AN This was started before the Kanima was identified, and while I tried to incorporate as much of future canon as I could, I had to change the identity of the Kanima because Jackson was pivotal to the opening of the story. I am also ignoring the part where Stiles said Derek was a few years older than them for timeline reasons.


Derek sat in the abandoned house and stared at the discolored piece of paper. He knew the moment he saw the kid that there was a connection, but he didn't allow his heart to hope for this. Just the idea that the Hale line didn't end with him warmed his soul after the loss of Laura.

John Michael Donaldson, male, was born to Heather Victoria Donaldson and Derek Hale at 1453 hours on this 16th of June in the year 1996 in Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital of Beacon County, California.

Heather had no idea what happened to John after the papers were signed, but Derek was painfully aware. He sighed again and folded the birth certificate back down until it fit in his wallet. He had a son and of course, in accordance with his life, the kid hated him.

Centering his emotions, he moved to the top of the burnt out staircase, waiting for the first of his new pack to arrive. He heard the car several miles out and was still debating the merits of granting the teen the gift. He wasn't positive that Jackson was worthy, but he couldn't deny that he would make a strong Prime and with the coming war, his pack was going to need all the advantages he could dig up. Without Scott, he would have to start from scratch.