochester?"

Elena had her eyes on her folder. She sketched a skull and cross bones on the corner of her page with her black pen, her mind wasn't on class today. If she was honest it was never on class these days, she hadn't had any interest in school since the accident.

"Anyone?" the college professor asked "Come on people this is high school stuff!.. Miss Gilbert, why don't you enlighten us?"

Elena's stomach lurched, crap. She looked up quickly, her face scorching in embarrassment.

"Uh." She said "Dickins…uh…"

"Dickens?" her professor said raising an eyebrow. "Don't you mean Bronte, miss Gilbert?"

"Sorry." Elena muttered "I wasn't paying attention… I just…"

"Miss Gilbert, I am aware of your circumstances and believe me I understand, however you have a semester to catch up on and I will not have lazy students in my class."

Damn it. She felt her eyes prickle. "I'm not lazy." She muttered

"Sorry? Didn't quite catch that?"

"I said I'm sorry." Elena lied in a loud voice.

Her professor rolled her eyes and continued.

The next hour dragged in and Elena tried to concentrate.

The professor strolled around the room. "Then tell me this." She said to the class "What would happen to the story if Jane were beautiful instead of plain? Would it matter?"

Before anyone could answer the door burst open and everyone looked up.

"Miss. Forbes, you are not in this class."

"I know, I'm sorry but I need Elena, there's an emergency!"

Elena sat up straight "What?" she said loudly as she slid her book into her bag quickly

"You better come now." Caroline said

"Miss. Forbes we are in the middle-"

"-this can't wait." Caroline butted in

Elena slipped from her seat and followed Caroline out of the room.

"Caroline, please. What's the matter?" Elena asked as the hurried down the hall. Her mind was in overdrive, she thought about Jeremy, was he okay?

Caroline stopped dramatically in the hall and faced her.

"Death Bed Murmur, that's what!" Caroline said excitedly

"What?" Elena blinked, she was confused

"DBM!" Caroline said again

"What about them?" Elena exclaimed. She was annoyed. Why in the hell was she talking about a band.

"They're playing in the city tonight. Their support act had to pull out because the frontman broke his foot. I got an email from the event organisers; they're desperately seeking a local band to fill the opening spot!"

Elena's stomach lurched. No.

"I said we'd do it!" Caroline squealed as she jumped up and down in the hall her curls bouncing from blonde root to purple tips.

"Car, we haven't even rehearsed since… it's been like six months." Elena cringed

"Eight, actually." Caroline shrugged. "But this is what we need, what you need. These past months have been horrible with the accident and your parents, but you need this Elena, you need to get back out there."

"We can't do it." Elena said firmly "There's no time."

"There is and we are." Caroline said stubbornly

"What about the rest of the band?" Elena asked

"Already in the van." Caroline said

Damn, she couldn't argue that point. "Car, I'm not ready for this. We don't have anything organised either."

"We do." Caroline protested "We're sticking to the songs off our EP, from track one to track six in order, we've done that set before."

"Yeah in bars and clubs for our friends and families…not in front of a real crowd."

"This is what we wanted, what we were aiming for remember!"

"DBM…they're a big deal." Elena said "Too big of a deal. We're fans of their band….how can we open for them?"

"We can and we will!" Caroline said confidently "Besides, don't you want to meet Damon Salvatore?"

"He's dangerous." Elena said "They say he's unbalanced."

"Well I guess we'll get to see for ourselves." Caroline smiled widely.

Elena groaned loudly in defeat.

"Yes!" Caroline said "Matt and Bonnie are all set, you just need to get changed and we're ready to go."

"What? How?"

Caroline smiled "We've filled the van already; we emptied the storage space earlier. We're all packed and ready to rock…literally. We just need you 'Lena"

"Fine. Let's go." Elena sighed.


"You're going to be fine." Aunt Jenna said calmly as Elena grabbed her stuff together.

"I don't know about this." She said, she was a bag or nerves already

"This is too good of an opportunity to miss." Alaric, Aunt Jenna's boyfriend said

"I know, I know. So Caroline keeps telling me."

She clicked her bag shut. She was ready.

"Have fun, please be safe." Aunt Jenna said hugging her

"Knock 'em dead kid." Alaric smiled

"Thanks, I'll call you when we're done."


"I'm Elijah." A handsome man said shaking her hand. "I'm the event's manager. These are you Access all areas passes- do NOT loose these or let anyone else use them, understood?

Elena nodded along with the rest of her band. She clipped it securely from the belt loop on her jeans.

"You guys will open the show at eight thirty sharp. You must keep on schedule; we'll need you to play seven songs and-"

"Seven?" Matt said

"Seven." Elijah repeated "Is that a problem?"

"no." Caroline said quickly

"Good." Elijah went on "You'll need to do your own unloading and set ups."

"We're used to that." Bonnie said

"Good." Elijah smiled "Well that's about it."

"What about sound and lighting?" Caroline asked

"Our people will take care of that." Elijah said

Elena nodded.

"Oh and Access all areas means everywhere but the bands dressing room. Unless they personally invite you it off limits. Understood?"

They all agreed.

"Well get unloading." Elijah smiled

They did as they were told, lugging amps and cases off the van and into the venue.

They set their small kit up at the front of the stage. Behind them a vast crew of heavily tattooed men threw a sheet over a large, sparking drum kit. They hung a backdrop and lights from the ceiling.

