"Hey Honey, how are you?" Donna picked up Mike and kissed his forehead lightly. She stepped back and realized that it might not be particularly suitable. He was, after all, a coworker. But Mike giggled and pressed her a little closer to him. She let him down quickly again and asked: "You have not seen Nils somewhere, have you?" Mike laughed and pointed to the living room.

Donna started walking towards the living room but she didn't get far. Mike, who had got up and gone after her had now gripped her hand. She jumped and then turned around to see a crying Mike. It wasn't after all his intentions to scare her.

But she calmed him down and soon they were both happy again. Donna found Nils sitting with his computer in the living room. Nils only nodded at her when she came in which made her a little irritated. "He's walking, isn't it great news? "

Nils nodded. "Yes, of course." But he did not stop looking at the screen. It made Donna curious and annoyed. He could not pretend to be happy at least? She sat down next to him and looked at what he did. Mike climbed up in her knee and did at first not pay any attention to the screen.

But when he did, he screamed. It wasn't an angry or hungry scream. It was a scream of fear.