Elena sat still while a makeup artist primped at her. His name was Josh; he was heavily tattooed and had an ear stretch. He didn't look like the typical makeup artist but he was in fact brilliant at his job and Elena felt incredible when he'd finished with her.

Klaus had set up a photo op for the band; he said they needed to set the ball rolling with the band. He'd made them a flash new web site with a mailing list. He was, with their input, making a new band logo so they could get tee shirts and other merchandise made. So here she was with the rest of Corporate Echo at their very first photo shoot. They were at the seaside in the latest town they were playing, another man, Cameron, was the photographer. He yelled at them a lot, making them hold poses and change poses so he could get the perfect shots while Josh made sure they looked the part, brushing hair away from the wrong place or blotting lipstick.

"Let's try some down under the wooden docks." Cameron ordered

They obediently climbed down after the guys and posed under the wooden beams.

"Matt." Cameron said "look right here, and Bonnie…you stand there and just look off into the distance. Caroline, Elena, you both look at the camera… Elena, lift your head a bit…perfect."

"That's a great shot." Klaus nodded. "I like that."

"Let's try another one. Bonnie and Elena swap places." Cameron advised

"I'm still not happy with her eye." Josh commented "But I don't want to go too heavy on the eye makeup…"

"You're right." Cameron sighed. "Elena, can you put those glasses you had earlier back on?"

Elena shrugged "Sure." She pulled them from her back pocket and slipped the sun glasses onto her face.

"I like it." Josh smiled

The wind whipped Elena's hair out to the side just as Cameron took the next photo.

"That's the one." Cameron said gleefully

"It's great, really great." Josh said happily

"I think we're done here." Klaus said happily "Guys, head back for sound check.

"So." Caroline said quietly as they walked back to their rider. "What are you going to say to Damon when you see him tonight?"

Elena cringed "I don't know."

"You better have a plan." Bonnie added "I mean…do you want to forget it happened or do you want more?"

Elena didn't even need to think about it.

"Look at her face, Bon, she wants more. It's obvious." Caroline grinned

"Do we have to talk about this?" Matt said grumpily "He's most likely a sleaze bag; I bet he bangs a different groupie every night."

Elena said nothing but she knew he had a point. She didn't really know that much about Damon except what she'd read about him in magazines but there was something about him that drove her wild, something that left her wanting more, and that kiss...

"I'm just going to wing it." Elena said to finish the discussion "I'll cross that bridge if or when I come to it."

"When" Caroline muttered and Elena elbowed her in the ribs.

Tonight they played a venue called Shag and when their rider pulled up outside the venue a large queue had already formed. When the van parked up they hopped out and walked around the venue to get in the back doors. Just as they entered the enclosed gates they heard yells and running footsteps. They all froze for a second as the footsteps got closer. "Elena!" she heard Damon yell, he was waving his hands at her and pointing at something "Cheater!" Kol laughed as he and Stefan closed in on them.

"What the hell?" Caroline asked in alarm

"Oh crap!" Bonnie yelled as a bouncy ball jumped at her and she caught it. "here!" she thrust it at Elena.

"Bonnie!" Elena said in panic and she threw the little multi coloured rubber ball towards the boys. Damon leaped and caught it.

"fuck!" Kol yelled as Damon threw it hard in the opposite direction.

The band and Matt took off towards the ball, Damon jogged over to Elena and the girls.

"Come on." He panted

"What, no way." Elena said "I don't play extreme bouncy ball."

"Come on! Live a little." Damon said and Elena couldn't help but smile because he was for once.

She bit her lip, torn.

"I don't really want to get my arm torn up." She noted pointing at his grazed arm.

"No one will tackle you." Damon said "Well…Kol might…Bonnie, Caroline?"

"No thanks." Bonnie said with a small smile and Caroline shook her head

"Fair enough" Damon shrugged. "Elena?"


"That's a yes." Damon said taking her hand and pulling her away

"I don't know the rules." She said running along with him, looking at his hand linked with hers

"There are no rules, remember?" Damon said before he let go of her hand and collided with Logan who dropped the ball and it rolled away.

Quickly Elena ducked under Stefan's out reached arm and snatched the ball up.

As hard as she could Elena threw the ball at the ground and it flew up into the air and fell back to the ground and bounced away. They all ran after it and Matt caught it. He fired it at the wall and it bounced far across the car park.

"Nice." Logan said as they all ran.

Elena sprinted after the boys, she was just as fast as them and kept up easily. Damon was about to overtake her and she grabbed the back of his tee shirt.

Damon laughed and tried to swipe her off so Elena rammed into him and he collided into the side of his tour bus.

"Oh shit." Elena said stopping as Damon rubbed his elbow. "Sorry"

"Why do they call it a funny bone? It's not funny when you bang it." Damon panted as he rubbed it.

Stefan caught the ball and threw it back across the yard and they all ran back in the other direction.

"Are you okay?" she said awkwardly, feeling really bad that she'd hurt him

Damon laughed at her and before she could respond he'd pushed her flush against the bus and was kissing her.

Before she could properly respond he pulled her away and down to the back of the bus, out of sight of the others then he pushed her back roughly, banging her head on the back end on the bus.

"Ow." She said before his lips captured hers urgently

"Payback." Damon said quickly pulling away briefly to kiss along her jaw.

Elena smiled and pulled his lips back to hers.

Damon's hands were gripping her waist tightly and she was clutching at his neck. He was a really great kisser and Elena was completely lost in it.

They could still hear the others running around and laughing. She wondered if anyone had noticed their absence yet? Of course they have a voice said in her head but she didn't care.

Elena allowed Damon access to her mouth and shivered when his tongue danced along with hers. She wrapped one of her legs around his and pulled him closer to her, their hips automatically grinding together.

Feeling light headed Elena broke their kiss and gasped for air, Damon moved his mouth to her neck and kissed and nipped his way over it. She was too hot for him; they were practically dry humping outdoors.

"We need to go somewhere." Elena gasped when she couldn't handle it any longer

Damon nodded and kissed her quickly again.

He took her hand again and pulled her back around the side of the bus. He stopped just at the bus door.

"What's wrong?" Elena said as he looked at his watch "Somewhere you have to be?"

Damon backed her into the bus again, closing his hands over hers above her head "No." he whispered in her ear "But you do?"

Elena frowned at him for a second "sound check." She said as it dawned on her.

"Mmhmm." Damon sighed in her ear

"I can't miss it." She sighed remembering Elijah's words at the start of tour.

"No." Damon agreed "You can't." and with that he dropped her hands and ran after the ball that came bouncing past them.

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