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"You're… a vampire slayer."

"That about sums it up."

The food court had turned completely silent, improved lighting somewhat making up for that. It was past midnight, and the group was still reeling from the unexpected assault. The summer night was a hot one, smack dab in the middle of vacation. The cicadas could be heard going wild all around the town.

Yukiko was cleaning up the dust Kashiwagi left behind, softly giggling to herself. "'You're one to talk, trying to suck off a high schooler'… pfffft, Rise-chan, that's so lame…"

Chie and Yosuke had taken Kanji to the nearest hospital, since he had lost a fair bit of blood. Under the cover of an attack by an unknown animal, of course, as they couldn't exactly tell the doctors he had been bitten by a vampire.

"What about Kanji? He got bitten, right? Won't he, uh, turn?"

"No, it doesn't really work that way. See, for a vampire to turn someone, they must both drink of each other's blood. Kinda gross, huh?"

Yu, who was questioning Rise on the intricacies of vampire slaying, had gotten a text from Yosuke a few minutes earlier. They had gotten Kanji to the hospital in time, and Yukiko's swift response to his bleeding had ensured that he hadn't lost too much blood. He would be able to go home in about a day or two, though the shock of the attack had taken its toll.

"Oh, I'm so glad Kanji-kun's okay. I was really worried." Yukiko smiled as she scooped up the last of Kashiwagi's ashes.

"You can go on home if you want, Yukiko. Thanks for your help." Yu returned Yukiko's smile, to which she nodded.

"Alright, then. I'll see you later, Narukami-kun. You too, Rise-chan."

With that, Yukiko walked off until she could no longer be seen. Her raven hair shone brilliantly in the moonlight as it bounced slightly with each step she took.

Teddie had returned to the TV World for the night, in hopes of finding any connections between the Shadows and the sudden vampire attack.

"You be careful, Teddie." Yosuke had said to the bear just before he left with Kanji.

"You can count on me, Yosuke!"

With everyone else gone, Yu and Rise were the only ones still at the Junes food court, the Investigation Team's special headquarters.

"So, Yu-senpai, is there anything else you want to know about my, er, slaying?" Rise rested her head upon her hands, smiling slightly at Yu.

"How long have you been doing it?"

Rise paused for a bit, as if to count in her head.

"Well, my grandma was actually really into the whole vampire scene. She taught me all about how to slay them, their weaknesses, and stuff like that. I've been taking some martial arts classes on the side, just to be prepared. To be honest, Kashiwagi was only my second slay." Rise took a sip of her drink, a Diet Dr. Salt Neo. "Back when I was in middle school, a stray vamp jumped me on my way home back from a small gig, but I improvised a stake and managed to dust it. I felt really proud of myself back then." Rise giggled softly.

Yu was ever so slightly mad at her for keeping this secret, but her laugh eased his feelings. Even so, he had to ask.

"So, um, why haven't you told any of us? About being a slayer, I mean."

Rise paused again. "It just never seemed relevant to bring up, is all. Sorry."

Yu couldn't help but chuckle a bit. "That's fine, really. As long as you're alright."

The two would then switch over to more pleasant conversational topics as the hot summer night went by. This switch prompted the spy that had been keeping tabs on their conversation up to then to finish jotting down the details and exit the scene.

A lone, dark blue-haired character had been wandering around town all night, attempting to gather his thoughts. Having heard the ruckus from the vampire attack, one Naoto Shirogane had snuck into the Junes food court, lured in by the sounds of conflict.

Not much had been going on in the androgynous young man's life since Mitsuo Kubo was arrested. As far as Inaba's police force was concerned, the case was closed.

However, he still had his doubts. Was Mitsuo truly the culprit in the Inaba murders? He supposed it didn't really matter, since the police had pretty much let him go by now. His 'services were no longer required', as they said.

"Vampires… so Miss Kujikawa slays vampires…?" Naoto closed his little notebook and smiled to himself. "Ms. Noriko Kashiwagi disappeared right before my eyes when Miss Kujikawa stabbed her with a sharp instrument of wood… a stake through the heart."