When they were set up they set off outside and handed out flyers and stickers with their logo on it to the vast queue that was already forming outside the venue.

"Corporate Echo?" a girl said as Elena handed her a sticker "who's that?"

Elena almost blushed from under her hood. "That's the opening band."

The girl nodded. "Cool. Are they any good?"

"I think we are." She said shrugging

"Wait you're in the band?" she said

Elena nodded. "Yeah."

"That is so cool." The girl smiled

"Yeah." Elena said as she moved on "Enjoy the show, okay."

She couldn't help but smile a little as she entered the venue and she flashed security her laminated AAA pass.


"Let's stick to the EP and then throw in a cover at the end." Caroline said

"What cover?" Matt asked, twiddling his drum stick between his fingers

"The cure." Elena and Caroline said at the same time.

"Agreed" Bonnie added and she scribbled in on to their set list.

"Five minute warning." Elijah called around the door.

"Okay." Caroline called.

"I feel sick." Bonnie said

"Me too." Elena replied.

"We'll be fine." Caroline said confidently

"Let's do this!" Matt said

"Good luck!" they hugged each other and high fived.

"Make your way to the stage." Elijah said appearing around the door.

With her legs feeling like jello, Elena followed her band down the dark corridor, they passed by DBM's dressing room, the door was open. She couldn't help but glance in. She saw Stefan Salvatore sipping a beer and Tyler Lockwood was talking animatedly to him before she could look closer the door was abruptly closed by a blonde haired man. Elena hurried after the others. At the side of the stage a rigger flashed his torch five times at the sound stage and the music cut out. Immediately the crowd roared.

"Here." A tech handed Elena her turquoise and cream bass. She slung the strap over her shoulder. She was shaking, really shaking.

"Ready?" Caroline asked

Matt took a deep breath, he walked up the three steps onto the stage and followed the glow in the dark tape to his kit, Bonnie always took the left hand side of the stage so that put Caroline centre and her on the right.

She prayed she wouldn't trip or worse…throw up.

Before she knew it she was on stage and Caroline was yelling "Hello, we are Corporate Echo, This song is called 'Drive in'!"

Elena was about to panic, she couldn't do this. Her shaking hand plucked a plectrum from the mic clip. She heard Matt clicking his sticks and counting them in. One, two. One two three four-

Automatically Elena began playing, and so did the others. Caroline drew closer to her mic and began singing her lyrics.

The front few rows jumped up and down while the rest of the room either nodded along or completely ignored them.

Elena smiled a little. This wasn't so bad.

They muddled through their songs nicely, Caroline sharing banter with the crowd "Are you guys looking forward to DBM?" she asked, Matt did a quick solo while the crowd roared in answer.

"This is going to be our last song." Caroline said, Elena quickly gulped down some water from a bottle and returned to her spot.

"Have you guys ever heard of The Cure?" The crowd roared and they all laughed, "I said…" Caroline smiled "Have you ever heard of THE CURE?" The crowd screamed louder

"This song is called Love Song."

'Yes!' someone from the crowd called and Elena laughed

"Whenever I'm alone with you…" Caroline sang

Elena took a deep breath and leaned into her mic "You make me feel like I am home again." Elena harmonised

The crowd cheered


"We've been Corporate Echo, DBM are up next, thank you so much." Caroline sighed

They quickly left the stage, trying not to trip on wires as they went; as they did riggers pushed past them and quickly dismantled their stuff.

The house lights came on and music started again and the crowd chattered.

"That was so amazing!" Bonnie exclaimed

"It really was." Elena smiled, wiping her head with a towel

"I told you!" Caroline said bouncing up and down. "Oh my GOD!"

"You need to get your gear moved." Elijah reminded them.

"Oh sure." Matt said, he quickly began lifting his kick drum that the riggers were moving off stage.

"I'm so…that was just…" Elena stuttered happily as she grabbed her bass in one hand

"I know!" Caroline laughed.

Elena's foot collided with something as she made her way to the exit, she stumbled in the darkness. A hand grabbed her and steadied her.

"Woah." She said in shock

She saw the red glow of a cigarette in the darkness.

"You okay?" mumbled out from the darkness, a blast of cold air blowing in through the open door.

Elena straightened herself. She recognised that voice. Her whole body froze up.

"I…yeah. Thanks…" she stammered, her eyes trying to adjust in the darkness

Elijah was back, "You can't smoke in here." He said lazily

"I'm right by the door." A deep voice drawled back

"Damon…" Elijah warned

Damon chuckled and moved towards the door. Elena stood there for a second but had no choice but to follow him if she wanted to get to the van.

Damon was leaning against the venue wall; he puffed out a haze of smoke as Elena clicked the clasp on her bass case. She could hardly look at him but she needed to go back inside and help carry their stuff.

Damon flicked his cigarette onto the ground as she passed. He coughed and cleared his throat.

"I love The Cure." He said

She stopped in her tracks and stole a glance at him. Oh my God, he was sexy. He wasn't human, he was so unbelievably sexy. She knew she was flushed. Wait, did he just say something to her?

"I do too." She managed to get out

Damon laughed out a breath and then pushed past Matt and Caroline who were carrying amps out through the venue doors.

"What the…" Caroline said dropping her amp on the ground. "That was… was that really?" She twisted her head backwards to look again. But he was gone. "Elena?"

"Damon." She confirmed "That was Damon Salvatore."