She lay there on the cold stone of the Capitol street, all dignity and lady-like airs gone. Her side throbbed and there was a pounding in her head. She had a bruise on her temple, and one eye was black and blue. She was covered in dried blood . She was barely conscious, yet she saw a face in her mind . The face of the man she loved.

Her subconscious mind conjured up piercing blue eyes a sarcastic smile. In her dream-like state she thought she saw him kneeling beside her. She lifted a hand to touch him, causing a sensation like a thousand needles in her arm.

Black spots appeared in front of her eyes, sending her into blind dizziness.

"Haymitch" She coughed, blood spewing from her mouth onto the street. "I love you"

With that, she plunged into total darkness, as a tall blond man picked her up in his strong arms and whispered into her ear , " I love you too Effie."