Naoto, halfway down the street from Junes, took one last look at the establishment. He sighed to himself, a curious look of amusement on his face.

"It never stops with this town."

Rise the Vampire Slayer

Episode 2

Having abandoned the Investigation Team's special headquarters for the night, Yu had offered to walk Rise home, an offer she gladly accepted.

"I can take care of myself, Senpai, but I won't pass up an extra ten minutes alone with you," she had said, cheerfully grabbing a hold of Yu's hand.

To the casual onlooker, they would appear to be just another young couple in the relationship's early stages. However, they furthest they had ever gotten was some rather embarrassingly sugary flirting.

"Jeez, it's really late. Like, past 1. How long were we even talking?" Rise had caught a glimpse at the current time when checking a text she had received. Chie had requested her to explain absolutely everything there is to explain about her slaying of vampires, as well as suggesting sparring sessions.

Not being very thrilled at the prospect of Chie kicking her in the face, Rise chose to dance around that last part.

The dark, empty streets of Inaba were completely silent, as if no one had ever been there. It created quite the eerie atmosphere for Yu, especially since he had just learned of the existence of vampires only about an hour earlier.

Despite Rise's best efforts, they eventually reached her house in silence before long.

"Well, um, this is my stop, heh." Rise smiled nervously. "O-oh, Senpai, I have something for you…"

She reached into the rather innocuous-looking purse she had been holding and took out…

"A… stake?" Demonstrating his talent for speech, Yu finally spoke up.

"Yep. And a bottle of holy water. It burns vampires, so just spray some of that on them if you don't feel up to punching them out." Rise handed the tools of destruction over to Yu, who hesitantly accepted.

"That's alright, I guess, but why do you think I…?"

"Well, y'see, there's already been one surprise vampire attack. Maybe it's best we both be prepared for the next one." Rise turned away from her upperclassman, walking towards her home's front door. "Good night, Senpai."

"Rise, wait." Yu's voice stopped Rise in her tracks. She turned to see him smiling apologetically. "Thanks."

Rise couldn't help but copy that same smile.

"What for?"

August 15, 2011, Amagi Inn

Testing, testing… ha. I'm not really good with computers, so forgive me if I make any mistakes. Today Rise-chan called all of us up to Kanji-kun's hospital room, where she explained the whole story, as well as tell us some more stuff about the whole vampire deal. I can't believe she learned all about the vampire slaying thing from her grandma! I always thought she was just a regular tofu vendor lady. Anyway, Kanji-kun is feeling better. He certainly won't be turning into a vampire any time soon… I think. Teddie had nothing to report on his end, but he said he'd keep checking in regularly. At any rate, we all got stakes and holy water from Rise-chan, just in case. She said to call if any vampires were to attack, though.

I went back to my family's inn afterwards. It was a busy day at Amagi Inn, like always. Though… not quite like always.

"Yukiko, can you get these to Room 42?"

"Ah, yes!"

It was a busy day at Amagi Inn.

The resident of Amagi Inn's Room 42 had ordered a platter of some excessively expensive sushi, something not even Yukiko could afford. 'People actually order this?' she thought, but shrugged. It didn't really matter to her.

'Room 42 is… ah, here. Occupied by a Mr… Korumi Meibii? That's a really odd name. Er, don't be so judgmental, Yukiko!'

About a million thoughts running through her head, many of which were about vampires, as she hesitated to knock softly on Mr. Meibii's slider door.

"Korumi Meibii… snnrk…!" Yukiko whispered to herself, trying to hold back laughter.

"Yukiko, what are you doing?" Sakaya, one of the maids, was just passing by. "Mr. Meibii doesn't like to be kept waiting—"

Desperately fighting to keep her laughter contained, Yukiko eventually regained her composure and air of professionalism.

"Sorry, Sakaya-san. I got kind of lost in thought." Yukiko smiled awkwardly at the maid, who sighed.

"It can't be helped. They want you downstairs, anyway, so I'll just take the… order to Mr. Meibii."

"Oh, thank you." Yukiko handed the infamous sushi platter over to Sakaya and headed downstairs.

It was a busy day at Amagi Inn.

Yukiko could faintly hear the maid go over to Meibii's room. Come to think of it, she had never met him in person. According to other staff, he'd lock himself in his room all day, rarely if ever coming out.

'Maybe he's a vampire,' thought Yukiko. 'On second thought, that's way too convenient.'

"Yukiko, we need you over in the kitchen." A voice sounded from said kitchen.

"Right, coming!"

It was a busy day at Amagi Inn.

"Mr. Meibii? I have your order of our 'Ultra Deluxe' sushi platter here." Stepping into a pitch-black room, Sakaya the maid faced the elusive Mr. Meibii.

"Ah. Thank you. You can just… leave it right there." Concealed by shadows, his outline could only faintly be made out.

The room lacked even a single source of light, natural or otherwise. Sakaya slowly walked towards the faint figure of Meibii.

"There you go. This is going on your tab here, yes?"

"Yes. That's right. My tab here. Put it on there. The tab."

Meibii's voice seemed cold and detached. The few maids who had spoken to him directly were quite unnerved by him, they had said. However, he was a loyal customer who seemed to have endless reserves of money, so they put up with that.

"Alright. We appreciate your continued support, Mr. Meibii."

As Sakaya placed the platter of sushi upon Meibii's table, she found her wrist caught in a death grip, emitting a small yelp.

"M-Mr. Meibii…?" Sakaya's voice grew shakier with each syllable she spoke.


His grip on Sakaya's wrist grew tighter and tighter.

"Mr. Meibii… you're hurting me…"


Meibii's voice was unrelentingly cold, almost mechanical. His piercing stare seemed to dig right into Sakaya's very core.

"I-I'll scream…!"

"No, you won't."

Sakaya's expression grew darker. A high-pitched scream sounded all throughout the Amagi Inn, albeit one coming from downstairs. A startled Sakaya yanked back her wrist, knocking over the sushi platter.

"Mo… ther…?"

Drops of red fell down to the white kitchen floor. A crowd of maids, servants, and guests alike had amassed around the scene.

It was a busy day at Amagi Inn.

In front of a staggered Yukiko was her mother, who had just stopped her hauntingly piercing screams.

Holding her behind was her father, his teeth sunk into her neck, leaving droplets of blood about.

Yukiko took another startled gasp as her father dropped his wife down to the floor, wiping her blood from his mouth.

"Rather derisory. I expected more from you, dear."

Violently shaking and unable to produce any words, Yukiko could do nothing but stare at her father. His voice sounded so cold, impersonal.

He smiled at his daughter, baring his very distinctive fangs.

"You won't let me down, will you, my Yukiko?"

Yukiko's eyes wandered across the room.

The white floor.

The white walls.

The ceiling.

The lights.

The red blood.


Her mother.

Lying on the ground.

Her neck still bleeding.

Red all over.

It was a busy day at Amagi Inn.

The stark red blood oozing from her mother contrasted the white floor, but complimented the floral crimson kimono the woman wore. Her long, black hair was neatly tied into a bun, slightly dishevelled due to the conflict that had just taken place.

A sharp, piercing sound snapped Yukiko back to her senses.

Her father knelt down to his grounded, now motionless wife. He brought his wrist up to her mouth, having just slashed it.

"There, dear. Drink up, for we have work to do."

His face was disfigured, his brow grown bumpy and sharp. His eyes glowed a piercing yellow as he shot Yukiko another unpleasant grin.

Yukiko looked away and around the room. She was surrounded by inn staff and guests, who had done nothing to stop the event unravelling before their eyes.

In fact, they seemed to be amused by it.

"Everyone… why are you…" Yukiko's voice was cracking. She was surrounded, the things precious to her vanishing one by one.

"Oh, so she can speak." Yukiko's father spat out. "I was beginning to worry I wouldn't be able to hear you scream when I suck you dry."

Rising up along with his now-awake wife, her father chuckled. Yukiko's mother moaned softly, coming to her senses once more.

Yukiko took a deep breath as her mother's face began to deform itself. She smiled at her daughter.

She was next.

It was a busy day at Amagi Inn.